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It's time for my third breast revision. My...

It's time for my third breast revision. My original augmentation, back in 2000 was saline over the muscle. They looked beautiful until slowly, they didn't due to encapsulation. I rushed into my next augmentation--I'm sad to say I fell for a surgeon who used car salesman tactics. He was great until he got my money. This time I wasn't getting my surgery until I found the perfect doctor. And I went on 7 consults to find him! My fiancé came in with me and he liked him as well due to his professionalism and knowledge. He really did see things that other doctors didn't--and he was one of the few that didn't pressure me into going with silicone. I wanted round breasts and the lowest risk of capsular returning--my fiancé and I both like the feel of my saline breasts. Pre-op is complete, now just awaiting the big day!

Our game plan

The doctor is removing all the scar tissue in my breast (even some calcified!) so my implants won't be riding high up to my collar bone anymore. Switching out my high profile salines (hate them) for moderate profile saline. We went through playboy images at the doctor's office to get the perfect idea of what to get (of course my fiancé loved that!). The pockets are going to be stitched up. My implants, especially the left one have migrated into my underarms. No lift needed, since my nipples are in perfect position. He even said if I were to make them higher I would have trouble wearing anything low cut! It was so great to have a doctor who considered that.

2 weeks

Dr Bresnick is truly an artist. My breast already look beautiful and natural! Lefty still needs to drop, but I am getting excellent care by the doctor and his staff. I have been in every week to monitor my progress. Such a contrast from my last surgery (in Arizona). Then I had "frankenboob" for awhile after my surgery and the doctor saw me once and told me he "hoped" that my implants would drop into place. Turns out he was just as lazy in my surgery and dr Bresnick patiently dealt with the mess that he made. They are truly wonderful at that office. I will post pics soon!

On lifts...

I had a few doctors suggest lifts with both a vertical scar and an anchor scar from one guy! But my purpose in getting a revision was too look good topless--I already looked great in a bra. One doctor barely looked at me (just had me lift up my top) and said anchor lift. Please shop around, ladies. I am completely lift-free and my breasts look perfect. It's your body and once the scar is there you cannot go back. I wouldn't push a doctor who wanted to do a lift not to, but understand that some doctors are simply more skilled than others.
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nice job
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             how long did you have your previous sets?
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Hi Violet! The first set I had for 5 years, these I have had for about 8.
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Thank you for taking the time to share your story on RealSelf! I'm happy to hear you have found a PS who will address all your concerns in your 3rd and final surgery. :) Just curious about your past. What was your pre op cup size in 2000 and how many cc's did you get then? How long was it until you had your revision for the CC? Were your recoveries smooth for the most part? Glad you have your fiance's support and hoping he will be available to help you the first few days post op. Wishing you the best. Keep us posted!

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Thanks so much for offering your opinion on your doctor.

With more detail about your experience - such as tips for getting good results, pros/cons, before & after photos - our team can add your story to the Breast Implant Revision community.

As the community manager, I'm asked all the time to keep encouraging people to share more details, which is so helpful for others considering procedures. So please accept this as a well-intentioned request from thousands.

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Hi Sarah! I will update with pics and more details soon! I think I was just so excited I blurted everything out :)
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