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It can be exciting- the promise of change or nerve...

It can be exciting- the promise of change or nerve racking when you enter into a procedure of one you have already experienced. Revisions are unique because now as the patient you have probably done more research this time around, but with so many doctors out there it’s hard to know who is truly good! This can add to our fear, because now we know just enough to be dangerous! You know what you don’t want, which is as important as knowing what you do! That’s where I was.

I researched a lot of doctors and this time around I wanted an artist. Someone I thought would look to find the balance in my face. No doctor is a miracle worker, but a skilled plastic surgeon can bring out the balance in almost any face. Balance is what makes us the most attractive, in my opinion.

My past Rhinoplasty with another doctor left my face out of balance and I felt unattractive.

Dr. Grigoryants examined my face during my consultation and mirrored my thoughts in speaking with me about what his observations were and of course, he listened to what my desires were.

I am so happy and I am only 21 days out of surgery! The projection, shape and balance with my face are amazing to me- so thankful to have chosen and been in his skilled hands. I love my new nose!!! I look forward to the next several months as my swelling reduces even more.

Pain was minimal, recovery has been pretty smooth. I would recommend this Doctor and his staff to anyone! He really is an artist who understands the face. Many can call themselves a plastic surgeon, but not all have the artistic skill to achieve the best results, believe me- I have been through it and endured those bad results for almost three years! That can really affect your confidence.

If I ever need other procedures, I will return. In the meantime, if you are researching – I can only tell you, I am so glad this is where I chose. Look at his gallery of before and afters, these pictures tell you the story- Best in the biz

Thank you for taking the time to share on RealSelf! I'm looking forward to seeing your photos. They're so helpful for others embarking on a similar journey.

I'm happy for you that you got an outcome you're happy with! It must feel very liberating.

Thank you for sharing your story with us.  Wonderful to hear that you had a successful revision.  Did the doctor harvest cartilage from other parts or your body?  How long from your primary to your revision?  I would love to see photos when and if you're willing to share them.  Best of luck for a fast recovery!
I am willing to share pics, and will post them a little later. I had my primary in June 2009, with a doctor in Orlando, Florida. That doctor had placed an implant in my nose bridge and had been very aggressive in removing my cartilage from the lower portion of my nose. This erased the cupids bow in my lips, created a small hump- yet my nose seem flatter to me - with little projection. Overall look was not good. Dr. Grigoryants consult with me pointed out the issues I already felt, so I knew we were on the same page! He harvested cartilage and material from my ear and side of my head. My bridge feels smooth now, compared to that lump I would feel when I ran my finger over it before. I see subtle changes everyday and even a slight return of my cupids bow in my lips due to the raising of the tip. It was all I could of asked for. It is worth every bit to have a doctor who knows what he is doing! Thank you for the positive comment!

Added pics

You are a stunning woman! Happy to hear that your revision was a success!
Thank you so much, I am 43 and just trying to keep myself together, if at all possible! Really appreciate this forum. It helped me alot prior to getting this done!

Pics before revision and after

Close up profile pics

My nose is about 29 days post op (revision). I know its a little bit upward projected right now, but in time this will come down- probably six months or maybe a full year to really see a noticeable change.
Looks perfect to me...
Nice congrats
Thank you!

Post op 1 month

Hardly ever do un-retouched pics online, but nose is shaping a little different every day. I have been getting these little tingles randomly, they are sudden and pronounced. Not sure if that is nerves in my nose, re-connecting or something? Funny, I'll have to ask the doctor about that. In the morning I tend to have more swelling- nose looks different at different points in the day. Really want to stay away from alcohol, if possible- I am sure that will set me back as far as de-swelling?

