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I've been considering this procedure forever!...

I've been considering this procedure forever! Never felt ugly but was always bothered by my nose. Whenever I get ready, I always feel like my nose is the one aspect of my face that just ruins it for me. I always think I'd look prettier and more confident if I didnt have this hump.

From the front I look fine, I got big eyes, so it takes away from it. But the side profile is terrible. I HATE meeting people for the first time because I'm sure they think I'm ugly the minute I look sideways. Honestly, no one has ever commented on my nose, no one has ever said 'man your nose is SO big!', and my nose is actually pretty small, it just has a hump that bothers me.

Here is the REAL problem with me. I'm THE biggest scardey cat. This is my confession: I've booked surgery with 2 different surgeons twice in my life...and chickened out both times. YUP. The second time I even put in the $500 deposit and still didnt go through with also didnt help it was bad timing in my life at that time.

This time, I'm hoping to have the courage and strength to go through with it. I'm tired of criticizing myself, and hating how I look and telling myself I want to change it. I just need to woman up and do it. I've booked the surgery with the original surgeon I cancelled, the one I booked with ..hmm...i'd say 4-5 years ago? I kept following him over the years, and I see more and more satisfied results from him and I just want to go through with it.

I really hope I dont chicken out but most importantly I hope that putting my faith in someone can deliver the results I want.

PRE-OP appointment this Saturday!!!! Feb 9!! Omg I...

PRE-OP appointment this Saturday!!!! Feb 9!! Omg I can't believe it! So scared and excited cause its becoming real, especially when I give away that chunk of money... Haha

What exactly happens during the pre-op??

PRE-OP appointment this Saturday!!!! Feb 9!! Omg I...

PRE-OP appointment this Saturday!!!! Feb 9!! Omg I can't believe it! So scared and excited cause its becoming real, especially when I give away that chunk of money... Haha

What exactly happens during the pre-op??

Paid the trying to block my mind from...

Paid the trying to block my mind from thinking about it...

So surgery happened. I definitely had a loss of...

So surgery happened. I definitely had a loss of time since I went in at 1 and was waking up towards 5. The surgery took an hour/hour and a half and then I was in bed for an hour and then they wheeled me out to see my mom. Man, I felt pretty drugged up and the nurse gave me some iv to prevent nausea which helped and a vicodin. I didn't throw up which REALLY surprised me since I was expecting it, considering I did after getting my wisdom teeth out. Word of advice: tell your anestegeologist that you tend to get nauseous and he will make sure to do the proper combo on you.

After I got home, I was finally starting to wake up. I forced down some crackers with apple juice.

Bruising is minimal so far. My right eyelid looks like is has some black eyeshadow and there is some dark spots under my eyes but not as bad as I thought it would. Been trying to put ice on my eyes using a glove.

The pain is also minimal so far which makes me not want to take a Vicodin cause I'm tired of this drugged up feeling and want to be a little more level headed.

Worst things so far: sleeping on my back, SUPER dry mouth and my nose feeling stuffy like I wanna blow it.

So today is day 2 after my surgery. UGH I feel SO...

So today is day 2 after my surgery. UGH I feel SO STUFFY! and groggy and sleepy.

I've been forcing food down even though I cant taste it, because I'm hoping the food will help things heal faster.

I keep feeling really gross about the dripping under my nose and feel like changing it all the time.

Sleeping is SUCKING. I fall asleep only an hour at a time and my neck is so sore from the upright position. (I'm used to sleeping on my stomach).

Contemplating on coming in Saturday to take off my cast but my dad feels like I should wait until Monday.

Day 5: I'm not wearing the drip pad anymore...

Day 5:

I'm not wearing the drip pad anymore but my nose is completely clogged with blood and what not. I bought some saline spray but nothing happens when I spray it. I use some q-tips to kinda clean a bit, but i dont want to touch any of the stitches.

