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Well I was seeking help because I was born with...

Well I was seeking help because I was born with ptosis in my left eye. So I was referred to a p.s and eye specialist by the name of steven laquise in fortmyer far the skin is still hanging and my eye seems smaller then before the surgery I don't know wat to do its horrible and very noticeable..I'm so depressed everyday..I had it done on dec4 2012 and still it has got worst..

It takes at least 6 months for things to settle. Don't be depressed yet! Bartlett is right; if your eye seems smaller it may be in part due to swelling in the lid.
Swelling (edema) takes a year and a half to disappear.
After 8 weeks the eyes "open" up considerably due to receding swelling, however, the eyes are so delicate that it can take up to 2 years to be considered fully healed. As time passes, the changes are considerable.

Well realself far the color has changed to...

Well realself far the color has changed to normal but I've been told that I hike my brow up so it makes it hard for it not to seem lazy so it was suggested to get botox to relax the brow for a while...any other doctors who agree... and will that make my eye any smaller???
Well looking at videos and doing research I found people who eyes were worse and they were finish two months three months nows I have loose eyelid skin and my eye appears smaller and my shape has changed and also if thts the case why p.s say after three months you have to pay for the surgery over if it a long process???
good question.
It doesn't seem fair to have to repay for the surgery after only three months. Especially since I don't think most plastic surgeons will consider a revision until at least six months after surgery. I had my revision a little over 5 months after the initial surgery and I didn't have to pay for a thing. My PS said any revisions/touch ups would be free for the first year.

Well still no improvement of strven laquise of...

Well still no improvement of strven laquise of fortmyers he has told me so many lies about the ptosis procedure he told me my eye would be healed last month this time it looks the same as two weeks after my surgery and instead of him trying to fix it he says oh you are done it will heal...put he has cut to much skin of my lid and it still is smaller just so fed up with this guy.DO NOT GO TO STEVEN LAQUISE for ptosis thr people eho inboxed me drop your numbers there im going to morgan and morgan with my photos

Well its been three and a half months since the...

Well its been three and a half months since the surgery still no diffrence was wonderng should I get a second surgery too see if it gets fixed I was told that my eyeball is sunken inside my head more then the right eye whick makes me look tired, I alsoo been told that my ptosis won't get correct because of the eyeball can that be fixed if so any doctors or suggestions???

Was lied to and sold a bunch of dreams and also...

Was lied to and sold a bunch of dreams and also looked forward to a better look and was dissapointed.i wish that doctors would be more up front and say look it wont look this way instead of boosting your exspectations but i am always searching to find that doctor who can get rid of this tosis so a lesson well learned..i will do my
research but wont stop looking
Naples Oculoplastic Surgeon

His staff is nice he is cool his office is very nice always on time with callsand appointments.I was referred by steven prendeville because I went to him for consultation and he didn't handle congenital ptosis.

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