1 month post op

your looking great and recovered so quickly, do you have any tips or tricks to speed up the recovery process? BTW, I have my first consult June 15, I'm so excited, I just wish I could get in sooner, looks like he is scheduling procedures end of August now.
I think my recovery was how it was because he didn't have to break any bones. I hear makes recovery a little tougher, but I also believe he must be using some pretty good techniques- because I am reading quite a few reviews that talk about nice recoveries. So be hopeful. I took alot of Vitamin C prior and after and followed all of their directions about things to avoid for weeks before and after- I didn't cheat, even when I wanted to and just kept thinking about the procedure and how I wanted to improve my chances. No alcohol or any of the products they list that thin the blood. He seems to be getting more popular, so I am not surprised that he is scheduling out in August. I am excited for you! Self improvement is amazing and once its done, you will have to pinch yourself sometimes to confirm you actually did it and you are a changed in a positive way! Please keep us updated!
Thanks for sharing!! I have a surgery scheduled with Dr. G. on July 8th! I am soo nervous!!! I love seeing results of his patients, so reassuring, and you look quite amazing :)

Post op appt

Saw Dr. G for my 1 month post op appt. First off, I brought my hubby with me- it was his first time in the office. As we left he was so impressed at the office and staff, he even said he would consider getting something done! If you know my husband, you would know this is not the way he is at all, so he must of been truly impressed, LOL!

Anyway, it wasn't a long appt- Dr. G looked at my nose and felt very good about it's progress. He is looking for the tip to soften a bit more, it is still hard and touching it can be a weird sensation. I have accidently hit it a few times and there is nothing like doing so, that makes you aware of the fact you had a surgical procedure! I have anxiety about hitting it or getting hit in these initial months post op!

I remember after my first rhinoplasty, my young son accidently hit my nose with a toy he was swinging, that was the worst! My eyes watered so bad and then I worried that the hit moved my implant. So, I just try and be careful and be aware to avoid such incidents until healed.

It was great having that reassurance after seeing the Doctor that all is going according to plan. I am not scheduled for another 3 months. I will keep trying to post pictures. Truly see changes on what feels like a daily basis. Feel like my nostrils are becoming less visible and maybe the tip is coming down, little by little.

Last night a bothersome suture finally came out of my nose on its own

Haha- please ignore that last sentence in my last update-

meant to delete it before saving :)
Hi there, I was wondering if you would be willing to share your before pictures. I have a surgery date with Dr. G but am having a few reservations....
The very first picture on the left is one of my before pics. This is a revision surgery, so I had already had a rhino prior to Dr. G.
Henlei, what are some of your reservations? I only think someone should do this if they are 100% behind their decision or it could be a set up for disaster.

Ze rollercoaster!

I’ve definitely had some range of emotions with this procedure. I don’t want to give the impression that this is the easiest and breeziest experience of all time and re-reading some of what I’ve written, I fear having done that.

The reality is that yes, I feel like a whole new me and because “I” am rather happy with the results- I fall on the positive side of how I feel post-op. BUT, don’t be surprised at the rollercoaster of high’s and low’s that can occur even if you “really like” your results! It’s not all rainbows and spring flowers, even if you are happy!

For instance, I find at times, I’ve been really needy of confirmation from others. It’s not enough that I like it, I want others to say it’s good. I begin to doubt my own ability to be objective. So, when several family members and friends say it looks good, but then my spouse says I think it is too high or I’m seeing too much of your nostrils…then that makes me doubt my results.

