I know by the title I seem crazy. I am expecting...

I know by the title I seem crazy. I am expecting to hear people say the same. This will be my 2nd breast augmentation and my 3rd time doing plastic surgery. I had a 34A (maybe even AA) before my first breast aug back in June of 2009. This year in June I had liposuction done. I am now scheduled for my second breast aug on Nov 29th.

A bit of background (although I have an extensive blog on my lipo procedure). I am 33 years old and a mother of 6. Yes 6 babies that I birthed naturally, meaning no drugs and all vaginal. I breastfed all of my babies. My breasts really looked strange after my 5th baby. I always had huge nipples and really small breasts. The nipples did not match at all. Each time I breastfed my breasts would get larger and I really liked the way I looked. Unfortunately, that doesn't last. After my 5th baby I decided to go in for the first breast aug. I went from a 34A or AA to a 34D. It was awesome. I LOVED my new boobs. However, it's been 3 years, I had (yet another) baby and just finished nursing him 3 months ago. My doctor wanted to wait at least 3 months before he would do the breast aug. As an aside, I was able to breastfeed although my milk supply was low. However, once again, my breasts got very full and I got used to the 34DD I was wearing. Unfortunately once I stopped nursing they went back to a 34D ( I know still big) but you really do get used to that fullness and after my 6th baby I felt like my body changed more than ever (hence the lipo which was done June of this year). Another thing that helped me decide was that I needed some scar re-visioning. I was bad when I had my first breast aug and took my tape off way to early and then put makeup in the incision (I know I know won't do it again) I did it because of my job (you guessed it) and I really needed to get back to work! I was also using pasties on them and OUCH that was a bad idea. So I talked to my doctor about fixing the scar and mentioned that I would like them bigger and lo and behold here I am.

I really wanted a big change so I decided on another 275cc's which would put me at 700 cc's total. Sounds big but I really like them big. I do honestly believe this will be it though for my breasts.

So my stats as of now are 5'6, 123lbs, with a 34D. Sometimes, I can get into a 34C. I will be going back in through the nipple and under the muscle.

My pre-op is tomorrow. I am pretty good about updates and look forward to sharing.

Well I week from tomorrow is my surgery. I went in...

Well I week from tomorrow is my surgery. I went in for my pre op and explained to them that I didn't want Dr. Wolfe making a new incision for the revision, last time I had surgery through the nipple and I would like to keep the one scar. So they sais they "may" have to go a bit smaller if it doesn't fit so they ordered 600, 650 and the 700's. I am really hoping the 700's fit. I am excited but it doesn't feel like its really going to happen as of yet :) I will update again day of surgery! I am noting it's quiet over here on the revision side :(

Surgery was today. Everything went well. Dr. Wolfe...

Surgery was today. Everything went well. Dr. Wolfe was able to use his new tool and get the 700's to fit through my previous incisions through my nipple. It's 2:24pm and I had my surgery at 8:30. I got home around 11 and fell asleep quickly after. Just took my first painkiller (Percocet) and I only took 1.

It's hard to tell how big they will be at this point. The waiting game is on!

Day after surgery....pain is a little better but...

Day after surgery....pain is a little better but definitely still there. It's actually a tad worse than I thought it would be for a revision. My doctor called me last night to check on me and he explained that he had to go through the capsule since it was a large implant so I will feel pain like the first time for a few days. I have only taken 2 percocets total but I may take another one today. I was able to drive my kids to school and do a few household chores yesterday but I got really tired and slept from 8pm until 6:45am. I woke up a lot to pee and I am noticing that I really have to push to get my pee out. I am going to attempt a shower today with my husbands help. I'll get some new pics done tomorrow or the day after.

I tried on an old bra today...pix below

I tried on an old bra today...pix below

Feeling much better physically today. Called my...

Feeling much better physically today. Called my doc yesterday to get a script for Valium because the percocets made me feel yucky and I felt the majority of the pain was from the muscle. I am still worried I didn't go big enough but I am excited to see the results in a month!

3 day pics below. Looks like they are starting to...

3 day pics below. Looks like they are starting to get nice and full. I like how much closer together they got. I was a little worried I didn't go big enough but I think they look good now. I feel more proportionate.

I am feeling barely any pain. I am excited to have...

