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After years of waiting, I finally decided to break...

After years of waiting, I finally decided to break down and get this nose taken care of. I just put a deposit down to schedule my surgery date which is for May 9th, 2012! I can't believe this is really going to happen! I've done all of my research (for years now), and have recently become a fan of this site! I decided it would be a great benefit both to me and others out there to document my experience. It has ben so helpful reading others stories and has helped ease my nerves. Any feedback, helpful tips or encouraging words will always be welcome and appreciated. I'm excited and scared all at once. Pictures to come!


I'm so glad you found us and are sharing your story! Thank you! This is an exciting leap. I haven't regretted my rhinoplasty for one single day. Just make sure your surgeon specializes in rhinoplasty as it's a really intricate procedure.

Keep us posted! Looking forward to seeing your photos.

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You guys... My surgery date is getting closer and...

You guys... My surgery date is getting closer and I'm starting to get really nervous. What if I don't wake up? What if I don't like it? Will I be in a lot of pain when I wake up? Can I do this? Omgosh! Well... any encouraging words would be awesome! I don't want to chicken out, and considering I've already put $1000 down, I know I won't. Just the anticipation leading up is sometimes overwhelming. I'm also super excited!


Don't chicken out! Mine is in May too so if you chicken out I will be really nervous =)
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You're so pretty! Can't wait to see your results. I'm sure they'll be great :)
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Hay hun, i had my surgery two days ago and like you i was scared of being put a sleep and what it will turn out like, well i can say when you ae put a sleep it feels like a secound one minite you are laying there they put the injection in then the next minite you are awake and its over so thats a breeze, after surgery the first night is uncomfortable as the swelling is coming out but the next day i felt ok to travel home (i had it done in antwerp) so had to get 3 diffrent trains! now im just excited to see what it looks like so please dont be scared you will be fine x
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