Everyone is going to have their opinion. Features that some people may really like, others may not find the least bit attractive. This is when you have to try and be happy with you and realize that no procedure is going to be an absolute key to positive self image- if you don’t value your own opinion!
I thank you for your last update and being honest about that side of the recovery! I fear that now because I am already like that with other things! For example a new pair of shoes or clothing...even though I have gotten a lot better about being confident in what I like! :) However then I'm thinking wellll right now I dont like my nose, and my friends have not said NO dont do it, so its not like anyone even really likes my nose the way it is now lol. Does that make sense? hmm I'm kinda thinking "outloud". And if they do like my nose the way it is, like my dad for instance I really dont care that he likes it cause I hate it hahah. It's a confusing thing so I guess the most important thing is to be happy and confident in yourself and maybe not ask people if they like it or not? By the way, I don't think your nose looks too high and your nostrils show too much. I really don't see how else it could look post op from what you had previously. I still think it looks great and I'm happy that you are on the positive side!! xo
I understand what you’re saying, one minute I like something the next I'm not so sure! Okay for shoes and clothes, not so much for our face! I’ve read a lot of reviews on here, good and bad. I guess I just thought that the good meant ALL good, I never thought there might be low moments. I lived with dissatisfaction for a long while over my nose, I thought once I get this done I will be happy and confident. But, it’s not that black and white. Little things will happen that might throw you off during your recovery and it might surprise you if you have relapsed in a way- to feelings you had pre- procedure, you know what I mean? I mean, ultimately I think things will normalize- but I just want to share my experience to help prepare other people going into this. I thank you for your kind words. I think like you said its just important to really be confident and happy about how you feel, it will make getting through those low moments much easier. But, I just want people to expect that they might come, so be prepared!
Definitely, I am grateful that you pointed that out. It's funny cause actually I have moments with my nose now that I'm like okay its not bad I can live with it and I actually like it some days!! But more times then not I really am uncomfortable with it. So I guess it's like the same thing after surgery depending on your attitude about everything? There's days I think my body looks awesome and says where I feel zero confidence. I guess that's with anything on our body/face haha

Swelling stories

Seems like one of the most common issues I read on here and my own personal experience is with the upturned (pig-like) nose - seeing your nostrils when you're not use to it and the swelling that comes immediately after surgery and for several weeks post op. It is easy to freak out when you are the one dealing with this! What I have tried to keep in mind is that the body's natural response to trauma is to send more blood to the affected area, which is going to increase the size and not be the same shape that it would be without the blood occupying the space. You are not going to look the same as you do even a few weeks after! This is the hardest thing, I think to reconcile in your brain- no matter how I tried to be calm about it- I was still a little worried. There needs to be a section on Real Self that speaks only about swelling and best methods people have used to reduce it!

1 month and 14 days post op

Still getting tingles, not as frequently though. Drank some wine over the last week, but may taper all drinking down because it causes too much facial swelling the next day! Getting use to my face....somethings I really like, some things still a little- meh......time will tell! May get some skin work at some point- don't want to overdo it, just refresh myself a little.
You are so pretty. Your nose looks great. What is your ethnicity?
Thank you Foxyboxy! I am AA, but you know most ethnicities in America have some type of mix going on in their ancestory, lol...we are all a mix of some type! But I am African-American.
You look great! I really like it :)

1 month 1/2

When does the whole self photography thing become an issue? lol...I think I better be careful, but one it's embarrasing to have someone else take these picture updates and two, I still can't believe I did it- so I am self documenting- to see the changes from where I began! One thing is I am not photoshopping these pics- and if you know me, you know that is something I never do. Control freak, yes. So, for me this is kinda raw, but I do want others out there to see the real, so they can judge for themselves.

Ok, so time is flying we are at 1 month and a half. I have begun wearing sunglasses and not being as worried about someone hitting my nose. I think the tip is coming down a bit, I believe. So, this makes me happy- I was worrying about the distance between the base of my nose and upper lip. I do notice that most younger looking and what I consider beautiful looking women- seem to have shorter distances. These little nuances are important to know ahead of surgery to telll your doctor, because once it's changed- it's not an easy fix.

I am happy to read numerous reviews on here regarding Dr. G. I feel like I made a great choice.

Anyway, here are some new pics from yesterday. :)
wow you look sooooo pretty! i think you looked absolutely gorgeous before, but after the nose revision, you look even more stunning!! your nose looks so refined, elegant and perfect- wow!
Thank you soooo much!! Really appreciate the comments from people on here- we are all trying to improve ourselves, without judgement! So, really thank you for saying that :)
u look amazing,, i'll ask u for 2 things.. can u plz tell us about ur research process for the dr.. ur thoughts about other drs.. i am in this phase nw and dont know how to choose among them,, the second thing can u post some pre operation pictures ,, also can u tell me if dr G would be good if i asked him 2 break bones or not.. thankssss

Almost 2 months!

