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My panniculectomy is scheduled for Dec12th. This...

My panniculectomy is scheduled for Dec12th. This is the day I will regain my health and emotional spirit back. Lord, I truly thank YOU for giving me the opportunity to his this surgery. He gave me favor with my insurance company. I will be responsible for my deductible. I will be welcoming the idea of losing the extra skin I carry around daily. On that day I will regain my health and emotional spirit back. Having the surgery is on a precursor of my continuance to live a health life. I know the journey won't be easy but i choose to prevail. My preop day is Dec 4th.. I can't wait to see the new me.

Being a nurse allow you to work with different physicians. Seeing how they interact with the staff and their patients says a lot about them. I selected my surgeon on the following things: Work ethics, carefulness towards his patient, good listener, skillful surgeon, and wonderful office staff. I find it very easy to speak about concerns with my PS. I never feel rushed.

I have purchased several items for my surgery from shower chair to gas x..lol only thing I'm lacking is a recliner. Hoping the price drop on Black Friday before I purchase one.

Please follow my journey as I follow yours.

Pre-op date

My pre-op day is December 4th. I will be posting my pre-op photos on this day as well. Warning you guys ahead of time :-) My panni hangs over my vaginal area sitting on top of my upper thighs. The extra skin causes pressure on my bladder and numbness to my right leg, preventing me from emptying my bladder completely at times. What a relief it will be to get rid of the extra skin. To God be the glory because my day is coming soon.


Got a call from the business off that my out of pocket cost is 615.00...I will talk with my PS on preop day about lipo to thighs. Hope you December Divas are ready.

Two more Days

Sorry for the delay. I had an opportunity to take a mini vacation an I jumped on the opportunity. At my preoperative appointment last week, Dr. De Brux told me I might have the following: dog ears, swollen Mons pubis, two drains in the mons pubis area, skin glue at incision site, and no belly button. He told me my belly button will be placed during my breast reduction surgery. I will have that surgery late next year. He also told me that my dog ears will be fix in the office or during my breast surgery as well. I'm so happy that I have been cleaning like crazy. I updated some before pictures for comparison. I give God all the glory for allowing me to have my surgery on Thursday. I have no doubt that everything will be okay because he is within the mix...Take care. I will update tomorrow.

Thank you Lord for my special day.

Well ladies my new journey starts tomorrow. I feel BLESSED. Having support by family and friends is a wonderful feeling. As I travel down my surgical road tomorrow, I shall fear no evil. God is with me. Surely Goodness and mercy shall resign in me and the doctors skillful hands. God bless and happy healing to the ones who went before, during, and after.


OMG.....I am in severe pain. After tucking and pulling on the abdominal binder for 2 days I replaced it with spanx. The high power one works very well. My plastic surgeon was able to remove 27 pounds of fat. God back to sleep. I hope all of you ladies gave a good day. .

Very please....

I have staples that extended from one hip to another. I must admit this is the most painful experience I ever had. As I walk around the pain is more tolerable. I am currently taking one pain medication and two extra strength Tylenol. The pain is getting better. I am currently sleeping in my bed. The recliner cause to many stomach cramps. Here are a couple of pictures I took with my spanx on. I weigh 292 before surgery and 262 on post op day 1. My surgeons was very please with his work, so am I. My follow up appointment is next Friday. I will post more pic then with garment off. The swelling is out of control. Thank the Lord for grace and mercy. This is not an easy task. Happy healing everyone!!!!!!!

You have to have rain in order to have a rainbow

The pain is unbearable. I thank the Lord for his tender mercy and my grandmother. My grandmother apply ointment to my staples daily. Dryness causes burning and itching. I had no ideal that the pain would be this bad. The drains are very sensitive as well. I have had my moments of tears. Just waiting for the swelling to go down. Going through a storm right now. I can't wait for the sun to shine.

First follow up appointment

Today was my first PS appointment. I weighed 292 before surgery and my weigh today is 252. Hoping more weigh will drop after the surgery. I was thrilled to get my staples and drain removed today. Little did I know it was a false alarm. The PS was not happy with my swelling. I have a little flap hanging over my incision. I was worried that the flap was there to stay. He told me I have a significant amount of swelling. My tummy was much flatter before I left the surgical room. He told me to increase the tightness on my binder. I have tried several garment to help with swelling. For me the white binder is the best solution to combat my swelling. He also told me that I had the highest fat removal doing his practice at 27pounds. The pain is more tolerable each day. I have switch to one pain and Motrin 800 mg. I have moved from my bed to the recliner. Sleeping on my back is causing severe neck pain. My next follow up appointment will be next Friday. Merry Christmas to all. God bless


Yesterday was my two weeks postop day. I was so happy that my PS gave the nurse the okay to remove my staples. Some places were tender then most area. The nurse, Paula, was very patient and caring to my needs. I have the pleasure of caring around my drains for another week. My drains are draining between 60 to 80cc a day. The drains will stay until they drain know more than 25cc a day. My swelling is getting a little better but so annoying. I ordered a Salome High Back liposculpture Girdle from classicshapeware.com. The delivery is a day behind so I will post picture once I receive my garment. I hope everyone I healing and doing well. Season Greeting's and God bless to all.

Happy New Year!

Hope everyone is enjoying this special day. My drains continue to daring at least 40 to 65 cc of fluid everyday. I can't see them coming out on Friday. I discovered on Sunday I have a medium side hematoma near my incision site. The area is dry an intact. No redness, discoloration, or signs of infection noted. The nurse told me to keep a warm compress. The site is improving either my heating pad. I will continue to watch the site very close. Time like this I thank the Lord, that I'm a nurse.