I am SO BORED. This entire week seems to be going by so slowly. Yesterday was friday night and I missed a fun girls night, this morning im missing a fun boat day, tonight im missing another girls night, tomorrow a birthday party. And that is all I'm thinking boring it is. I've watched every episode of the 'walking dead', 'girls', 'new girl', seriously just name it. Watched reruns on bravo. Read work emails.

Tonight, my bf wants to come over. Thats nice, but I feel so bad having him here. I'm bored, I'm being boring because I'm bored. We cant really do much, my parents do not want me out since they are scared I will catch some cold or virus so now we cant even go watch a movie. I have no idea what we will do. Plus I look like a hot mess. So i feel bad for him, and rather him go out and have a good time.

My cast removal is scheduled for Monday....Half of today, and then tomorrow to get through. Cant wait to breath and be able to clean my nose..and just be able to be in the outside world!

So I got my cast taken off yesterday and the dr....

So I got my cast taken off yesterday and the dr. warned me that some patients feel dizzy and faint...I was like 'nahhhh not me'. And then I took a glimpse in the mirror of the 'new' me, and when I tried to stand up I got so dizzy, my blood drained from my face and I had to be supported. YUP!

It was beyond shocking seeing the new you. So...I'm REALLY hating my front. It looks like I'm a character from Avatar and I WISH I was exaggerating. My front used to look super thin and defined and now theres a fat big blob. I'm VERY upset and everyone keeps telling me i'm swollen.

Yes, I am swollen. My face looks like a fat person's face. My cheeks are not how they used to be. My smile is awakrd and weird cause my face and upper lip are swollen. BUT, I cant accept the fact that I look SO WEIRD. Normally, people are SO happy with their results immediately..and I thought that would be me. BUT i'm just scared to look at myself from the front. My side doesnt have the bump but the front is SCARY.

I have a check up in 2 weeks...and I read somewhere that 70% of the swelling takes 4 months to get rid of...4 MONTHS?!! OMG.

Biggest fear is that what if 4 months have passed and my nose from the front looks exactly the same?!?

Because right now I'm feeling pretty upset and self conscious I rather NOT post picture.

So one week has passed since the cast removal. The...

So one week has passed since the cast removal. The swelling has gone done a little and I noticed, and once I noticed it made me feel a WHOLE lot better. One week might not sound like any time, but when you got your NOSE fixed, its there, and you are going to stare at it every freaking second. Not to mention when you are used to staring at a different nose from every possible angle for 26 years, its going to be a BIG adjustment. So I looked HORRIBLE after cast removal, and I would wake up and sit there and stare at the mirror and just CRY. CRY. and then look at old pictures of myself, and CRY. And then occupy myself and do somehting and then catch a glimpse in the mirror or a reflection in the window...and CRY. I would go to work, and work all day and then get in the car, and see myself in the mirror...and break down...and you guessed it...cry.

I am convinced that Dr.'s should be required to provide a psychiatrist to all patients free of charge. This is emotionally and psychologically VERY difficult and no one really prepares you for it.

Thankfully, I have work that keeps my mind occupied and forces me away from any mirrors, as well as the support of my mom/sister who were there for me. My bf, who was there for me, and still told me I am pretty...even though I did not believe him. As well as finding wonderful people from this site who were willing to share their own stories and just offer kind words of support. All of that combined, made the first week bearable. And once, I noticed the swelling went down a bit this past monday, it was the first day I did not cry. Which emotionally felt GREAT.

I know I need to be patient, since my nose is very swollen, and results are more obvious at 3-6 months but its hard to be patient!

So its been almost 5 weeks since my surgery. I...

So its been almost 5 weeks since my surgery. I know the swelling is slowly going down...but I'm not being able to get used to my new nose. I see people on here that are so happy...and I just keep looking at myself and trying to find the old me. I hate how I dont look like myself from the front, my nose feels too short, my nostrils are showing. Even my bf said I looked better from the front before but he knows its still swollen....I just miss my old thin nose. There was one thing I wanted to stay the same, and it was my front.

