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Closed Rhinoplasy with Dr. Grigoryants in Glendale

To say that I am happy I finally went through with...

To say that I am happy I finally went through with this procedure is an understatement. I feel very blessed that I waited until I found the doctor I ended up choosing. There was something about Dr. Grigoryants that made me feel I could trust him with my face within moments of meeting him. The fact that his website has TONS of before and after photos helped me realize it was worth making the trip to see him. After meeting him and realizing how often he does this procedure, I knew I couldn't be in better hands. It was also apparent to me how confident he is with performing rhinoplasty, which put me at ease. (Confident, not arrogant, unlike other doctors I met with)

I still can't believe that my rhinoplasty was completely painless. Maybe if I had done it several years ago when open rhinoplasty was much more common, I wouldn't be able to say that. Again, I feel blessed I found the doctor I did and I think the timing of the surgery was perfect for me.

After talking with several other people who had already undergone the procedure, (by different doctors, not Dr. G) I came across a few who described their rhinoplasty as painful and unpleasant. After learning about their doctor's techniques and technology, it is no wonder those people were in pain! Some of them had doctors who only perform open rhinoplasty, which to me is a big indicator that those doctors need to get with the times. Closed rhinoplasty is easier to recover from for the patient and leaves no visible scars. These people also had doctors who used a lot of packing, which they said was the most uncomfortable part. Dr. G does not use packing, but rather, a tiny, plastic internal splint that I could hardly feel. When your nose is already swollen internally from surgery, who wants packing?! Also, in 2013, I don't think any surgeon should be using stitches that have to be manually removed. Dr. G uses dissolvable stitches. My point is, I feel that going to him gave me as pleasant a rhinoplasty experience as possible, due not only to his skills, but also to the factors I mentioned above.

I played it cool as much as I possibly could during my cast removal, but there were a couple happy tears later that day. After a lifetime of hating my profile, I can not tell you how great it feels to look in the mirror and see a cute profile. Also, after a lifetime of hating my bulbous, long nose and the way it looked from the front, I now have a more defined, shorter, thinner nose. Despite these changes, I still look like ME. People who I did not tell that I was having rhinoplasty haven't been able to pinpoint what I've had done, which to me, is a great indicator of wonderful, natural looking surgery. They say things like "you look extra pretty lately, I really like your hair dark". I darkened my hair before surgery, hoping to throw people off about what I've had done ;) So far, it seems to have worked like a charm. People who know me best, such as family and close friends, can of course see the changes that were made, but they say things like "I already forgot what your old nose looks like". Success!

The crazy thing is, when I look at my own before and after photos, I see such a big/nice change, I think "ok, someone is going to ask me tomorrow if I've had a nose job!" Yet, because it fits my face so well and looks natural, I just keep getting complements on looking "great". One friend, who I have not told, told me last week "I swear you get prettier everytime I see you". This is exactly the outcome I had hoped for! I personally do not want people to notice the second they see me that I've had my nose done. They notice a nice change in me, and that is exactly what I had been wanting. I see the beautiful improvement in my nose every time I look at it, and that is what matters. The world just sees a happier, more attractive me.

Thank you Dr. G!
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Wowow so happy I found your post! I am 4 days post op with Dr.G and starting to feel nervous about how I'll look after the cast is taken off! I loved reading about your elevated confidence & happiness with going through with the surgery! Fingers crossed I feel the same way! I am wondering how much creative freedom you gave him? Or were you very specific with your wants & want nots? Also, like you the pain post op has been basically non-existent! So wonderful. I'm elated to hear about your result!
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I'm really happy that your surgery and overall experience went well!(:
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Wow just stumbled across this site on google as I was googling nose ice packs. I have just my 5th open tip rhinoplasty last Monday and the swelling in the face has almost gone but the tip of the nose which had a lot of scare tissue and cartlidge removed is very swollen and sore. Badly fracture nose as a child and then complications with the first two ops have made things tougher. A couple of broken noses since playing sport has seen me on the operating table far more than I had hoped when operation 1 happen in late 2000. As much as I disliked the former shape of my nose and hope the new shape comes up the way I want it this is the last time. Even surgeons are now reluctant to touch me and I have just paid a premium price but did use one of the most highly regarded surgeons in my city. It's now a waiting game for the next month and see how much the swelling reduces to see the end product. Lots of massaging to happen as well to try and keep the blood moving and the cartlidge as soft as possible which pre op has become a rock. Good luck to all having a rhinoplasty, I cannot say it has ever been painless but I was not a normal case i had a severely bent nose due a major compound fracture as a kid and bump on my childhood nose was as my first surgeon called the Duke of Wellington hook.
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I love reading about success stories like yours! Thanks for sharing on RealSelf.

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can you post pics? I have my surgery scheduled in Nov.
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Do you use instagram? I have an account on there for my rhinoplasty process/results. My username is "diaryofanosejob1". I will upload pics on this site asap though.
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Congrats. I am happy your surgery was a success. Would be nice yo see your transformation.
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I am currently uploading pics...
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