My Rhinoplasty Left Me with a Scar Straight a Cross my Nose

I had a nose job about 18 years ago to correct a...

i had a nose job about 18 years ago to correct a very large hooked nose, over the years your nose changes many times, but i always felt the bridge on my nose was still larger than i would like, just a small correction really, so i went to see a rhinoplasty surgeon, who has carried out revised, rhinoplasty before, he said he could do a open procedure, and i would have the nose i always wanted, at this i was very excited, i arranged the surgery that day, so off i went. one week later cast come off, i just stood there looking back at myself, i was speechless, my eyes filled with tears,i looked at the surgeon and said what have you done to me, i had a very swollen nose, which is to be expected, it can take upto one year for the swelling to go down, i was prepared for all that, but i didnt expect a large scar straight across my nose, he also altered the tip, which he didnt have to touch, he made my tip hook over like a witch, i was so distraught, i walked out the nurse came after me, but i could talk, i was crying my eyes out, my tip used to slope up that was part of my nose i did like, there are no words of how i feel towards my surgeon, angry is nothing to how i really feel, two weeks later i went back to see the surgeon, i had to get a grip and face him, when i went in he told me, i must of knocked it, i feel despair, i looked at him and said, sir i have not not touched my nose it is too painful, he said the scar is one of those things, where they fold the skin back to work on a tip, if the skin is thin it leaves a scar,m he said its one of those things, he said if my nose does not look many better in six months he will re-do my nose, im absolutely gutted, i said i guess you wont be taking the after photos and putting your name to this will you!, i am now left with a hooked nose with a scar on it, my heart sinks everytime i look in the mirror, i would have christmas photos either, iu feel ugly and hopeless, in will not be having a another op with this surgeon and i am going to a solicitor, i have been told that the procedure, he did should have avoided that kind of mistake.


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How upsetting that this surgeon did this to you! I hope things will get better for you! Stay strong!
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thank you, im gutted with my appearance, i am seeing the surgeon again in january, my stomach goes over just thinking about the check up, how can anyone be civil to someone, when they cause so much pain. im dreading it. thanks anyway x
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