The thing is I have very thin skin so I feel like I can already tell what its going to look like and its not going to change much even when more swelling goes down.

I dont like my 3/4 angles, it looks too weird. Even my profile feels too high.

Clearly I'm not very happy at the moment. I'm really missing my old face and am having regrets for doing this. I should have stayed with my old face, with my old hump. I just feel like now I deserve this sadness because I was too greedy before. People told me I'm pretty and I wasnt secure enough and wanted more. Well, now I got it. And now I cant turn back time.

All I wanted was my hump removed and I feel like my Dr. did too much of his own vision for what he thought is pretty. Especially from the side view. I know I wanted more of a straight, and now I feel its a little scooped and raised. And the front is too raised where my nostrils are sooo visible. Maybe you cant tell in pictures but it is in real life.

AND MOST OF ALL.. miss my smile :(

Thanks for all the sweet words. I'm going to be...

Thanks for all the sweet words. I'm going to be 'patient'...and see how much more swelling really there is.

Hi All. So I'm trying very hard to adjust to my...

Hi All. So I'm trying very hard to adjust to my new face. After all it was not only my hump that was changed. It was my hump, my tip, my nostrils were brought in. Its a WHOLE new nose over here so its VERY different. The swelling is slowly coming hard to be patient! Some days I like my face, some days I dont like my face. Its a process.

Anyways, I notice that there is a certain sausage like quality to the nose, in more than a few different lighting..and was wondering if anyone knows if it ever goes away, or it kinda what all people with rhinoplasty looks like in certain lighting?

Also, I look HORRIBLE in friends pictures and I realized nose is SO SHORT 3/4 quarter view where before it was long and balanced..So its making me quiet upset taking any pictures with friends. Even when I try and tilt my doesnt work.

I had another question about my profile which feels too high...any chance it will continue dropping? I know i'm at 2 months but I have thin skin so I feel like I heal faster than most and the results wont change much from here on out.

Finally, theres a weird bump at the tip that although not visible I can I will have to ask my doctor what it is. Feels like a sharp edge but its not visible at all when I take pictures of it. So either its normal, and its noting to worry about, or its an abnormality...but so long its not visible, so I'm not panicking about it yet.

I'm posting a pic of my front to show swelling...

I'm posting a pic of my front to show swelling progress.. my surgery was 2/25. I posted a pic from 3/15 and from today from the front. Unlike others on here, I didnt look at myself and immediately loved it. Its a work in progress!

4 Months...Not happy with profile

Hey its been a little over 4 months now and I'm still not happy with my nose, specifically with my profile..which I feel is too small for my face and is too upturned and which I hoped at 4 months would drop. I feel as though the result was not what I wanted from this surgery and feel a little regretful that although I picked a good surgeon, he was not the best surgeon for me and what I wanted out of this. It feels as though I'm the only one from his patients who is complaining so it feels a little crappy...I'm wondering how much more my nose can change...and if it will get better. I feel like the change is too drastic from my old nose, and even though I know its stupid to care what other people think, I dont want people to think that I wanted this, wanted such a drastic change. I feel like my nose is too upturned, sharp and slopy...and all I wanted was to remove my hump. "/ I feel like my nose now looks fake, and far from natural, and I feel a bit envious of people who get that straight nose, who even have a slight hump which adds to the natural look....

I also have some irregularities in my tip which I'm hoping to address with my surgeon when I see him. I'll try and put a few pictures of the tip -- there is a sharp edge sticking out that is visible in certain lighting, that looks like a pimple, but unfortunately isnt "/

Please dont tell me my profile looks good -- it might look good for someone who wanted that type of nose, but not for someone who just wanted a straight nose (see the simulation I did)...especially if you saw my before picture you will understand that this is a VERY drastic change and the last thing I wanted was to go from a hump to a small upturned that is why I feel so self conscious...SIGH...what are the chances it will drop some more?


