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Whether it was an early childhood incident that...

Whether it was an early childhood incident that left me with a bloody nose or my full blooded Italian descent, by the time I reached high school, my nose was disproportionately too big for my face. I had perfect Audrey-like bone structure and a graceful dancer's body to match, but there was something getting in the way of men being attracted to me and it was the crater in the middle of my face. My friend told me that if I broke it, insurance would cover the cost, so I used to take my field hockey stick and self-inflict until I couldn't take anymore. Right before leaving for college, hoping to start a new leaf, I went to Dr. D'Amico for my first rhinoplasty. The nose came out immaculately small and I was finally able to feel comfortable in my own skin. However, after being elbowed by someone at a frat party, the nose became droopy and it eventually collapsed. I was devastated and became increasingly obsessed with it so I consulted another surgeon who ended up adding cartilage, making it too big. Tortured and distraught, I returned to Dr. D'Amico's office only 3 months prior to being operated on. Instead of recognizing that it needed to heal, he agreed to operate on it, assuring me he'd do the best he could. Well the best he could left me with too much cartilage, a huge upturned tip and a nose that is totally off balance with delicate features. No men stare at me anymore or ask me out and when I did a photo shoot with a famous photographer I was almost in tears when I saw the nose up close. Richard D'Amico is a very inconsistent surgeon who ultimately did not give me the results I am looking for and I'm devastated that after waiting a life time for a flawless face, I am still unhappy with my nose.


But what needs to be emphasized here, is that the initial nose job Dr. D'Amico gave me was a true work of art. I really doubt that any other surgeon could've given me such impeccable results that fit my face so beautifully. I was universally attractive and had an impish Audrey Hepburn face. Men would stop me on the street, gasping in adoration, collegiate frat boys were lining up to date me even at a school where every girl was no lower than an 8 on the hotness scale. So comparably speaking, the nose I have now cannot possibly match up to the initial results Dr. D'Amico gave me. However, as a revision surgeon, he was unable to salvage the nose to it's former state. It's truly psychologically scaring to no longer have a face that embodies the golden ratio. And men only further perpetuate my dissatisfaction, making bold statements like, "oh, you're a worthless 7" when I try to play coy. I am just wondering if it is possible to have a Connie Selleca nose. My aunt was friends with her in high school and the nose job launched her acting career. Before that, she was no great beauty.
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Thanks, I honestly think Dr. D'amico is a great doctor and I have a lot of respect for him, but I just still don't feel beautiful. The famed beauty broker actually generated an image of me with a much thinner, smaller nose and I look flawless, like a Kardashian, so I know that with a much smaller nose I can be substantially prettier. Also, after the third nose job, I stopped receiving as many compliments from people and had to start working a lot harder to prove myself to people. At one point I thought it was all in my head, but I had a close friend confess that I was a lot prettier with the first nose job. And it really tortures me that I didn't see my beauty back then. Also, I have spent the last few years being friends with impossibly thin models who garnered a lot of attention from men which only furthered my frustration with the superficiality of humanity.
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Your nose looks good in these pics u posted
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Desired nose

This is the face I want. I feel as if people would stop acting like I didn't exist if I had this face, especially men. I'm virtually treated like a cab driver by the average, run-of-the-mill guy who I meet at a bar, so I'm forced to date exclusively Ivy League men who can actually appreciate my humor and intelligence and can see beyond what meets the eye. After the first nose job with Dr. D'Amico, every guy I hung out with wanted to date me, even if I treated them horrendously. Now virtually no one appreciates my beauty unless they actually know me on a personal level. As a woman, it's so dehumanizing to be constantly ignored and treated like a second class citizen. There has to be someone out there who can make me beautiful so I don't have to try as hard.


I related to some of what you wrote. I live in LA and am in a socialite scene here/Cobrasnake etc. I had my nose done by Rollin Daniel. I would recommend him for a small upturned nose for sure, but I still feel like it's too big. I have consults with Davis and Le planned. Hoping they can help.. Every doctor I have seen has said they needed to use ear grafts or rib. Where did Rizk put the grafts? Do you know?
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Ear grafts make the nose bigger so I recommend you shy away from any doctor who suggests that and just leave the nose you have. I was very involved in the NYC social scene, have been featured on Lastnightsparty, Nickydigital etc. I was obsessed with Cobrasnake in HS, that's probably what instigated my nose obsession. But Dr. D'Amico was good for an initial nose job, it was perfectly small, just a little Paris Hilton droopy. I was actually wondering how all the girls on Cobrasnake have perfectly symmetrical faces, with a few exceptions like Cory Kennedy and Niki Takesh
Did you go to Ghavami? I hear he is the best in Beverly Hills

Nose through the subsequent years


I'm literally hideous now thanks to this doctor! I guess I will have to venture to Korea. Literally I have to work so hard to get a guy, no guys ever work to get me unless they've seen pictures of me on FB where I edit out my nose in every picture. I guess I'm going to Davis for my next nose job. I just want the face of a model. I have perfect cheek bone and Doe eyes, why can't my nose compliment my face? My life would be so much easier
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Wait omg @Cutelittlenose, thanks for introducing me to the Chainsmokers selfie song. I just found out I know the girl who is the voice of that song. She came to my 20th birthday party. Wow so random. It's such a small world. Crazyyy
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Cutelittenose, who did you go to?? Did you have ear grafts?? I'm so scared of grafts but I do understand them making a sharp tip, and it seems you're happy...

Alone Forever

I just went on a date with this amazing guy, and he hasn't called me back. We had amazing chemistry, like fireworks and now it's as if I don't exist. Obviously if Rizk hadn't made my nose worse he would've called me back. Now I'm hideously disfigured and the only option for me is going to Davis to fix my face that D'Amico made worse. Everything was going great, but now I'm ugly and miserable again. Life sucks

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