Juvederm and Botox for Thin Lips and "Smoker's Lines" Around Mouth

I am a 58 year old with genetically thin lips and...

I am a 58 year old with genetically thin lips and "smoker's lines" around my mouth even though I never smoked. I had Jevederm injections (2 syringes)in both the lips and wrinkle folds as well as a small amount of Botox in the muscle area above my lip. I have a longer than normal drop between the end of my nose and top of my lip. This is something I was born with and has nothing to do with the experience I'm describing. Ideally, the area from the bottom of the nose to the beginning of the lip should be 1.1 cm or to put it another way, when your mouth is open slightly you should be able to see some of your front teeth. There isn't much out there to correct this but a lip lift. Enough about my flaws...

The first week after the injection I was very upset as I felt I looked liked Meg Ryan gone bad. It wasn't that my lips were that much bigger but more of a feeling of puffiness in the area between my nose and top lip making my face look a little "apeish". Luckily, the RN convinced me to give it another week and if I still felt uncomfortable, she would dissolve the Juvederm. She also carefully rechecked for symmetry and added a bit more Juvederm in the bottom lip to ensure it was larger than the top as well as added a tad to even the right side of the top lip with the left side. She said since I still had some bruising the swelling was not completly resolved.

It's been 13 days since I had the procedure done and I'm very happy with the result. I went with the conservative approach and my lips have just a bit more volume and between the Juvederm and Botox my wrinkles are much smoother. I will probably have her fill in the chin area when I go back next week to round out the bottom of my face.

Here's the bottom line: The product Juvederm is safe, effective and a fabulous alternative to surgery. In fact, a face lift can't solve wrinkles around the mouth. The KEY is to do due diligence and find someone who is very skilled and has a grasp on facial esthestics. Remember that this is a very lucrative area and many unqualified people are jumping in hand over fist. Often you will find plastic surgeons who also have a skin care business as an extension of their practice. Trust me, when their reputation is on the line, they will have a qualified person doing the injections.

The last thing I want to remind everyone is to be patient on the amount of time it might take to have all the brusing to completely fade. It depends on a lot of factors as to who will be able to reappear in public in 3 days vs 1 week or more. For me it took 13 days to have the bruising fade to the point that I don't notice it and being this is on your face, you will have people asking questions.

I am 32 yrs old and while I don't really have deep wrinkles yet! I use the Olive Night Creme (from Made from Earth) - it does help out with deep creases on the sides of my mouth, commonly referred to as laugh lines. But it has smoothed these out and made a more soft and smoother texture. This even helped out my frown lines as well. Some describe a tingle sensation, but I dont feel that.
I bruise really bad each time I get either radiesse or juvederm. This time i'm on my 12th day and the bruising is just about gone. I use arnica (3x strength) from whole foods and it helps a lot. I've tried to go without it and it takes twice as long as I bruise really bad.I have never worn cover up makeup, and got a few different kinds. Benefit "erase" works great but i feel like all of them are noticable in the sunlight. Or maybe I don't really know how to use makeup.:o)
I think the amount of pain one experiences is relative to their own tolerance level. If you have a low tolerance level, ask for the dental block. I did this and didn't feel anything. They even numb the area where the dental block is injected. The next option is Juvederm with the lidocaine in it. If you are up for a small amount of pain, you can ice the area and have a topical numbing cream applied and nothing else. If you are having the area around the mouth and lips injected, I would go for dental block as this area is filled with a lot of nerve endings. For the additional $40.00, it is worth it. Bruising is also different from person to person. Don't take vitamin E or fish oil supplements prior OR after injections until all is clear from swelling and bruising. In my case, I wasn't able to completely cover the different stages of brusing because I only had a concealer and I haven't worn make-up for a decade so I didn't have an arnsenal to draw from. I do, however, believe that most of the brusing can be concealed with proper make-up. I didn't use arnica so I can't speak to how effective it is but it was recommended by the RN who administered the injections.
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Look for a reputable plastic surgeon or dermatologist who has a sister practice of skin care. It doesn't take a plastic surgeon to do injections. In fact, they usually will have someone else do it as their expertise is in surgery but they will be sure to protect their reputation by having someone who is qualified and experienced doing injections.

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