So today is one of those days where I took a pic of my profile and I actually liked it...I think its ONLY because its morning and its swollen. Whats amazing, is that I actually like when my nose is swollen because I feel like it hides any imperfections. I still notice that my nose tip tilts to the right from the front..."/ but I can live with it. Who knows, it could be swelling but I doubt it.

Healing and patience

Hello peeps, been busy with life but wanted to write an update. So its been almost...mmmm 8 months? Had my surgery end of February, 2013. Anyways, heres a few things I wanted to discuss....

I thought I was immune from swelling because I have thin skin and boy was I wrong. My swelling was SO CRAZY that i'm not surprised I cried my eyes out the first few weeks. I looked nothing like my old self and didnt realize how bad of a swelling case I had. My face (i have big cheeks to begin with) was entirely swollen for weeks, I couldnt smile and my old thin nose was gone. So of course I was very very upset. So first thing I would say is that every girl/boy has a different case of swelling and although some people look beautiful right after, I was the exception. I stressed out, I panicked and I made myself depressed and worst of all I was comparing my progress with others. So realize youre on your own journey and your body is different.

For fun I included a pic of my face a few days after cast removal and a more recent one from the front. And a side by side. The difference is crazy but the swelling took a while to subside.

My nose has been going through lots of changes. With the swelling going down, its easier to see 'flaws'. I am doing my best to wait out the full year and a half before making my 'final judgment'.

-The good is that I picked a good Dr. Dr. G is an amazing doctor and all his patients results speak for themselves. But also because every single time I see him, he doesnt waive off my concerns and brushes them off but he sits down with me and addresses them. I told him how I felt my nose was still too high and I dont like the little supratip break I have, and he addressed it saying how most girls would love to have it, and if after I heal I want to drop my tip, its an easy in office procedure. That alone made me feel 1000000x better knowing that he is so supportive.

-I look much better than my old self and I feel WAY more confident. I dont shy away from people staring at my profile...I know I look....pretty from my profile :) something I never thought I could say before. I dont worry about it at all.

-In the morning, I really like my nose case its completely straight due to swelling. When swelling subsides during the day the supratip break becomes obvious and makes me feel like my nose goes up and I have that 'snob' nose that part reallllly bothers me. But I know I need to be patient and hopefully it either goes down on its own at my 1 and 1/2 year mark OR it can be fixed.

OVERALL: I'm happy with my results. I'm glad I picked the Dr. I did. Funny thing is I backed out from another surgery I booked with someone else a WEEK before it was due cause I chickened out and picked Dr. G.... I will continue to be patient knowing that healing is still in progress and theres nothing else I can do but wait. And if I still dont like how high it is or the supratip break, theres a way to fix it.

Thank you everyone for the sweet and nice comments throughout my progress.

