Contemplating rhinoplasty for my dorsal hump

Hi guys! I'm fairly new to this site but it's been...

Hi guys! I'm fairly new to this site but it's been so helpful so far! I thought I'd share my story so far with you all. I'm a 22 year old from Brisbane and I've been thinking about having rhinoplasty for the past three years or so. I'm happy with the way my nose looks front on (although not always happy with how it photographs!) but I do have a mild dorsal hump on the side and I feel like it gives me an ugly profile :( The major thing that's been holding me back from definitely pursuing rhinoplasty is that I do feel like I have a pretty face from front-on and I don't want to potentially mess that up to improve my profile. Facial surgery is a big deal! The other major consideration is the cost - this surgery isn't cheap, especially in Australia.

That being said, from front-on my nose sometimes does photograph weirdly. I have a very narrow bridge and you can see where the hump is at certain angles. This can look a bit harsh in photos with strong lighting, and this is another argument for me to have rhinoplasty done.

While researching rhino, I have absolutely fallen in love with the noses done by Dr Grigoryants in the US (both from photos on his website and from girls on here). I was wondering what your opinions were on getting rhino overseas. The cost (especially if things go wrong) and the long haul-flight are my major concerns. If anybody could let me know roughly how much their rhino with Dr Grigoryants cost, or what their experience was like as an overseas patient, that would be amazing!

The other doctor I was potentially considering is Dr Shahidi in Sydney, so if anybody could let me know how much their rhino with him cost/what their experience was like, that would be so appreciated. I'm uploading a ton of photos too so you can see what I'm talking about when I describe my nose!



Hey I'm from Brisbane too - I just sent you a PM :)
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You're a pretty girl. good luck in your journey.
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Consultation booked

Almost as soon as I wrote that initial post, I realized how overwhelming travelling to another country for surgery would be. So, I've ruled out going overseas for rhino. I've actually now booked a consultation with a doctor here in Brisbane for next Thursday, and I'm feeling really nervous about it but also excited. Will update on how it goes :)


I'm traveling to Lebanon from Dubai for my rhinoplasty which is a 4-hour flight. However, the cost of rhinoplasties in the US and Lebanon is not really comparable. If you can find a good surgeon in OZ, then go for it. I also personally don't think that you need a drastic change and filing down the hump is not something that difficult to accomplish by a decent surgeon. On another note, your nose is similar to my mom's. :) Her nose has also got a very narrow bridge and a slight hump in the profile view. My opinion is that if your nose is bothering you to the point that you keep thinking about it often and scrutinising all your photos then go for it!
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Hi TaraMay, thanks so much for the input! I can imagine that a 4-hour flight for rhinoplasty is probably much more realistic than the 12+ hour flight from Australia to the US :) I don't think I need a drastic change either, which is what's put me off doing this for so long - I'm worried that my nose will get messed up and look worse than before. But just like you said, it has been something that's bothered me for ages so I'm definitely leaning more towards doing it now than leaving my nose as it is. And I'm glad to know other people in the world have noses like me haha! Thanks again for the comment and I hope everything goes smoothly for your surgery! xx
I'm from aus too and every time I see a grigoryants nose I fall in love haha! But I would feel too overwhelmed travelling overseas to get any work done as well. Good luck with your first consultation next week, I also have my first consultation late next week :) Looking forward to following your journey!
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More photos

Just added some more photos with some different views of my nose


Oh also, I had an ex boyfriend see me and say "wow... I don't remember you being so cute". They didn't know I had nose surgery. But it will improve your looks over all :) you won't be exchanging good angles for bad angles :)
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Thanks so much for the input! I am actually not 100% happy with how my nose looks from the front at the moment, it's just scary to think of changing my face! But I've decided that I definitely want to get this done. I'd be so happy if my results turned out as good as yours :) xxx
Let me tell you, nose surgery won't hurt how pretty your face is... It will only make you prettier! I've had people ask me how I changed my makeup- and say it looks beautiful (I haven't changed my make up at all hahah they just didnt think it was my nose) and I get more compliments on my bone structure and eyes. I used to like my nose front on, but now I look at old pics and am so much happier now! It has only improved everything. I know that it's really scary... But it was honestly the best decision of my life. We both are similar in age and looks and I say do it! If you have the means to afford it then I promise you won't regret it :) as far as over seas- it would be over whelming. But if you're going to a good surgeon than I don't think you will have any problems or complications. But it would be nice to have a doctor that you could have check ups with. Like my doctor gave me steroid shots for my swelling at one of my check ups. Sorry if I'm being confusing I suck at writing
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Had my first consultation

I had my first consult on Thursday and it went really well! The doctor was really nice and knowledgeable, and everything that he pointed out on my nose were things that have bothered me as well, so it's great to know that we're on the same page. His office will be sending me through a quote in the next couple of days so fingers crossed that it's not outrageously expensive. I've decided that this is something that I reaaallyy want to do now.

He suggested that he repair some collapsed cartilage on my left side, raise the tip slightly, remove the hump and create more obvious definition between the columnella and the skin below my nose. I'm uploading a photo of the type of nose that we discussed me getting in my consult. It was just made on an online app so it's pretty rough, but if my nose turned out vaguely similar to this I'd be happy!


So glad your first consultation went well!!!!!
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Thanks lovely! Me too :) :) :)

Photo from my consult

This is the profile photo that the doctor gave me to take home after my consult. You can really see how visible my nostrils are in profile, and how masculine the hump makes my nose appear. Yikes :(

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Got my quote!

So I received my quote today. It'll cost me around $10 000, assuming that my insurance covers hospital admission and that I get a small rebate as outlined on the quote. This is definitely doable so I've booked a second consultation for the 19th of August :) Exciting times!

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Playing around with apps


Is that $10k for everything? Surgeon's fees, hospital & anesthetist? Mine is around $7.5k and have been saving for months now! Do you know when surgery is? I was thinking to go interstate for consultations but found it much easier being in the same state! and less $$ :)
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Hi! I just found out that my insurance won't cover anything so it's probably going to cost more like $12 - 13k all up for me :( Not sure if I can afford it anymore which is really disappointing! $7.5k is such a good price for Australia!
Mine was around 14k but came back to around 10k with the gov rebates only. So I'd look into what the rebates are, they are usually pretty good.
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