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I had this procedure done to my jowls and under my...

I had this procedure done to my jowls and under my chin. I really had no expectations of this working but Groupon had a deal for $99 for one area. Well it turns out the doctor considers each nostril a separate area and I was up-sold when I got to the office, but that's a whole different story. I am 45 yrs, and I am beginning to see a laxity under my chin and around my mouth or jowls. The procedure was done by an assistant, not the doctor. It was comfortable and enjoyable to me. The heat never got too much for me. It felt like a facial massage that lasted apps 30 minutes. She gave me mirror halfway through to show me the immediate improvement when comparing each side of my face but meh, I couldn't really see anything. I went back 2 weeks later for another treatment and that's when I started to notice an improvement. After my third treatment and for about 3-4 months afterward, I saw a marked tightening of the skin under my chin. When I used a hand mirror and looked at my profile, my skin was completely taut under my chin. Truly it was. Then about 4 months later I'm back to where I started. Yes it's worth it if you have money to blow like that. Factoring in the fillers and Botox i get twice a year, it's a bit pricey for me to have to repeat this 3-4 times a year.


Thanks for posting your story! Do you plan to post any pics? I'm getting a little loose in the chin too so I'd love to see how your treatments turned out.
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I was asked to provide pictures. Not really thrilled with the idea of my face plastered here, but what the hell.


Well you look awesome! Thanks for sharing your pics :) Helps me in my decision making
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Hi. You said you had 3 sessions. Have the results lasted? I had one session a month ago and loved it but my jowls/ neck fat have returned after a month. I'm wondering if I go for consecutive sessions, the results will be longer lasting.
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I definitely think that 3 consecutive sessions provided a more drastic result, but I cannot say if it will last longer or not. I have something else to share, and maybe I should add this to my review. I do not have any proof or concrete knowledge of this, but I have a gut feeling that the Venus treatments actually left my jowls with MORE laxity, after the initial tightening faded. I believe that the treatment in some way weakened the matrix of my tissues. I will not purchase any further treatments of this particular type for this reason. I do not want to inadvertently hasten the aging process!!
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