I am feeling barely any pain. I am excited to have the tape removed tomorrow. I have been a little depressed about the size not turning out as big as I wanted but it's pretty much as big as I can go without resorting to saline and I think I am going to have to deal with it so it's time to think more positive. I bought a new bran today but went with a 34D because the DD's didn't have very much push up. I haven't tried it on yet. I will take pics in it tomorrow when I get the tape off (and steri strips on). Any ways, some day 6 photos are below.

OK So I am beginning to feel a lot better about...

OK So I am beginning to feel a lot better about the size. Looking at them in pics rather than the mirror really puts it into perspective. I have large breasts. It's a great feeling. Went to the post op yesterday and had that tape remove and replaced with steri strips. Obviously my one breast is dropping WAY faster than the other so I am wearing a sports bra to help them in addition to massage. It's kind of funny looking actually.

Day 10 pic up. That's with a "very sexy" vic...

Day 10 pic up. That's with a "very sexy" vic secret bra. I am still obsessing they aren't big enough constantly. Another doctor said to me that if I am not happy now I probably never will be. I am basically maxed out on silicone and don't think I could transition to saline because I am not sure I would like that change. I gotta get mentally better. I think it will help when I can get into real bras.

Day 12....still obsessing they aren't big enough....

Day 12....still obsessing they aren't big enough. My husband says their is no chance I will get another BA :( I feel like I am acting kind of spoiled. I read about women needing breast lifts and such with large implants and I already have those and I can't stand the breast lift scars so I really gotta get this right in my head.

As far as the recovery...I feel totally fine. I am ready to get in regular bras but I am still wearing the sports bra every day. They say another week or so for the steri strips to fall off and I believe I can't stop wearing this sports bra until I see my PS again Jan 3. I will probably still whine to him....I spent a TON of money between the 2 BA's and the lipo so the least I could do was tell him I am still a little sad about the size.

Let me clarify that this is in NO way my PS's fault. He was VERY clear with me about everything. I started with no breast tissue, less than an A cup, a training bra at best, so all I have is implant. I have NO breast tissue. I can't expect miracles here.

That's all for now :)

I went to Victoria Secret today and decided to ask...

I went to Victoria Secret today and decided to ask one of the girls to measure me. She measured me at a 32D. Are you kidding? That's what I was before! But I realized I had my sports bra on which is completely compressing my boobs. I decided to buy a 34DD bra and low and behold it is entirely too small. All I can say is yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Yep, that's right, 2 weeks post op today and BIGGER than a DD, I swear I will be happy at a DDD. C'mon girls! Any ways, a pic has been posted of me in the 34DD.

Day 15 photo up. Haha that's one of those major...

Day 15 photo up. Haha that's one of those major push up bra's.....

Day 22 pics up. That's a 32DD bra and not too...

Day 22 pics up. That's a 32DD bra and not too comfortable. 32DDD is incredibly hard to find at VS.

1 month photos up. Nothing new to report. Still...

1 month photos up. Nothing new to report. Still experimenting with bras. Would still like to be larger.

I month and 3 days in. I go to the PS on Thursday....

I month and 3 days in. I go to the PS on Thursday. I will probably mention to him how I have had thoughts of switching to saline, and see what he says, although I doubt he will say it's a good idea. I am starting to get happier with them though as they get their new shape. I do like that I can look normal when I am out with my kids and look "large" when I am out with my husband. BTW my husband is COMPLETELY against me having another surgery and really who am I trying to please here? So I am really starting to just quit whining and start loving them.

Photo from my husbands perspective posted.

photo from my husbands perspective posted.

Went to my one month checkup and it was pretty...

Went to my one month checkup and it was pretty depressing. My PS pretty much came in and said everything looks good and looked at me and asked if I was expecting them to be bigger. Is it that obvious that they should be bigger? He went on to tell me how little breast tissue I had to work with and that I can wear push up bras. Ugh. He didn't mention anything about swapping over to saline, he did say that I have very healthy, and good looking breasts (though I think he's a bit bias) and that he'd rather I complain about the size than to go with silicone and have problems and unhealthy breasts.

I still left the office nearly in tears trying to get out as fast as possible.

Later I thought maybe he read the notes from my 1 week visit when I told the nurse (I didn't see my PS at this visit) that I was unhappy with the size. Seriously, my PS gave me a complex so I decided that I am going to go with that....he saw it in the notes, it wasn't obvious :(

I am trying to be happy with them, really I am, I just feel that maybe I had bigger expectations and that perhaps I didn't ask enough questions nor express my wants enough.