New Years
My goals for the year is ACCOUNTABILITY:

Holding myself accountable for a health lifestyle and body, communicating well with others and improving my relationship with God.

Holding my. Family, friends, and loves accountable for there actions and speaking up. No more sweeping things under the rug =NO HEADACHES for me.

My God continue to bless you all!!!!!!!


Sorry for the typos. Auto text has a mind of its on. My drains are draining at least 40 to 65cc every day. I am apply hot compresses to my hematoma. The site is improving by using a heating pad.

I won't complain

I've had some good days
I've had some hills to climb
I've had some weary days
And some sleepless nights

But when I look around
And I think things over
All of my good days
Outweigh my bad days
I won't complain because God has been so good to me!

Hello all! This have been a journey unlike anything I have ever experience before. I have past my one month post op day. I currently have one drain, hoping to get the other one removed on Thursday. The large hematoma I have on my right side shrunk but caused an abscess on my incision line. While at my PS appointment on Friday the abscess start draining on its own. I am watching this area VERY carefully. I rather for it to drain on its own than my PS opening my incision. Dr. de Brux assured me that he wouldn't open up my incision. I truly understand there my be a small possibility that could happen. I will continue to remain positive and thankful for whatever assistance I receive to improve my healing process. I thank the Lord for blessing me with a sweet caring PS and staff. I never feel rush and my questions are always answered. I will post a picture when I'm drain free. This surgery is a mental and physical challenge. I hope every is having a good New Year and healing well. Before surgery I weighed 292. I am currently 250.... My lady part looks perky as ever..lol

Six weeks later

Well you guys I am hitting the six week mark. I currently have one drain that wasn't removed last week. It is draining between 30 to 50 ml if fluid everyday. My next follow up appointment is Thursday. I will see the PS then. Hopefully he will have mercy and pull this dang drain..lol...My expected date to return to work is Saturday. I am feeling good and very please with my results. I have started wearing tight compression to help with the swell. I currently wear Spanx mid thigh body suit and Squeem Vest. I loveeeee the vest. I currently wear a 3x vest but can fasten the 2 eyelet on vest. My Spanx shaper is a 2x. I was wearing 4x before surgery. My incision is healing well alone with the seroma abscess. You can hardly see the abscess that was draining. I am posting pictures of my Spanx shaper and the Squeem vest. If anyone experiencing swell the vest is a must. I will post more pic once drain pulled. I hope everyone is healing well and enjoying their Sunday afternoon.


Dr. Joseph Cart de Brux

Dr. De Brux is a doctor that cares about his patients. You never feel rushed while talking to him. I had several surgeons that recommend him to me as well (I'm a nurse). His office staff and nurse Paula are awesome. I will give rating after my surgery.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Omg I thought it was just me but I have been joking here lately that my panniculus has been stopping me from emptying my bladder so it my be true
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I'm in Tryon, NC right over the border to Greenville. Which hospital is your doctor affiliated with?
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How are you doing? Hope all is well for you
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Sounding good and looking good ! Hope the drain comes out soon -Continue happy healing
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Yupii, congratulation in your weight loss, looking good. Happy healing
  • Reply
Thank you.
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Hello wonderful lady I hope is all well with you. 42 pounds down that's awesome. .
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Thank you! I have a nurse visit tomorrow. Praying that my drain get pulled. I will text you.
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How did u make out with the nurse.
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I had the pleasure of keeping the drain...My next follow up appointment is Thursday. .Wish me luck. How are you?
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Sounds like you have the right attitude! God is by your side every step along the way and as long as you continue to remember that all will be well! I hope you are able to get your last drain removed this week!
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Thank you Lori. I hope you are healing well.
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Welcome to the flat side, take easy is a long healing process but is worthy, happy for you, God bless you and have a LOT of patiente. Lol
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Honey patience is the right word. This too shall pass. Thank you
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Awesome story! You are truly blessed.
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Thank you!!!!!!
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Amazing woman of God you touch me every time you post updates.. have you noticed any changes? Hoping you feel better and your New Tear and Goals are all that and more.. Hoping we all continue to grow in love and have have a new appreciation for our New Bodies that we will soon be able to enjoy minus the pain and headache that it brings to us... ive grown a bond with you ladies that is remarkable and im glad I found this site... BE BLESSED AND HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR
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I notice my stomach dropping with the swelling. I was applying ointment to my incision site just now and found a staple that was brought into the new year..lol I will get the nurse to remove it on my next visit.. No big deal. I ordered a faja and girl it would have taking Congress to get me into that dang thing. I will keep it but order a bigger size.. They are cut small but I didn't realize a 3x was like a large..lol had sweat popping on my forehead..lol how are you healing and feeling?
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Oh lol .
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Your story is amazing. I had 15 pounds of skin removed on December 10th. Overall it's been an okay experience except for an infection I developed on my incision. That has been the worst so far! I am three weeks post OP and am supposed to go back to work on Monday! I'm scared but need to feel normal again. I wish you the best of luck with your healing. God Bless
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Thanks Mary! Can you ask you PS for extended time off? I pray that you continue to heal.
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You look wonderful I had my sugery on nov 29.. drains are pain had mine out 2 weeks ago they just took my stitches out this pass friday..Happy new year to you.
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Thank you for your sweet reply. I love your page as well. The swelling isn't pretty at all. I wish it will go away soon. It is improving daily.
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Congratulations on getting you staples out. You will feel more like y our self once you get the drains out. Hope you had a great Christmas!
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