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God blessed the world with Accutane

My brother has always had severe acne, whatever he...

My brother has always had severe acne, whatever he tried, didn't worked. He was prescribed accutane his Senior year and by graduation he was acne free. His worst side effects were dry skin and lips, but it was so worth it. He looks great and I am so happy for him. I have always had acne also but not nearly as bad, but recently, I have been getting it worse and worse. It is now my senior year in High School and I am going to be starting on it shortly.

That is great that you were able to see firsthand what Accutane can do. How are you feeling about starting it up?

i'm a little scared but definitely excited. my appointment is on december 6th so hopefully i will be starting then!

I can understand why you would feel a bit scared. The list of possible side effects is kind of frightening, but my goodness, for the people Accutane works for it really seems to make a huge positive change for them, like your brother. If you do get put on it, just be sure to listen to your body and talk to your doctor about anything you notice that concerns you.

Keep us posted on what goes on at your appointment!!


I went to the doctor and had blood and urine taken...

I went to the doctor and had blood and urine taken. I am on the 30 day wait to get Accutane. January 4th is my start date, I am super excited and i will keep everyone updated with what happens when i start it!
My daughter has been taking Accutane for 6 months now and her skin is FLAWLESS!!! She is so happy! She has been complaining of back pain, but she is going to a chiropractor and getting adjusted regularly, which seems to help. At first her lips were terribly chapped! But I bought some really good chap stick and now she is fine. She is tired, but she is also a teenager, so that may come in to play. She would not wear tank tops last summer bc her skin was so broke out. Now I am planning my wedding and she is only looking at strapless dresses! This has boosted her confidence and I am thankful she was able to take this medicine!
What kind of chap stick did you get her? I am starting soon and really wanna be prepared I'm really nervous! How old is she? I'm 15 and will be starting on feb 4th. Congrats to your daughter && to you on your wedding!!!! :) xoxo

I'm starting it on february 4th!! I'm a sophomore in high school, and I don't have awful acne but I've had a little worse than moderate for years, I'm just ready for it to be gone :) I'm really nervous, can you keep me updated on what goes on? the side effects list & that booklet about it were huge! :/ goodluck! xo


So, after a long and annoying process, i have...

So, after a long and annoying process, i have started Accutane! i took my first pill february 4th and have been on it now for about a week a half. All is good! I haven't had terrible side effects. (aquaphor=solves everything). I have gotten new acne but not a terrible breakout. I'm really excited for a month or two from now! I'm praying for the best.

So i am official 2 full months done with accutane...

So i am official 2 full months done with accutane and i am happier than i have been in sooooo long. During the first month i never really had a big initial breakout. It was more gradual, and at the start of the second month i could really start seeing a difference. Now i am only getting 2-3 new zits a week which is AMAZING and i can start to tell i am even getting less and less (: I feel awesome. I have noticeable scars left but that is so much better than puss filled cysts. One negative side effect about Accutane though is how red it makes my face. No matter how much water i drink it just always looks so irritated. Besides that i have had no bad side effects besides the basic dry lips. Another couple months and hopefully my face will return to its original color.
hi, Emily Good for you, it seems like it is working. Would you mind telling us what dose are you taking?

I took acutane over a yr ago. I nly had like 3 white heads since. And no side effects. I work out and play alot of sports and my athelticsm was never affected. I kind of want to go on it again. Just for that glow look it gave me.


It's absolutely amazing

I am now completely done with 6 full months of Accutane and I am going to say hands down it is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I never had a bad initial breakout.. it just simply got better and better. I now am getting NO new acne and i'm going to see my doctor next week for my final check up! I never really experienced any bad side effects besides the very red face and dry lips. And my goal was completed, I was acne free for graduation. Life is good.

You look so beautiful in your picture. Congratulations on your clear skin, and your graduation - what an exciting time!! Let us know how your final visit goes. Happy for you!

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