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After about 15 years of considering rhinoplasty, I...

After about 15 years of considering rhinoplasty, I have finally decided to do it. I am scheduled for surgery exactly one month from day on March 14th! My nose has always bothered me, due to the large size, bulbous tip and bump that I have (I'll have to post some pictures later). I know this will give me the confidence I've been lacking and I can't wait to take a profile picture that doesn't make me cringe! :)

I am nervous about being under, although I've had a few minor surgeries before. I think now that I'm a mom, I have a fear of not waking up. I know deep down that everything will be fine but I'm a natural worrier. I have two little boys 6 and 15 months, so the recovery is a concern but I will have my husband and my mom, who is a nurse, here to help.

If you have any advice or if you're just going through the same pre-op jitters, I'd love to connect! ;)
I'm so happy for you! Not having to think about how much you hate your nose all the time can be so liberating. Here's a list of supplies for recovery that many people find handy.
Every thing will be fine. Lucky your mom is there and your husband. You shouldn't worry at all. Being nervous is normal. I have my revision rhino 10 days after yours. I still can't believe I will have surgery.

Some pics

I really dislike my profile!
following :)
Urbanamy, how are you doing over there? I know we are on the same schedule. I had my cast removed yesterday...oh my god, did it hurt like hell. Them he had to massage it and I got light headed. I had no idea about the hard pressure massaging movements.....ugh it's like never ending.
Hey, I got mine off and stitches out yesterday, sorry you are in pain. Did u hv your nasal bone broken? Was yours opened or closed? I had closed, no bones broken, septo rhinoplasty, and nostrils made smaller, so had stitches on the inside and outside. I am a little sore and stuffy, but he cleaned nose out also so that made me breathe better. A lot of junk was stuck around stitches. My nostrils are a little assymestrical also, but I know it's swollen. Was so self conscious last night when going to target, it's like we do this to hv smaller noses and we aren't going to see that for a while bc of being swollen. I took arnica and ate and drank pineapple juice, so I'm not too bad, I feel like my my tip is huge tho. Here's to recovery!

Tomorrow is the Day

Tomorrow is the big day. I'm sure the second guessing and anxious feelings are normal, but I have to admit I'm awfully nervous. Between the anesthesia & mind is busy. I'm a control-freak by nature, so it's tough to just trust and relax.
keep us post it :) everything will be ok :)
Thank you!!!
I will be praying for you.

Out of surgery

Surprisingly I feel great! Congestion is the biggest complaint at the moment. anesthesia was a breeze. Tomorrow or later I may not feel so great but 3 hrs out I'm pleasantly surprised. I'll keep you all posted. Thanks for the support!
Yay your done! Glad everything went good
Great! Hang in there.
Nice :)

Post op-Day 1 night

I had some heavy bleeding from left nostril but I have no packing so doctor said ice and sit up. Seems a bit better. Throat is the most annoying thing at the moment. Combo of mouth breathing & breathing tube, I suppose.
Yes, ice, Ice! I did for twenty minutes every hour for two days, never got bruises. Also took took arnica and drank pineapple juice and ate it.

Day 2-morning

Took the drip pad off this morning & that felt good. One nostril is completely clogged & I can breathe a bit through the other. My very sore throat is the only complaint right now.
Wishing you a speedy and happy healing.
I have black eyes! Happened almost immediately. Icing & too arnica today. Eating pineapple, like you suggested, at this moment.
Thank you!

Day 3

Pain, more like heavy pressure from swelling, is the worst today. Still not horrible but I'm tired & haven't been able to sleep well the past two nights & can't get a nap in. That's the worst...being so tired you can't sleep! Thinking Tylenol pm may be a good idea for tonight. :)

Feeling Good

I don't get my cast off until Monday but recovery is going well. Hardest part is relaxing. I'm always on "mom-mode" so trying to sits down and relax it's tough.

I have an earache & sore throat-I think the throat breathing tube & the ear is allergy related. If those two things would get better, I'd be all set!

I'm excited to see the results but keep reminding myself that there will be swelling.
Glad to hear you are doing good. There really isn't too much relaxing involved in recovery with little ones around :/ is it better than you imagined though?
Much better! I'm glad I worried & expected the worst because now I'm pleasantly surprised :) the only thing I feel today is very light pressure...I assume it's the bones settling/healing. I think, even with the swelling, that I'll be happier with this nose..5 more days until the big reveal :)

Cast is off

I got my cast off yesterday. My nose is still swollen and numb, which feels weird. The doctor cleaned off most of the glue in the office but I can still feel some of that today. I'm still a bit nervous to put makeup on so I've avoided that.

I love my nose even with the swelling! I'm only disappointed I waited so long to get this done! :)
So glad you are happy! I remember that weird feeling, like you nose not being attached to your face, I think it only lasted about a week for me. The tip will stay numb for a while
So glad you are happy! It will only get better from here :)
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Dr. Mazza is an artist! His calm demeanor is reassuring, and he does a great job of setting expectations and addressing questions. I could not be happier with my results! He is wonderful and I'm so thankful that I chose him for my procedure. I also appreciate his promptness when I go for my office visits. It's nice to have a doctor respect my time!

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