I haven’t been on here in a week or so, my bad! So much going on! My kids went overseas, work and just stuff going on!! Anyway, wanted to update you on the progress. So, nose continues to get those random crazy tingles- I welcome them because in my mind they are the swelling reduction signals- at least that’s what I believe! My nose is settling into its shape and those tingles are hopefully just the blood and nerves adjusting to their new home! I will take some picture updates and also find more pre-surgery pics to post, hopefully this weekend.

I have to continue to say, this was by far my best surgery experience that I’ve had. Dr. G seems to become very vested in his patients, at least for the moments he is interfacing with you, you feel like you are the most important person in the world. I never got the feeling that he was on his own agenda. He is major smart and for some reason I feel like this is more than just what he does for a living- I hope people understand what I’m saying, trusting your face to someone is a BIG deal. That is why real experiences on this board are so important to read about.

If you can save yourself from a revision, please do it. Research, research and then research some more! Revisions are way more expensive and you generally have less options because now the Dr. is limited to the tissue he has left to work with. I was so depressed after my initial surgery and was left to those feelings for a few years- t’was a nightmare!

There are still a list of things I’d like to do, now, working on skin-chemical peels because what’s the use in getting one procedure if other aspects of your face aren’t up to par? I’ve been plagued by bad skin my whole life and it torments me that I passed it down to my gorgeous younger son. As soon as he comes back from overseas we might venture back to Dr. G’s office for a skin consult.

So, new pics this weekend. Have a Happy 4th!!
@nicandshe. I live in Atlanta an I'm considering a rhinoplasty with Dr. G. In my research, the photos I've seen are pretty amazing; including yours. I am wondering about work and your healing time. Did you experience a lot of bruising/swelling? How long was it before you went back to work? I won't be able to get back to Dr. G immediately so I'm concerned about how I'll look after...say...a two week hiatus/recovery. Did you go back to work bruised/taped? Last note for you. You look great. Don't doubt your decision. I know its hard to not be critical of yourself (since were our own worst critics) but if you need to hear from someone who doesn't know you that you made a good decision, then you made a good decision. I think your nose will get better as time goes on so dont stress or I'll chicken out and I really wanna do this so hang in there. (Smile) Thanks in advance for your reply.
Pam!!!! So, first off THANK YOU for the positive comments. I think, second guessing yourself is part of this whole experience. Having gone through this twice now, at least I do know Dr. G is superior in his skill and process. He is really in to what he does. That is a huge part of the battle. I don't care what you do, if you are into it- then the odds are you are going to be good at it. I scheduled mine for April 29 and took two weeks off beyond that date. Four days later, my follow up appt came. I went back to work and if I hadn't told anyone myself- they might not have ever known. Because no bones were broken, my recovery was fast. There really was little pain, it was more the unpleasant-ness of not being able to blow your nose, having a few little stitches in there and the side of my head had tenderness....My bruising was minimal. Now, swelling takes a bit. I am still not sure where I am as far as what my nose will look like or if it's done reducing/dropping?
Thanks Nicandshe, I literally just got off of a Skype call with another surgeon; Dr. Anil Shah of Chicago. He showed me what he'd do based on what I said I wanted, but our meeting seemed rushed to me. I will say that Ive been waiting for more than a month to discuss my nose and I got about fifteen minutes with him. Needless to say, I really want to feel like I'm a priority to someone Id trust to work on my face. #justsaying. Looks like I've got more thinking to do. Thanks so much for your time. I'll be looking out for you to see how things are progressing believing with you and so many others that your nose will turn out just the way you want it. I have a feeling, you're well on your way. I will likely take a visit to your great state in a few with my fingers and toes crossed. Pam! Thanks again!

2 months and two days!

So swelling is still present, some days it looks fuller than others....I'm thinking about re-taping at night, starting this weekend. It probably a little like training your nose. Another weird thing is most people who even know me- don't seem to realize I had anything done! In my brain, I feel like it should be apparent, but no one calls it out.

