My 17 Year Old Saline Implant Deflated After Mamogram - Gold Coast, AU

My right breast did not deflate over night, it...

My right breast did not deflate over night, it took several weeks, could have been longer to deflate totally, I am going back to the plastic surgeon, who did my original surgery 17 years ago, 1st and only appointment is 18th august, surgery is booked for 19th august, not sure how that will go, I do not want a lift and I would like to go bigger, guess I will have to wait and see what my ps says. My Dr is a 2hr flight from home so I fly in on 17th and home on 21st. I have had 4 children a 29 year old , 28. 21 and a 15 year old. i was 33 when I had first implant, 2 years after that I had my last child, I am now 49 and found child birth a breeze compared to breast implants, Excited but at least I know what im in for this time.


Very excited for you on yer revision! What size are you thinking of? Getting closer now...good luck can't wait to see yer results!
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Getting very close, All paid up now just waiting to go. Had to email photos to the clinic today, I also sent through pictures of my wish boobs, I told her I wanted projection and side boob and bigger, so i'll wait and see what she comes back with. Will keep everyone updated and will post photos asap.
Just had phone consult with nurse, she is ordering natrelle Inspra 485 HP and 520 HP textured implants and some anatomical one just in case my Dr wants to use them.


Finally got to see Dr. Tomorrow I will be getting 615cc natrelle anatomical implants. Feeling excited.


Hope all went well today and you are happy with your results. Take care..
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Best wishes for tomorrow!
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Good luck today! Yer gonna look so awesome with yer new perky girls! Let us know how it goes...its gonna get very real after today's app! XXXXX
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Arrived at hospital at 7am, home by 10:30, went well, ended up with 615 extra high profile anatomical implants.


You go girl...615 is gonna look awesome! Can't wait for a peak ;) hope yer healing isn't too painful.
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Hope all is good. Please update! I feel like we are twins!!! I have a deflated right boobie too ( think mine was from a mamo back in March) I am 47 with three older kids 21,18,14 , and I got mine 17 years ago! I also agree that child birth was easier!!! Wondering how big your original ones were and your build? Did you get silicone this time?? Do you feel like a truck is parked on your chest this time?? I too want to go bigger and am thinking 650's and a lift . Im 5'11 and 160lbs. Let me know how your doing!!! Hope all went great!!!
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Photos aren't real good, sorry, feeling fine, taken panadol, have really good arm Movement, can put my hair up, scratch my back, this is so. Much better than my first surgery, hope it stays that way


Thank you, haven't got any pain so far. Hoping it stays that way,
No pain when I woke up, actually I've had no pain all day, I have taken 2 panadol, And doesn't feel like I've been hit by a truck this time, I got silicone extra high projection tear drops , I am 159 cm tall, and weigh 51kg, I did not have a lift, hence the anatomicals,
Everything went well, I think I will be happy with my results.

Post op day 1

Feeling fine, no pain,


They look great !! The same thing has happened to me . My left deflated over 12 months ago and I'm looking into getting my both replaced I had saline implants over 15 yrs ago .. Your story is so much like mine .. I thought I reading about myself .. Lol thanks for sharing .. Donna xxx
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Wow they'd look great! So glad yer pain free, that'll sure help in the healing dept!
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Post op day 2

Finally got game enough to let them out and have a shower, feel much better now, no pain, i do have some swelling, and slight bruising on sides,


They look great! I am kinda worried about mammograms now. Seems like several have posted about deflating after mammograms. Are we supposed to or not? Can't we just do ultra sounds instead?
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You'd think by now they'd have a special imaging mammography machine just for girls with implants! Be a great thing for someone to invent ;) I do get an ultra sound as well as the normal mamo.
My saline implant deflated after 4.5 years!
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day 5

No pain, haven't had to take pain killers since day 1. I do have some bruising, and have to wear surgical bra for 6wks, Its a 10E and is so tight. washed my hair today {just}. morning boob ok, but I was told to sleep at 45 degree angle for the 1st week, so maybe that is helping.


I do self breast exams and sometimes when I have a physical done my primary care Doc. Does a breast exam for me! But I never had a mamogram done; my primary care Dr. Keeps pressuring me to have one done since I'm 40 now but I'm scared of possiblily getting a rupture; I'm not sure if I will ever get a mammogram; I might just wait until I think something is wrong!
As long as you do self exams you will prob be safe. My Aunt on my Moms side had a mammogram and a week later was doing a self breast exam and found a pretty good size lump! She ended up having pretty advanced breast cancer and wasn't even detected on the mammogram so what does that tell you? She ended up having the breast removed and having chemo, thank God she's been cancer free for quite awhile now.
I will never have another mammogram, i will have ultrasound or mri instead.

day 10

Bruising almost gone, Still cant sleep more than 3 hrs at a time. I am having occasional panadol mainly in late afternoon.

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day 12

Day 11, was very tender on the sides, had to take Panadol, feeling better today.


Hi happy for you that all went well. look fantastic! Dr doyle is one of the docs that I was considering for a revision. What do you think of him? Did you get the new inspira implants? That is what he says for me.. they sound like very good implants . Interested in your feedback cheers Shelly xoxo
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Dr Doyle and his staff were great, Very professional and helpful, Because i had to fly in. They had flown in a range of implant sizes for me, my Drs appointment was on Monday and my surgery on Tuesday I got the 615cc highly cohesive inspira anatomical extra high profile implants, Anatomical was suggested for me as I did not want a breast lift, or a round look, I am 49 years old, I did not want 20year old boobies. I had no problems 17 years ago when he did my first augmentation and this time has been great, These implants are so much softer than my old saline ones. My usual Dr said my dissolvable stitchers have healed and I have a very fine white line scar. I would recommend him.
Thats good to know. I just feel so scared to make any decisions at the moment. As you know...we see so many botched revisions on this site so I really want to get it right. The inspira range of implants have a fantastic review. They are considered 5th generation implants and are considered superior to the normal silicone implants. They haven't got them approved in the states yet. They have a more cohesive gel than mentor but still feel very soft and the shell has a better technology too. I've done heaps of research and I'm very torn at the moment. I guess the right answers will come one day ...look after yourself hugs Shelly xoxo
Dr. Doyle

My dr was amazing the first time, Havent had revision done yet so cant comment.

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