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Ok so i was cursed with my father's indian...

Ok so i was cursed with my father's indian "hump" nose. All my life it has been a bit annoying to look at from a profile view and finally i decided to take that leap and get it fixed. I have had other things done in the past and had to learn the hard way that you get what you pay for so i specifically stayed away from inexpensive doctors. Instead i went to a top cosmetic surgeon who is certified in so many areas its impossible to name them.

He came highly recommended and after seeing his work i knew he was the one. He has performed several rhinoplastys per week for the last 15+ years thus has to have acquired a keen eye for it.In our consultation i explained to him that i love my nose, i just want the hump gone. However he began pointing out things wrong with it such as nostril size, and that it points down when i smile. I told him i didnt want someone else's nose, just my nose tweeked to look its best. He promised me my nose would look the same but better and that the difference would be very subtle.

I agreed to let hiim raise the tip a bit and remove the hump. That was one week ago. I will say that I was strangely under no pain what so ever suring the week following surgery. I looked a mess with the swollen eyes and bruises but physically i was fine. Yesterday i returned to the office to have my splint, stitiches and bandages removed and got the shock of my life. I looked like a pig, or the crypt keeper from tales from the crypt, or Michael Jackson. I was speechless. Doc tells me its because of the swelling and its going to take time to settle into a good look but for the life of me i cannot understand what swelling has to do with a nose looking like a snout with the tip raised so high that i am able to see down my nostrils.

I look absolutely nothing like i did before the rhinoplasty. This was my worst nightmare going into the surgery and now i am forced to live it. I dont want to leave my house. Im so depressed. Im posting pics so others can see how drastic the difference is. I am unable to move the top of my lip, It simply stays there hanging out looking unnatural. The few times that I do feel the need to laugh now i have this akward lower bottom lip smile thing going on that makes me look about 50 years old now. I am seriously in trouble. I feel helpless.

I have had a few ppl on this site give me advice that it will in fact come down and look better but that is in months from now. I was definitly not informed of this in my consult. I wish I had been told about this look because that wouldve dictated whether i allowed the doctor to lift my tip at all, seeing how i didnt see a problem with the tip anyway. Sigh, I cant take any of this back but I will say that I had no idea what I was getting myself into with this one. All of my friends tried to stop me from doing this telling me i would look like those people we see that look like they have had plastic surgery but i went with my own mind believing it wouldnt happen to me, and here we are! I dont know what to do.

Dont get me wrong, my surgeon is a great surgeon, I just dont think he understood what I expected to get out of this procedure and he kind of went with what he thinks beauty is not realizing that his idea is different than mine. I didnt mind my "ethnic nose" just wanted to get rid of the hump, now i have a weird Michael Jackson in the middle of my face staring back at me.. Ugggh Im so frustrated...Sigh


NewDo, you are a gorgeous woman. I feel what you're feeling, that right after my rhino I felt like I looked like Michael Jackson. I just had surgery yesterday and I know I have to be patient. The tape is holding my nose back and I'm sure it will settle down in a week or two after the splint removal. Rhino is kind of a big deal - it's stressful and we put too much pressure on ourselves to look good. We over analyze ourselves after the surgery, but in reality people don't really notice the rhino right off the bat. If I can look as half as good as you by the end of next week I would be thrilled!! Good luck and let us know how you're doing
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Hi I just joined,just want to tell ya I think your still gorgeous,give it some time.
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I’m very sorry to hear what you’re going through. It is tough…I never experienced depression until after I had plastic surgery. Like you, I hate that my nostrils are now so visible. I also thought I was in for a minor change and ended up with an entirely different shaped nose. At 6 months post, my tip is just starting to soften so I’m hopeful it continues to shrink because I hate my new profile. I’ve read that it can take up to 2+ years before seeing final results.

I had a frozen monkey upper lip thing going on which made my smile look very weird during the first couple of months or so. It gradually gets better and should return to normal. Unless someone has been through what we’ve been through, it’s hard to understand just how difficult this is. Every time I see my reflection in a window, look in a mirror, or try to breathe through my nose, I despair.

You're still very early on and a lot of swelling so your nose may drop some. Try to stay as busy as possible and not think about it. It does get better/easier but changes are very gradually so much patience is needed. You’re still a very lovely girl and hope you can find comfort in that. Best of luck to you.
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Im 3 weeks post op now and I can say that I do see...

Im 3 weeks post op now and I can say that I do see an improvement. My nose has dropped considerably, its still not quite where i want it to be but I do see how this is going to simply be a waiting game. Im beginning to recognize the person in the mirror a lot more. Pics posted!


Hey - I was just wondering how you are liking your nose? You look beautiful. Hope you're doing better!
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Hi just checking to see how your feeling.
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Thank you Candy. I'm getting better slowly but surely. Thank you for the support ma.

Im at the 3 month mark and I am sooooo happy. I...

Im at the 3 month mark and I am sooooo happy. I love my new nose! Forget all of those things I said before. The swelling went down and my nose settled into a very nice look. The nose dropped and isnt in the air anymore and my nostrils are no longer slanted. It was a long journey but for anyone who is freaking out about their nose job results, please learn from me, BE PATIENT! Stay away from the mirror for the first 2 and half months. It will drive you insane for no reason. I still have 8 months of healing to do but at this point i am very happy with my results...


I glad your happy with the results, will you be posted new pictures.
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Thank you Candi. I'll definetly post pics when I get back from vacation next wk.
You are so beautiful and I am glad that you are happy with your results.
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Posted my 4 month post op pics. My nose is...

Posted my 4 month post op pics. My nose is settling in quite nicely now. Im at the point now that I can appreciate having the surgery even though the recovery period is an experience in itself. I think thats the hardest part of having a rhinoplasty.


I'm glad that you ended up loving your nose. I hope the same happens to me. I'm one week post op and I had the same problem as you, where the upper lip covers the teeth when smiling. Did your smile eventually return to normal? Or is your upper lip still stiff?
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Hi anon. My smile, lip, and face all returned back to normal at somewhere around the 2 month mark. My advice is try and distract yourself for a couple months so you don't hone in and dwell on it. Try not to evaluate it everyday. That was my biggest problem I ran to the mirror every morning desperate to see a sign of my old nose and it just doesn't happen like that. Time is your best friend and worst enemy.
You look beautiful before and after, and I agree that with time your nose got more similar to your old one! Hope that it happens to me too! Now you don't regret the surgery, right? I hope I'll get into this point too, and stop thinking about revision!
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Just had a filler shot injected on the right...

Just had a filler shot injected on the right nostril yesterday. Not too painful and the results were immediate. It filled in the side of my nostril where I felt my nose appeared slightly pinched. It's subtle but made a big difference to my watchful eye :-)


Hi New Do--I'm having an experience that sounds exactly like yours, except I'm at the 2 month mark and not doing well. If you could message me, I would really love to ask you some questions about your experience! It's encouraging that you love it now.
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Did the outside incisions fade sufficiently for you so that you don't notice them?
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Who was your doctor???
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