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Emotionally and Physically Scarred After Mini-lift

I had a mini face lift almost eight weeks ago, in...

I had a mini face lift almost eight weeks ago, in March. At first I liked what I saw but the more I “heal” the more I’m realizing this might actually be my final result.

For the first few weeks after the procedure the swelling was terrible, especially concentrated in my cheeks and working outwards toward my ears. This is part of the normal healing process for a mini lift so I wasn’t concerned. I also bruised very badly and built up blood pockets under the skin. Again, this is supposed to be normal but it was also very frightening! I don’t think these doctors should send patients home like this because it is very scary to be alone and looking like this. You don’t know if you’re going to have problems or not.

Now I’m two months “recovered” and the swelling has lessened but it’s still there in my cheeks. I have also developed hard little lumps in my cheeks that can’t be massaged away (I’ve tried). My doctor told me to do massages at first to smooth out the area and to keep doing them but they didn’t seem to be doing any good. Then he told me it was fluid build up and went in and drained the area. This didn’t bring noticeable results either and I am still swollen and awaiting a call back about the next step. Part of my face is still numb too.

At this point I am worried that if I stay swollen much longer then my skin will be permanently stretched and I will need another mini lift. I don’t think there’s anyway to avoid it but this was not the results I expected.


By the way, ARNICA in any form is CHEAP and the results are always fabulous.
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Anyone who is undergoing surgery should ask their doctor to provide them with arnica. Even Dr. Oz recommends it! I have used it both for myself and my dogs - tremendous results every time. Arnica is effective for the reduction of bruising, edema, and inflammation associated with surgery. Reduces bleeding and in turn, pain = faster healing and less complications. MANY plastic surgeons carry a brand name of arnica which is dosed days before and after surgery (yellow box, starts with an S - can't recall the name). In terms of topical brands, the best standardized form of Arnica is BruiseStick, which is available commercially in the United States. www.bruisestick.com . You can also buy standardized arnica. Do a little research to find the best one. If your doctor carries it, I'd give him extra points as it shows he cares about the healing process, not just the procedure and the money he makes. Goes to character.
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Could you post the name of the dotor who did your liquid facelift? I would very much appreciate it as I will be in the UK this year.
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