I did have to mark down my PS after that visit on the "Time Spent" rating to 3 starts.

I left the office feeling hopeless and depressed and wishing things would have went different. The entire visit lasted 7 minutes. I spent more time in the room trying to relax before walking past the front desk in tears than I did with my PS.

So I wrote to Dr. Pousti today, who is all over this website and he told me to wait another 5 months and then send him some pics and he will give his best advice on whether I can handle going any larger.

Until then I am going to try to get a grip on this because it has really begun to consume me.

I have finally convinced my husband for a 3rd...

I have finally convinced my husband for a 3rd augmentation but I have to wait 6-12 months. I'm happy but sad I have to do it again. I am still researching and such and trying to make sure that's what I want. Looking at moving to saline 1000-1200.

8 week photo update. Nothing much new to report. I...

8 week photo update. Nothing much new to report. I am wearing a 32DDD in Victoria Secret but could probably go up another size (my nipples pop out of the bra) but I have maxed out VS bra's. I can also fit a 34E. So many bra sizes.

I have changed my wish picture. After researching...

I have changed my wish picture. After researching my brains out I am deciding that IF I go up in size I am going up to at least 1100cc's. Still debating. My back kinda hurts thinking about it haha.

9 week picture updated. The right one is larger...

9 week picture updated. The right one is larger than the left and it's very noticeable. I went to see my PS about it but he didn't say anything was abnormal. I have already decided on the doctor I am using and I should be going in for my revision in April. My date will be determined early next week!

I've changed my review to "not sure" because I am...

I've changed my review to "not sure" because I am starting to get unhappier with the results. "Maybe" it's because one hasn't dropped yet but from what I've read and heard they should be past that stage by now with this being my 2nd BA.

I received confirmation today that I will need a...

I received confirmation today that I will need a revision (by another PS) due to the asymmetry in my breasts. I won't be going back to Dr. Wolfe. He didn't even recognize a problem when I was there Thursday but it is COMPLETELY obvious. Ugh...

11 week photos taken and posted. My left breast...

11 week photos taken and posted. My left breast seems to be bottoming out. I posted a pic for the docs here and most of them said I will need a revision. I scheduled my revision for the beginning of May and the deposit has been made. My PS told me I may need drains which really scare me but I will be ok. I will be seeing Dr. Hankins in Vegas. We discussed going upwards of 1100-1300cc's but will depend on what he deems safe.

I am excited but nervous. I have never gone out of state for surgery and will be gone about 10-12 days total.

I go in to see Dr. Wolfe tomorrow to discuss the...

I go in to see Dr. Wolfe tomorrow to discuss the asymmetry and see if he will revise them before my XL implant revision. My PS in Vegas who is doing my XL implants said it would be best if I could fix the asymmetry before the larger implants go in so I am crossing my fingers Dr. Wolfe gives me some good news tomorrow. My PS in Vegas said my asymmetry is pretty significant and would require a lift on my left breast in order to correct it.


OK ladies, I am 2 months exactly until my new...

OK ladies, I am 2 months exactly until my new revision. I have talked to my doctor and it looks like I will be doing the mentor mod plus 1200ccs minimum and I am really shooting for 1400cc's. He says my asymmetry is very significant (this should have been repaired with my previous 2 surgeries-but it wasn't) so I will be getting a benelli lift in addition to the new big ones. It's ok though I am just glad to have found someone who can see the obvious problems and is able and willing to fix them-finally.

2 months and counting. Can't wait to have big and round salines. I am so done with silicone.

6 more weeks ladies!! I am so excited :)

6 more weeks ladies!! I am so excited :)

5 more weeks girls....look at the new pics...any...

5 more weeks girls....look at the new pics...any my current PS says there isn't a problem, who is he kidding? Unreal!

It has been confirmed that I have CC. Dr. Wolfe...

It has been confirmed that I have CC. Dr. Wolfe said he'd do the surgery but the kicker is I've been telling him something was wrong this whole time and he failed to listen and now I already have an appointment with Dr. Hankins scheduled and paid for. I feel pretty upset with Dr. Wolfe and would not recommend him.

I leave 3 weeks from TODAY for my revision :) I...

