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I had my first breast augmentation in 2000. I...

I had my first breast augmentation in 2000. I absolutely loved the result and was disappointed when my left implant deflated 14 years later. Yes, 14 years is long time without a worry. Still, I hadn't planned on having surgery. Unlike my first augmentation, I was terrified about going under the knife.
I was also nervous about changing the type and texture of my implant. For my first surgery, my surgeon, Dr. Stephen McNeese, insisted on using a textured, anatomical, saline implant. He was truly an expert at this type of breast augmentation. In 2000, he was the only surgeon I met who was comfortable with this type of implant. 14 years later, the same was true. Since Dr. McNeese retired in 2012, it was time to adjust perspective. I hate all change and this attitude applies to implants as well.
It took me a long time (approximately one month after deflation) to find the "right" surgeon to perform my revision augmentation. I highly recommend that women who experience implant deflation choose to have their revision ASAP. During that my month, the capsule surrounding the deflated implant tightened and hardened. It was uncomfortable. I was aware of this risk but felt finding the "right"surgeon for me was the priority. I have the utmost respect for my surgeon, Dr. Stephen Bresnick, and do not regret taking the extra time.
When I met Dr. Bresnick, I knew he was the perfect combination characteristics. He is extremely experienced and knowledgeable, confident without seeming obnoxiously arrogant, able to communicate clearly, and able to listen attentively. He also appeared genuinely invested in his work.
Dr. Bresnick performed my revision breast augmentation with open capsulectomy on February 24th. Although he planned on inserting a drain into my left side, he felt a drain was unnecessary. Two days after surgery, I noticed some additional swelling on my left side. I immediately called Dr. Bresnick and he saw me within the hour. Dr. Bresnick reassured me that the swelling would decrease over time.
congrats on your revision results, you look great. I am planning to have the same surgery due to deflation of right breast. I noticed that it seems that the only place I see surgical tape is around the nipples, is that true?. I am nervous about having under the breast cut again. Is there a name for the procedure your doctor used? thanks.

17 Days Post-Op

Everything seems to be healing well. I still have some swelling in my left breast. My left breast is also a little softer and fuller than my right. My doctor told me that this is due to the capsulectomy. He prescribed asthma medication to help my right breast drop and loosen up a bit. Hopefully, as I continue to heal, the differences between my breasts will become negligible.
How Tall Are You? What Was Your Previous Bra Size? I Am 5'10 ANd Was RecommendEd 400Cc And I Think They Will Look Too Small On Me. What Do You Think? I Am Going FOr A Small D, Starting Off On A 34 B. I Want Them To Look Big, Not Huge, Just Off The Natural Look.
I am 5'3 and about 115 pounds. My previous implants were textured anatomical 350cc implants filled to 380cc. My bra size was a 32D or 34D in Victoria Secret bras. Here's the tricky part about choosing implants (in my opinion): implant dimensions are just as important as size. Since I was happy with my textured anatomicals, I chose a smooth round implant with the same dimensions. My bras still fit even though I increased my size by almost 100cc. I think the lack of patient attention to implant dimensions explains our confusion and frustration over implant size. I know that 650cc implants would look ridiculous on me but they look perfect on my friend who is also 5'3 - she has a wider back and larger bones. Look up the dimensions of the implant on the manufacturer's website. Will the implant give the desired projection? Will the width of the implant fill out your chest? What about spacing between the implants and cleavage? Given your breast size, I think that 400cc will bring you to a D/D-. But, that doesn't necessarily mean that you will be satisfied with the width or projection. Hope this is helpful and doesn't further complicate your decision-making. Good luck with your surgery!!
I have Mentor Smooth Round Moderate Plus Profile saline implants placed subpectorally (only the top part of the implant is under the muscle). The implants are 425cc but filled to 470cc.

4 weeks post-op update

Since taking Zafirlukast, breast symmetry has greatly improved. My right breast is noticeably softer. I am definitely happy with the result but still prefer the shape of anatomical implants. Compared to textured implants, smooth implants are much softer and move freely. Both types of implants have their advantages. I just like the aesthetic appearance of teardrops.
Recovery has been beyond easy. I had such a painful recovery the first time around. I almost can't believe the difference. I've had to constantly remind myself that I had surgery and must be careful. At this point, scar healing is my only concern.
Ali your boobies are beautiful, great job Dr Bresnick.
Thank you!
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

A truly skilled surgeon. Dr. Bresnick is extremely experienced and knowledgeable, confident without seeming obnoxiously arrogant, able to communicate clearly, and able to listen attentively. He is genuinely invested in and passionate about his work. I am not the easiest of patients. I am extremely vigilante and contacted him with every concern. He called me back immediately and met with me within an hour to assess my post operative progress. My only gripe is that Dr. Bresnick's nurse met with me during my scheduled post operative visits. She also removed my stiches. Personally, I would have more comfortable if Dr. Bresnick checked my stiches before they were removed. Nevertheless, I couldn't be happier with my results. Dr. Bresnick is an artist!

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