Scheduled for Rhinoplasty with Dr. Grigoryants 11/10 - Glendale, CA

Ahhh super nervous, this is all I think about. My...

Ahhh super nervous, this is all I think about. My nose tilts, the tip is fat and I have a bump and I have a weak chin.…ughhh….lol. This whole process is so stressful. I first meet with Dr. Ghavami since he has experience with ethnic noses but the consultation didn’t go well. He was extremely busy and I felt he rushed through the consultation. I was bummed out since I really thought he would be the one performing my surgery. Anyways I am still debating if I should meet with Dr. Ghavami one more time to make sure of my decision. I have my pre-op with Dr. Grigoryants on Oct 19. He is extremely nice and he answered all my questions and doesn’t rush through the consultation. My only concern is that Dr. Grigoryants told me that my nose tilts to the right so after surgery it would still tilt and only I would notice it.

Meet with Dr. Ghavami

for a second consultation. Wow he is expensive....$12,000...I don't know what to do.....

Getting closer!

The day is getting closer, ahhhh! I am super excited which is weird, I should be nervous. I think I am mixing my feelings because I am going to be on a medical leave for month which means NO WORK for 4 weeks….yay. LOL Anyways I had my pre-op last Saturday, I was super nervous but after my conversation with Dr. G he made me feel much better and that I am making the right decision. I paid in full and I had my blood work done. Now I just patiently wait for the big day. I need to create a list of what I need for my recovery. What do guys recommend?


Is the big day! I still have a cold with some cough but I am feeling much better. I hope I am 100% tomorrow.

omg I did it!!!!.....all done yay!!

Everything went well. No pain just discomfort....I'm super stuffy. I will post more later. Thanks everyone!

One week and 2 days post op

Overall the surgery wasn't as bad as I thought. The first week I was really stuffy I couldn’t breathe. I didn’t have any pain just discomfort. Here are some pictures. I’m not much of a writer so I apologize but if you have any questions let me know.

2 months

So far I like my new nose. Dr G is amazing! I would definitely recommend Dr. G for rhinoplasty surgery. At first my new nose was weird to look at well at least my front profile my side profile was perfect but my front profile I was having a hard time adjusting......I was finding things that I didn't like but than I started to look through my old pictures of my old nose and realize that its wayyyy Here goes some news pictures. Let me know if you have any questions.

oops I meant 1 month post op ^^


It's has been 4 months I think

Im doing well. I'm enjoying my new nose. Every day my nose looks different but its definitely better than my old I stop taping my nose so its a bit swollen.
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Looking beautiful! So glad we went through with it haha. Mine changes too, but I love it. I stopped taping mine a while ago? Is that bad? haha
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Your nose looks great! Do you have any before pictures you're willing to share? I'm just curious what he changed. I think your new nose is very elegant and cute!
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Hello! I was wondering if you could please put up some photos? I am schedule with Dr. Grigoryants for Feb. 25th. I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you! :)
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Dr G does good work.
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Very pretty! Congrats on making it this far. Dr. G is amazing!!
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Thank u!
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Your nose is beautiful. Dr. G did a perfect job. Congrats.
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Thanks for the update! You look great. Idk what your nose looked like straight on before but the profile looks fantastic. Im nervous about looking too different from the front myself, but i know it just takes time and getting used to. From what I can see yours looks great from all angles!
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You're welcome and thanks for following. You will look great just make sure to remind Dr. G of what you don't want. Like for example before the surgery I told him I didn't want my nostrils to show (piggynose) or a overslope nose. Good luck!
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Hey girl! Would love to hear how you're doing! You can pm me too. Mine is just around the corner yikes haha
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Congrats! It turned out great. Glad you had an easy recovery.
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thank you!
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Congrats!!!! You look wonderful with all the swelling still there... How do you feel?
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Thanks!! I feel great no pain my swelling is almost gone but not on my nose. No pain at all. I will post pic next week
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Lovely!!!!! Even with your swollen cheeks you can see the huge improvement. What do your friends and family think?
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Thanks!! My friends haven't seen it yet, but my family likes it so far. I been stuck at home, I need to go do my hair and eyebrows before I can show my face to
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