I leave 3 weeks from TODAY for my revision :) I did find out I DON'T have cc but this was rather a mis-positioning by my PS and an improper pocket dissection. My pockets need to be redone and the creases need to be fixed plus I need a donut lift so IN ADDITION I will be getting an increase in cc's to somewhere around 1200-1400cc's. 3 more weeks!!!! yayayay!

2 more weeks ladies until I head out for my...

2 more weeks ladies until I head out for my revision :) I went and bought an elastic bandeau, vitamin e, some scar stuff and I will also buy some arnica tablets. I bought the bandeau and the vitamin e just because I don't want this same issue again and the bandeau will help drop my implants and the vitamin e to help soften the tissues. I can not believe I am going to leave in 2 weeks! I am so excited and ready to get this done :)

Leaving in just 6 days, revision in just 9 :) I...

Leaving in just 6 days, revision in just 9 :) I can't believe how close I am getting!

Updated this to not sure because my review is...

Updated this to not sure because my review is changing to my 2nd revision.

Just got to Vegas!! Pre op is Monday and I'll have...

Just got to Vegas!! Pre op is Monday and I'll have all my questions answered then. Can't wait!

Well I finally made it to Vegas and was able to...

Well I finally made it to Vegas and was able to meet with my PS today. Finally after almost 6 months of sitting here obsessing and the day finally comes. So most of you know I have had a complication with my boobies and I have been trying to figure out if its CC or what. Well it was confirmed today that I do have CC, Grade 2. In fact, it's pretty tight and it seems to be getting worse by the day. When it hits it really hits. I have been having pains and it hurt so bad the other night I couldn't sleep. I kept waking with these awful pains...ugh. So yes, I have cc and my plans for the XL's has changed but not too significantly. My doctor. Dr. Hankins (who was AWESOME btw) is pretty sure he can fit 1200cc's. Even though he knows I wanted more we came to the conclusion that 1200 is what is safe for me and what my body will allow. I am comfortable with that decision and very grateful that I can even go this large at all. I was told by other docs (even the good ones we all know about) that I can't have CC and go any larger at the same time.

So I have to be very grateful for this and I am. I am thinking I should be at about a US 32J cup once I am done. Which scared the crap out of my husband but we all know that it's hardly ever "too big" haha. So I will be removing these silicone and switching to saline and am going to be so glad to get out of this pain.

I feel for everyone who has or has ever had cc. It is not fun. It hurts. And it really damages your confidence.

I will be prescribed accolate after surgery for 3 months to help negate a occurrence. I will also massage and wear a bandeau.

So in about 48 hours I will be off to surgery and I am really, really excited. I thought my plans were going to be severely altered by this but I am so grateful Dr. Hankins has come through for me.

It is still possible he can't fit in all 1200. With CC it somehow tightens your pockets and they have a hard time placing the larger implants. So we will see for sure shortly. But I feel the most at peace now than I have in 6 months.

Maybe I can sleep tonight....maybe...hehehe

Thanks for everyone's support, I love you girls for all your kind words and motivation. This world would be an awful place without the support of one another. Thank you again.

Here's to big symmetrical boobies and no more CC! I will update soon

I'm headed to the surgery center!!! Will update as...

I'm headed to the surgery center!!! Will update as soon as I am able :)

Ok ladies, the girls are here!!!! I can't see them...

Ok ladies, the girls are here!!!! I can't see them yet but from what I can see they look perfect. So perfect that when I unzipped my shirt and saw how big they looked I started crying tears of happiness. Darn the meds they made me all emotional. I do have drains in and will upload a pic so every one can see. I am wrapped in a bandage so I can't see too much but I can feel them and WHOA. I think I got a d*mn good size. It IS painful but I don't care. Bring on the pain. I'm just so happy to have them fixed and can't wait til they start dropping and fluffing so I can really see how they will look.

I have no idea on size Dr. Hankins said he was going for 1200 but he wasn't sure it would fit and he also said if he can go more he will.

I'm actually tempted NOT to find out. I will see him tomorrow.

Thank you ladies for all your support!

More new pics. I love them so much so far!!!!

More new pics. I love them so much so far!!!!

Unveiling of the boobs and the verdict is in they...

Unveiling of the boobs and the verdict is in they are 1200ccs. I have such a crush on them!!!!

In case I haven't mentioned it today. I LOVE Dr....

