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Under Eye JUVEDERMA Treatment

Juvderma: My dermatologist injected Juverderma, it...

Juvderma: My dermatologist injected Juverderma, it was for my deep sunken eyes and i have tear lines as well, but my skin is very thin. he injected in june it alomost 8months, but i got puffy eyes, he injected in excess, it looks horrible now, and even worse from earlier.,then he gave me to lighten CIPLA's vc15 cerum,Seba Med creams. Even he make same level of under eye filler to checks,doctor injected Perlane in my cheeks.but i am not happy with reults.my skin was already thin and soft.I want to get rid off puffyness and darken color of under eyes.it gave me 3-4 year elder look.what should i do now.Doctor always says.with time it will get settled down..but even after 8 months it looks worse.

I'm sorry to hear this has been going on so long for you. Has the area been sore at all?

There is an injection that will disolve the juvederm I had a bad job removed like that I know how I feel. Contact juvederm on there website and ask them about it once they inject it, it will all be gone and I will be relieved

I believe what bobeyim is referring to could be Hyaluronidase.

Here are a couple of reviews from people who used it to dissolve Juvederm:

Juvederm Made my Eyes Ugly, Hyaluronidase Gave my Confidence Back!!

Saggy Loose Lower Eyelids from Juvederm then Hyaluronidase


Hello , should i apply cipla's vitamien c...

Hello ,

should i apply cipla's vitamien c cirum will it be helpful , my doctor suggested that ..if they remove it will remove 80% original collagen and 20% juvedarma...so should i drop the diea to dissolve the excess juvderma.

Hey, how are you now, did it resolve?
i am sharing my experience ,FAT injection will be great for tear tough. Filler injected under eye , gives tyndall effect( that filled area looks darker then other skin,which is horrible) , but yes to inject the best as per experienced and honest(most of only here to earn money in this area, they doesnt care what suit to their customer) . my suggestion is fat injection.
I also have water bags under my eyes,I had juvaderm injected in my tear toughs 2 1/2 months ago. Does anyone know of an experienced MD. who does reversal in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area?
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