Rhinoplasty/Septoplasty" Choosing the Right Doctor"

HI well I've been doing research for months and I...

HI well I've been doing research for months and I still can't make my decision I have email couple of offices I have come to my list
Roy David in San diego
Dr Dr. Robert A. Hardesty in Riverside
Dr. smili in Upland
Dr. Michael elam In orange county
I currently live in Fontana
I would like to know if anyone has an experince with any of them and how did it go.. Do they charge for consultation and do they have done rhinoplasty with my kind of nose... and how much do they charge???

Any information I would really appreciate it . or pics thanks

I posted a pics of my profile and how I look with my Nose. My nose has bother me for yrs and I need a dr that is gonna be able to work on my kind of nose..

I think if I do my nose my face is gonna look much prettier !!


I dont want to be repetitive of the two comments below, however I just had my surgery with Dr Grigoryants and I am 7 days post op. There's a lot of girls on here that also went to him if you want to look at their reviews, just type his name in on the search bar above. I am already happy with what he did to my nose although was quite shocked looking at myself very swollen haha. I also have heard good things about Dr Elam as well. I would just keep researching and go with whos work you like the best and who is highly qualified and recommended. Good luck!
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Dr. Grygoryants hands down. If you look further youre waisting your time. Dont make my mistake and go to two doc. I waisted money on my first rhinoplasty. Dr. Grygoryants had to fix it.
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Go to dr.grigoryants in Glendale! He is known for his amazing nose jobs! I went to him as well, infact my surgery was today. I really recommend him.
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I had the consultations I needed ..

well I met with Dr. Hardesty and Dr. Elam this two are that I loved.. they both have about the same experience around 30 yrs and they both seem super good .. I'm really confuse and I don't know who to pick but the only difference is the price one is about 1500 dollars more than the other but besides that they both are great I guess I will make my decision this friday when my husband comes home.. I hope I make the best decision..


Hey! So I've seen three doctors so far and I'm yet to find the one who I feel is the best and I'm comfortable with! I didn't know it would be SO difficult finding the right P.s. But I'd much rather keep searching over having a messed up nose! Shop around! My next appt is in cpl wks, I have a feeling this dr may be it! Good luck
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I have surgery schedule for August 6 with Dr. Elam

A bit nervous but patiently waiting.. I decided to do my Surgery with dr. Elam

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first day of surgery

Dr elam was so sweet and told me my nose was gonna be a challange and told me that I was in good hands

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Before Surgery


I wish u a fast recovery. Looking foward to seeing ur new nose.
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friday august 9

I will be going in again for a follow up and on tuesday I will have my cast taken off


Thanks and I can't wait

ME before surgery

I don't think I'm an ugly person but my nose has always been too big for my face. I have posted some pictures of me before surgery and I can't wait for me to recover and post my new nose pictures


I can't wait to see your results! You are going to look beautiful!
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thanks sweetie I can;t wait
why did he say your nose was challenging?
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cast is off

well today dr. elam removed my cast and I knew my nose still look big and swollen so when I saw myself in the mirror I was ready for it... my nose is super swollen and big right now but like dr. elam said is still needs to heal I know patience is a virtue so I trust and hope that my nose gets smaller my front view I tototally see the nose smaller but the profile view is still looks big... cant wait to see my results... is only been a week so I know is too soon to see results.


How is it going?
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how r u?
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I will post pictures once is I feel is not as swollen..
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6 Months After

Hi ladies here is a little update well is been six months since my surgery and Yes My nose does look thinner but from the side view Is still big :( sometimes I feel like my dream of having a beautiful nose is never gonna come true. I plan to call Dr. Elam office when the 12 months gets closer so he could look at my results I haven't heard or been to his office after I took out my cast.


Hi- thanks for sharing your story. Do you have new pics? How do you feel now about your surgery?
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Do you mind posting some after photos please? I would love to see how it turned out. Thank you!
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Orange County Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Elam in Newport beach was so sweet and seems to enjoy doing nose jobs. I put all my trust in him do to the fact that he has lots of experience. From the first day I went to my consultation I felt like I could trust him. He showed me before and after photos and also did a digital image in the computer and printed it out to show me how my nose will look after surgery. I had a bad experience in the past so I needed to find a good doctor and after doing so Much research I decided to go to someone that had good experience reviews and good work ethic and I know I made the right decision by going to Dr. Elam today is my second post op day but I hope that I get the results I want and I believe Dr. elam did his best and I can't wait to see my results. This has always been my dream since I was little and I hope my results are what I expected . This is totally gonna change myself as a person and my self esteem. Thanks Dr. elam and Jody and the wonderful staff you have all have been so sweet and professional thanks for working with me and making this possible before my husband got deployed. I'm glad I found an honest doctor. A doctor must maintain high standards of professional conduct. And Dr. Elam sure does maintain that. Doctors should not be motivated by profit, but instead by a concern for the patient's health and well-being. And Dr. Elam is really professional and not pushy at all everyone in his office is really sweet even my little son felt in love with jody. By the way Dr. Elam I like your pink scrubs ..:) I know right now my nose is really swollen right now But I have faith that Dr. Elam did me the miracle of fixing my nose. !

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