In case I haven't mentioned it today. I LOVE Dr. Hankins and his staff. Amy his nurse, she's the coolest and most straightforward chick ever, Bambi oh I just gave her a big big hug yesterday she is WONDERFUL! And Susan she is so pretty and so nice. And of course Dr. Hankins....he has done so much for my self confidence. I made the perfect choice with him and would recommend him to EVERYONE. Don't even bother looking elsewhere, get to Vegas and get your boobs done by Dr. Hankins. Best experience EVER!

Still in love with them

Still in love with them

If I were to have seen my boobs in a magazine I...

If I were to have seen my boobs in a magazine I would have said those were the ones I wanted. Dr. Hankins how did you know? The pain is definitely there but I could care less. Ive never felt so good about myself in my life. What an amazing feeling!

OK I'm obsessed...here's some pics from my...

OK I'm obsessed...here's some pics from my husbands POV and my old BAD boobs on the phone....

Day 4 and wearing an XL sports bra :)

Day 4 and wearing an XL sports bra :)

Day 8 PO

Yep you guessed it. Still madly in love! The XL sports bra I've been wearing I realized is too small and is accounting for the excess pain. I'm going today to get an XXL and see if that helps. I'm still in a good bit of pain but I'm back home and I could care less. Ill get some more pics up today!

9 days post op :)

My right breast is still in a good bit of pain. I'm hoping it's just cause its the dominant side and it's just slower to recover. Other than that I still couldn't be happier :)

12 days

12 days and the pain in my right breast is starting to get better although the breast itself is still firm. Taking my accolate as directed. Still taking percocet for pain and valium to sleep but Im just being a baby. I love them!!!

12 days post op

and still in lala land with how gorgeous my breasts are. I was a little concerned over that pain in the right but Dr. Hankins wrote me today and told me not to worry just yet and told me to massage and just keep an eye out for bruises. He actually wrote me 3 times today. The follow up care I have received from Dr. Hankins so far has been better than all 3 of my previous surgeries combined and Dr. Hankins is 12 hours away! Ladies seriously, take the drive, the plane, whatever, just get over there to him. You won 't regret it. Just look at my photos and how much different he made them look. Also, I was told by MANY doctors I could never go to 700cc's. I know I'm early in the game but I have no rippling no signs of complication nothing. Just beautiful perfect symmetrical breasts. By day 8 with my last BA with Dr. Wolfe they looked HORRIBLE! I wish I could write Dr. Wolfe another review that shows how BAD of a job he did. I took care of that on other places on the web and plan to update those reviews as well. He did absolutely NOTHING for me once the complication kicked in. I even had other patients of his email me saying he was doing the same to him. Don't get sucked in to glorified reviews (they are most likely from places like reputation.com). I asked for my records from Dr. Wolfes office 5 weeks ago and still haven't gotten them. NEVER again. Dr. Hankins will always be my PS if I should ever want another surgery-no doubt about it. Well I have uploaded a few more photos.

3 weeks today

It's been 3 weeks ladies! I am almost completely out of pain. The right is taking a bit longer to drop than the left but no bigs. I am wearing a bandeau a few hours a day and it helps a lot. I am on accolate once a day to help with the cc. I am measuring a 28K which sounds ridiculous but I don't think I look or feel ridiculous. I am def. big enough though and very very happy with the outcome. I am petrified daily the cc is going to return but I am taking every precaution possible to make sure that doesn't happen. Massage, accolate, band, and just paying attention. I know it's inevitable when it happens but I was never informed by Dr. Wolfe to massage or about accolate or a band and by this time last time I already had cc. Any ways, happy and healthy so far!!! No regrets!

Projection photo printed

I am wearing silicone sheets for the scars but here's a shot of the projection.

24 days post op

Well girls. My right is getting much better. It wasn't bad to start but I am neurotic and the moment I notice that something is even a touch off I panic. Dr. Hankins has been perfect in responding to my emails though and I've been trying not to bug him too much. My right is my dominant side so I've been trying to use my left more as well as wearing the band for at least a few hours a day. The band seems to help a lot. It sucks to wear but when you see the results (even the same day) it is very gratifying. Still little pain in the right and it's a little firmer with the left but honestly I'd be happy if they stayed this way. So much better than my old ones. Pic posted in my pink tank!

Day 25

close up of incisions.

Almost 2 months post op.

And I am completely out of any pain. My right seems to be dropping nicely and they are pretty much perfect. The right incision had a little problem but it seems to be healing up nicely. The left incision is perfect. I love them. No regrets!

