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I justs got juvederm yesterday and immediately...

I justs got juvederm yesterday and immediately after I had large bumps that can be seen only when I open my mouth but I can feel them pushing on my teeth help !!! I'm sure this isn't normal I told my doctor when I was there I could see them and she said she couldn't see them unless she looked in my mouth what should I do ?!? I just want my small lips back how do I get rid of this ?

I had Juvederm done by another doctor and I was...

I had Juvederm done by another doctor and I was not happy with the results at all ! I had emailed Dr Kasden and he was very quick to respond to my email. I like that HE responded to my email and not someone else being the middle man. He made me feel comfortable and explained to me what had happened and how we can resolve the problem. He dissolved my lumps that had occurred from the Juvederm done by the other doctor. I will for sure return to his office for my future lip injections and any other cosmetic surgery I would want. Dr. Kasden really helped me out and was very caring I highly recommend him !
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Hey there! I wanted to write and let you know that I had the SAME problem!!! It concerned me significantly... as I'm sure you know! My doc said I could "gently massage" any lumps if I sort of lubed up my lips & fingers with vaseline, aquaphor, etc... and I did that after panicking about the lumps for 3 days and it REALLY helped!! Just thought I would share :) The lumps are basically gone and it was like 8 days ago that I got the injections (round 2 since the first round was basically pointless). Also, for Cutie21 - please don't be too worries!! The duck look DOES go away!!! TRUST me. I have a review on here on my experience with juvederm and you will see how much they deflate. Not that I wanted to have trout pout, by any means, but they deflate soooo much that it's disappointing - hence why I had to go back for a second round of unpleasantness. Try massaging!! and also, I used ice on them for the first 2 days... just a little here and there and that also helped.
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"worried" not "worries" ugh.. I just type away and hit SUBMIT. :P
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Hello, i am having exactly the same problem now, i had my lips done yesterday and i don't like them, they look so much like a duck especially when i talk, i'm so depressed i hardly talk to anybody even at home i'm just sat in my room doing researches about JUVADERM , anyway i do think that i should give it more time to settle down, however i'll wait 6 more days if i'm still not happy i'll just go get them dissolved, i honestly appreciate my cutie small lips more now, please keep updating me i would like to know how yours look like now and just what your going to do about them? I hope you are looking and feeling better by now, fingers crossed for you, good luck
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Hello I'm so sorry ! I did have a medrol dose pack called in for me and that helped a ton !!! My swelling has went a lot !!! I do still have some lumps that I am having dissolved on Saturday I will keep you updated on how it comes out ! I'm over all happier but I was depressed for a couple days it will get better ill post newer pictures if fit lets me !
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Yaaay!! good to hear that, so happy for you, well it has been 48h since i had mine done, a bit of my swelling has gone away, so they went down a tiny bit, but i can still feel the two bumps pushing on my teeth, and my left side is still lumpier than the right side, and when i talk they still look like ducky lips, so still having bad times, anyway thank you very much for sharing this and for updating me, i hope your appointment goes well on saturday. Can't wait to see your results after you get them dissolved, good luck Regards :) x
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I do think you are still probably quite swollen. My dr manipulated and massaged the Juvederm quite rigorously and I think I was quite bruised and swollen because of that. I had Hyaluronidase to dissolve it and he also rigorously massaged that and I did have more bruising on top of my bruising after. My doc had it in his office (maybe that is a sign?) And he also did not charge for it...just said he wanted me to be happy. I actually liked him and the way he handled it...I just didn't like my lips! The Juvederm was about 80% gone within hours and 90% gone after a few days. I can still feel and see just a small amount in there. Unfortunately, after the Hyaluronidase I had a bruise above my lip that looked like a dark purple moustache...I believe that it was from the hard massaging. I had an important day at work and no amount of makeup was hiding that one. The things we do to ourselves!
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Is that how it was immediately after your injections? My right side was always lumpier than the left as if it was filled a bit more. But I also swelled and bruised significantly within hours. I had it all disolved 8 days later. I was very unhappy with my duck-like lips. I may try again one day with a more conservative doctor. But at the time I was so happy to have it all gone...and I also had a new appreciation for my little lips! The lump on the right side lasted a few weeks and eventually went away. Are you icing? That helps a lot. I also used Arnica pills and gel.
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Yes the lumps showed up before walking out the door the doctor told me she couldn't see then unless my mouth was open ! The lumps rub on my teeth and its pretty annoying I can't find a plastic surgeon that carries Hyaluronidase or anything that dissolves the juverderm it all has to be ordered I'm a dental assistant and I'm constantly in people's face so I'm embarrassed of my results. I have iced the area every two hours for ten minutes and I have taken a medrol dose pack to help with swelling. What did they use to dissolve the juvederm ? Did it return your lips back to normal and did it swell and bruise all over again ? So sorry for all the questions I'm depressed about how it turned out.
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Dr. Malouf has offices in Fort Worth and Dallas and Dr. Benjamin Bassichis is located in Dallas... each have Vitrase (hyaluronidase) in their office. My first experience a year ago with Juvederm wasn't what I had hoped at first and thought I would have to have it dissovled, but eventually decided against it. Good luck... I hope everything works out.
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I wrote above, but I wanted to write to you directly... How long ago did you get them injected? Because I had the SAME problem and I was advised to "gently massage" them after lubing up my fingers and lips with vaseline or aquaphor and it really did help!! I was freaking out - some of the lumps were so defined and close to the surface that my skin looked almost transparent over them!! The gentle massaging really helped!! Give it a try :) Good luck!!
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Give it a little time. I can relate, I had the same. Although I eventually had mine dissolved, the lumps inside my mouth did subside after about 5 days.
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Did you have you whole juverderm dissolved or just the lumps ? Did the lumps ago away because of them being dissolved ?
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