Happy 4th, looking fwd to some updates from people on here. Hope everyone's surgeries go well!
wow you look great! love your nose!
Thank you so much! I'm going to post an update and respond to my Real Self Friends! This is such a supportive community! :)
wow you look great!

Haven't updated in awhile...Quick one!

So, it's been about 4 months and noticed today that my nose has dropped a bit more. Very subtle, but definitely a bit lower. The process is a rollercoaster- I hope people go in with their eyes open about the recovery not being predictable. Some days your nose will be what you wanted and others you might feel it looks a little odd. I was worried about my nostrils- felt they were too apparent...but, starting to feel like they fit my face a little more. I trust Dr. G...he saw my nose before the real swelling took place. Patience is the name of this game. I think I went in thinking that one day I would be before and the next day I would the after and none of that swelling stuff inbetween!
Hi, did you have an open or closed rhinoplasty?
I wanted to consult with him but was told he didn't do revisions? Did he use any grafting material and if so what?
When I called his office I was told he does revision. Was also told consult fee 4 revision is different.

8 months- Checking in!

So, I feel kind of guilty because I haven't been on here in a little while. It's been about 8 months since my surgery and my face continues to change! I think my nose tip has dropped while I wasn't really paying attention to it. In the initial time frame post -op, my awareness was very high on a day to day basis, looking for signs of changes. Those odd tingles have really subsided and some of the stiffness that I felt between my nose tip and upper lip has also softened! I think most of the stories I read on here are from people upset about the pig like projection of the tip- but the nose changes as it heals and what it looks like a few months after, is not what it will look like a few months after that! It gets better, don't get discouraged! I will post pics later when I get home. Happy for all the people who have made decisions to do what they want to feel better about themselves. We are all works in progress! One thing, I found that might be kinda weird and I'm not sure if others have experienced it....but, the whole process of the anticipation of the surgery, having the procedure done and the recovery - is kind of like a high. I know, people are gonna judge this...but, I can understand why or how some people get addicted to the whole surgery thing. You feel like that next procedure is going to make you amazing. In the meantime, I've had a few filler injections done to my cheeks. I don't want to get out of control and will often go to those bad plastic surgery sites to remind myself that this is what happens when you take it too far. I don't want that to happen- hope I can do just enough to look refreshed, but still like me! Anyway, don't let me forget to upload pics so you can see what the 8 month version of my nose looks like! Take care!

Updated pics 7/8 months post op!

All new pics-
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Haha not quite! Is that what you're looking for? You should try match.com, not a plastic surgery site, lol!
Thats not very nice. If you dont have anything nice to say then you shouldnt say anything at all!!

ahhhh! Been so long, so sorry!

It's been a year! Was kinda hurt because I haven't heard from Dr.G in all this time, but he has become so popular, I can't expect he could keep major track of his past patients like that. Anyway, my nose is still evolving. I think it looks different today than it did a year ago. Actually, it is still a few weeks short of a year I think, but close enough. I might take this review down, because I want to help people but I haven't been responsible enough to keep up with those that have reached out. Let me see, no more tingles...still a little hard in comparison to pre-surgery...but nothing to crazy. I feel happy about it, which I didn't feel with the first surgery. Oh yeah, I've acquired a few piercings too. I just can't stop doing stuff, lol! Love you guys.
Your results are great and you are absolutely beautiful!! Will see Dr. G. for revision rhinoplasty consult in 3 weeks. Thanks for sharing your story.
while you're active, have you ever thought about your nose? I have always been curious if anyone has done that or thought about doing that after rhinoplasty.
Ummm, yes if you mean does it ever become a thought when I'm jumping or doing something active? In the beginning, yes I could actually feel it when I did something active. But, as time goes on...it is less of an issue. I guess your face needs to settle back into place.
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

He is skilled, more of an artist who understand facial balance! It's not about having the skinniest nose or cookie cutter feature. It's about having features in proportion on your face and body! Everything was more than I could have expected!.

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