Every person has a different taste and like and what they envision for thier face so while I know what I have now might be the 'dream nose' for other people, for other people they might be looking for something else. Me - i always wanted a straight profile so that is why i'm not 100% satisfied as of yet. I understand its minor complaining but like I said, overall I'm happy.
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You have not posted in a while. How are you doing?
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Moms of daughters who get nose job need psychiatrist too. My daughters nose looked just like your original and I thought she was elegant looking but she hated bump. Well I have gone through the horrible emotions you did missing my baby's old nose. She feels it's better than it was but wants to fix some problems and plans to see dr g since she does like noses like he gave you. I like straight noses like you. Thanks for your post! Keep us posted on what you do decide in the future.
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I just loove your new nose!!! For me it looks perfect!!! One of my favorite results of his work. I am considering doing my rhino also with this doctor and I will show him you pictures as what I want to achive :)
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Thank you so much for your story. The experience was explained wonderfully and your insights were so helpful. I too thought I would be immune to the swelling and I'm only two weeks post op and not very happy but your story has made me feel better and more hopeful. Thanks and I'll try to be patient too.
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Wow thank you so much for your story! I got my cast off last week and have a really wide swollen nose even though it's been narrowed by my surgeon. I feel so much comfort in seeing your pictures and how your swelling went down drastically. I feel much better now! Thank you and you look fantastic to me! :)
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You got great results. I think your nose is very beautiful and you shouldn't be harsh on yourself.
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your nose looks great!!!!! love it
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Hey how long was it until you started seeing the supratip break? I think I have one--I feel it but I have only seen a hint of it a few times. I'm dying to know if I'm going to have one. I think it is cute to have one
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I could tell at like 3 months when swelling was substantially down. I think you should be able to tell early on...its like a slight dip between the tip of your nose and the bridge. Personally, I rather have a straight nose, but to each his own!
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I feel a little dip there but I still have a lot of swelling. A few times it looked like I had one but then it swelled up again so I can't tell. My computer imaging had one in the 3/4 view
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Thank you so much for your honesty and for the update. It helps those of us struggling with the same issues to know we are not alone. I do think your nose looks great but as you said it is only what you think that truly matters. The pictures you posted are super helpful. I wish you only the best and hope that as time goes on your nose issues resolve to the point where you love your nose!!
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happy that u feel better now,, i really can't see the things u r saying like its upturned or high or slope ,, i see a natural beautiful nose,, i know every one have taste, but really u look natural, its about us, after the nose job we keep looking to mirror, comparing and thinking about it and this create problems,, it is really somthing great that he tell u he can drop it,, knowing that in worst case u can fix wht u want, help a lot and make the one feel inner peace,although i think that after a year it will be better and u willn't need anything,, wish u the best
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Thank you! :) trust me, I rather wait the full year and a half to heal completely rather than rush under the knife. I agree though we are our own worst enemies. And before this procedure I never noticed anyones nose, not to mention minor imperfections so at the end of the day I learned to be happy and understand that I need to be patient, and the only person criticizing me.
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i actually need to ask u about something,, my face is much like urs minus the nose,, but the mouth, the cheeks and other features r similar,, after my nose job i feel like the 2 line nxt to my mouth became more obvious,and from staring at the mirror a lot i get anther complex regarding this 2 lines.. i know nobody care about them but i wish i can get rid of them and the higher two lines nxt to the nose under my eyes,u know wht am talking about :D! .. the question is do u care about them or it didnt bother u?
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lol well to be honest i'm not sure which lines you're referring to. The ones next to my mouth, i've always had them so I dont feel like any 'lines' on my face changed or became more exaggerated. I doubt yours did either, I think its more to do with us focusing so much on every little thing on our faces that would not bother normal people. I personally wont touch my face to alter anything anymore and let the old aging process take its course :)
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:D :D... u r right,,thanx
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Wow, thank you so much for the honest update about swelling. I am 11 days post op and am going through the exact same thing you seem to have gone through. Worst yet I had a very fat and droopy tip which I wanted trimmed and somewhat elevated. I guess my tip is now taking revenge and bubbling up and swelling to get back at me. :) Morning is my least favorite because of all the swelling. It's crazy. I love how straight things are but the tip looks so gross. Anyway, hearing about your experience gives me hope! Hope things continue to improve!
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you are SO EARLY in your healing process. I thought I was 'unique' in my progress and was expecting immediate results. Honestly, the cold hard truth, its SUCH a slow ass progress in terms of swelling. You have a long way to go so be patient...very very very patient. :)
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Your pictures are perfect, too! They're very helpful and honest. I think your nose looks amazing right now. I know you are still having tip swelling, but it looks beautiful. I think it's going to continue to improve. I expect you 12 and 18 month reviews to be, like, perfect. :D
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Yes we would really love to hear how you are doing now.
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how r u doing now sweetie? wish u love ur nose now and every thing is okai
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Frontal picts would be awesome too!
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How are you doing? Feeling better with your results? An update would be great. Thanks
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Your nose really looks amazing!!!
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