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I've had 3 sets of implants with all comlications...

I've had 3 sets of implants with all comlications of CC first two sets and now hemotoma and bottoming out with fluid collection. Doctor wants to put in strattice which is what I wanted to do in first place. Does it seem like this will be an end to my nightmare? I am now out 20,000 just on this last set alone as well as loosing a job because I cannot work.

Oh my goodness, you've been through a lot! Thank you for starting your story here on RealSelf. Here's what some doctors say about strattice for capsular contracture. How are you feeling now that you're post op?

Yes I've read this. And this is for a woman who had implants for 30 some years. I however never got to keep either of mine. Its been a battle for 7 years. Antibiotics are starting to make me sick now. I am week out after putting in the strattice in both sides. Left is hard and high as well as tight. The problem boob. But I still have drains in. PS said he found superficial staph during surgery at old incision. That scares the crap out of me because I know what that can lead to. Hopefully things will just work out this time.

9 days after Strattice additions.

I have some pain in left breast still and absolutely no movement to it at all. I'm hoping it is just where the doctor had to reposition everything and not another CC. I feel great otherwise.
What is hematoma ?
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