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Going to give myself a new nose for Christmas - nose job - Florida, FL

I have been wanting Rhinoplasty for a long time...

I have been wanting Rhinoplasty for a long time now and al going to give myself a new nose for Christmas :)
The reason i have decided to do it is for myself and myself only,its the only thing about myself i don't like.
I was under the impression before that i couldn't get Rhinoplasty because i have sickle cell anemia trait and unable to have general anesthetic but recently learned i can have local and or be sedated.

So now i am on the path of doing plenty of research learning what is the best thing for me and what will look good for my facial features.

My eyes are what i consider to be quite are apart so i don't think narrowing my bridge will look so good as it would make my eye look odd.

So i am thinking Alar plasty and maybe a tip i'm not a expert so i'll leave that up to the surgeon to suggest what is best for my facial features.

Not really looking for the perfect nose just the right nose for my face.
I am really excited to begin what i thought was impossible as i said before that i didn't know it was possible for me to have the surgery as i do have the sickle cell anemia trait.

Its been 20 yrs since i wanted to change my nose and now i am on my way to beginning the new change and feeling complete.

I always wear sunglasses to hide my big honker and hopefully that will change
okay maybe i will still wear them as i do like the look of huge sunglasses but i will feel a lot better about myself if my nostrils could be a lot smaller.

I usually make jokes about my own nose telling people you can see my brain if they look up my nose but its time to not joke about my nose from now on a :)
This British chick is getting a new nose WOOOOO HOOOO.

So my goal is to have it done before Xmas i'm not sure who or what surgeon to choose as i have seen a lot of good surgeons before and after photos on here so its hard to choose the one for me.
I live in Florida at the moment but willing to travel out of state if the surgeon can offer me the nose i'd like to achieve.

I am not telling anyone in my life about the surgery until its done i like surprises people plus i'm not going to have anyone tell me i'm fine without it as i know people tend to do that.


What a wonderful Christmas present to yourself ;) I'm so happy that you're getting it done, and you're coming at it with such real expectations. I brought in a few photos that I wanted my nose to resemble, but I know it wasn't the doctor's job to give me that nose, I wanted one that customized me and fit my face completely! I didn't tell a lot of people about my surgery either - only my family and a few very very close friends. I would recommend letting at least one or two people know so they can take care of you during the week of recovery, especially since you might be going out of state! Good luck, looking forward to hearing more from you!
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Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! I'm glad you figured out a way to do this for yourself. Have you been researching doctors yet?

Here's a list of questions to ask your prospective surgeons. Please keep us posted!

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Hey you came to a great place for advice and to share your story. I am sure you already know this, but make sure you get someone who is GREAT with ethnic rhinoplasties. If you would like some questions answered asap, you can post questions on here and have surgeons answer them for you. Angie, the moderator, will probably direct you to that part of this site. I see that you don't plan on telling anyone about your surgery, and I probably wouldn't have either; however, you do HAVE to have someone drive you from the hospital after the surgery (unless you are staying overnight, which is uncommon). You will also need someone to help take care of you for at least the first 24 hours following surgery. Good luck with everything. Be sure to ask millions of questions and do lots of research :)!
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