3 1/2 months later

And I am STILL in love. I wake up here and there with a little morning boob but other than that I'm doing great. The right is a little firmer than the left but I'm thinking in time it will catch up and I don't care all that much if it doesn't. I'm pleased with my size finally. Yay!!!

Well I am NOT a 32I.

I am finding that push up bra's are near impossible in my size (32J or K) so I bought a 32I on eBay and it arrived yesterday. Needless to say...it doesn't fit :( I am getting used to wearing sports bra's which are the most comfortable. I also got some of those reusable pasties which are great because I don't have to wear a bra with them. I still wake up with morning boob on my right side but it goes away after about an hour. That's all for now ladies!

4 months post op

A new pic of them at 4 months. They seem to be looking the same size and pretty dang symmetric. Since I already had a natural asymmetry prior I knew they'd be a tad off but it doesn't bother me at all and is a vast improvement from before!

5 months later

My scars are starting to heal up better. I used some silicone scar spray but haven't been really good about it every day. No complaints, totally out of any pain, they seem to be just about even in softness, they are symmetrical and best of all NO SIGNS OF CC! So Im very pleased :)
Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Hankins and his entire staff Amy, Bambi and Susan are the most incredible people working in this industry. I am very impressed with them and will never ever go anywhere else!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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where did u hear about study on 100cc silicone breast implants i saw it on this site b4 n contCTED DOCTOR but he was rude n would not give me info or number toi call to get into study if u do have info on study can u please send me message ps ur look great they r so much bigger than mine i have 600cc n urs lokk like at least 800cc thanks
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Opps just seen it at the bottom cheers, thanks.
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Hi chick its been a while since I have been on here. Can you tell me who did your surgery in Las Vegas at all. Thanks Nicki
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Yes, your size on the second was perfect but yeah what did he do to cause the difference? They looked totally different !
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I think the size you had prior to your latest surgery suited you much better. I know you had problems that needed to be revised, but your new breast size is crazy big! Glad you are happy with them ,that is the most important thing x
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You look awesome !!! Where do you buy your sports bra? What size implant did you get ? Thanks
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Thank you for your all your info. Your new boobs look great, im getting my second one done in July and I love yours. I org did 575 now I want to go 1200. Just a few qustions if you don't mind. What size bra and sports bra did you end up, and where did you get them. Again thanks for your story it really helped me decide on what size to go.
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You look great
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I have 840 hips. I'm 5"9 150 losing weight to get to 138. I feel like they project but they don't look that big on me. Will mod plus in a larger size look bigger and still give me a big round look like your s??? Your s look so so awesome.
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id be keen to know how tall you are and your general clothing size so I can get a better idea of the proportions, I'm considering getting a E cup from a B cup, i'm 170cm tall and size 12, 66 kgs. I'm not sure if i id end up top heavy...
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Wow They look fantastic!
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What state was the Dr. Wolfe located in?
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Hey girl looking good . I'm happy that your doing great .
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Thanks for you update and new photos! So happy you're loving your new look. Did your PS say anything about wearing some support to bed at night? I have heard from other women, regardless of size, that after 10 years or so, gravity takes its toll...sagging downward when standing and sideways into the armpits when reclined. Wondering if wearing additional support can help counteract this possible change over time? Take care! 

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What happened in your first two surgeries that made the right one bigger?
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It was just healing. They are even now :) I had cc prior to my 3rd surgery which constricted the left one.
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Wow girl I think your going to need the K . Your band size is so little so I'm sure it's hard to find a bra . I'm happy you have finally got your big boobies that you wanted .
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Oh it's pretty much awful to try finding a bra. Sports bra's are my best friends and they are REALLY comfortable. How are you doing?
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I'm doing great . I bet it is hard to find a bra .
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Also forgot to mention that I have to go with the 1500cc silicone due to diameter size so they will be 14cm diameter and have a 12cm projection, this is def the last surgery I am having. Thanks
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Those are going to be huge! I'd love to see pics!!
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Wow where do you get 1,500 silicone??? I bet they are awesome
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Hi Damsel I will try and put up a pic of my 1000's for you. Would you like to put up a recent pic of yours at all, love to see how they are looking cheers. Have they dropped and fluffed not even sure if do that with saline.
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Wow you look awesome!!! I would never have the balls to go that big! I'm planning to revise but 600-650 is my limit LOL! Are you able to workout at all? You def picked a great PS! Does your hubby love them??
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