Down Time After Tickle Lipo? - Fort Mill, SC

Hello, I had 500 ccs removed w/ SmartLipo...


I had 500 ccs removed w/ SmartLipo last yr: upper/lower abs, flanks, banana roll, inner thighs. I can see a huge difference but still need more off of my "pouch". Decided on Tickle Lipo this time, Do not want to be put out again under general. My smart lipo recovery was BRUTAL. I have a high pain tolerance, but it was the worst pain. I am having the Tickle done on a Friday, and need to be back to work the following Wednesday night. Am I going to be ok? I know that in that amount of time after the SmartLipo, there is no WAY I could've made it. Also, how bad will the swelling be comparatively by that Wed? (I blew WAY up right after SmartLipo).

Please advise!


I don't know about tickle lipo, but I had regular lipo last fri & would be ok today at a desk job. If it is strenuous job then you may need a week. From the name of it, it should be easier though. I think laser lipo w/o anesthesia is usually less painful. My first 4 days were brutal, then I took a huge turn for the better. You will be swollen no matter what kind you have! Good luck & keep posted!
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