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I had these implant for 12 years and fairly happy!...

I had these implant for 12 years and fairly happy! They were 350cc I exchanged them for gummy bear implants the shaped 410 375cc, that's not what I was looking for. They looked like old ladies breasts! My left breast was a little more saggy because I had no capsule contrac like on my right so that breast never sagged! The gummies were so heavy I felt like I was sagging even more especially on my left breast. I started noticing ripples on that left breast near the cleavage, so I went back to my surgeon and he said he would do a revision, so I asked for a larger implant because I thought they would fill the pocket and have a little more upper pole! I chose 401cc Textured round implants, Naurelle style 15. The surgeon lifted my left breast and opened a little on the lower part of my right breast. One week after my surgery I liked the way they were looking but saw like a little bubble sticking out on the lower part of my left breast near the cleavage thinking it would get better. Now I'm 2 months post op and on the upper part of my breasts have rippling which looks terrible! I could never go bra less !!! The size is great but so sad! They are sub muscle and I have hardly no breast tissue! This was my sixth breast implant exchange and do not want to go through this again! Will they get better??? Or just have to live with this?????


I keep thinking maybe what I should have done is go with the round Gummies bear!! I had no rippling except with my left breast and it was not the Drs fault! It was because the second surgery the Mexican dr went to far right in my cleavage and on my forth surgery the dr closed it back and my skin was very thin so maybe that's why the ripples are present more noticeable on that left breast! The Gummies he used were the shaped ones! So maybe that's why I'm thinking the round Gummies would have worked better for the rippling ??????? Now I have rippling on both but not as bad on my right!!! The dr always recommended putting them under the muscle and I never wanted that!!! Big mistake!! Too late!!
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I had overs and had rippling and then cap con, so with my revision I got unders and the Strattice dermal matrix and I cannot feel any rippling at all (I have very thin tissue too). You may need that -- it's a skin graft at the bottom of the implant where the muscle doesn't cover the implant. I don't think just getting round implants would have helped.
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I just don't know anymore!! After 6 surgerys and not happy I think I'm a lost case!!
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So sorry for your struggles. There's no way I could afford a third surgery, so I've decided if I have more complications, I will explant. It's not worth it. I hope it works out for you, my friend.
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Thank you!!! I just could not handle not having any at all!! So I will not look at them and always wear a bra!! The only thing is that when I use a push-up the little implant fold hurts!! If I press on both they look perfect! But once I let go the ripples show and the little fold sticks out!! So maybe use a sports bra all the time because braless never!!!!!
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That sounds good. Wearing the sports bras for 7 weeks, in surprised I'm back in underwire again(doc's orders) sports bras were sooo comfortable. Before my 350s I only wore them to work out because my boobs were too small, but now that they are bigger, I do not need padded bras. Do what you have to do. I'm sure you are the only one who notices the rippling.
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Thank you for trying to make me feel better!! But it's always on my mind! When I have something bothering me I'm so bad about letting it go!! I have an appointment with my Dr on Friday I hope he has someway to make it better without surgery again!! Too old for this!!!
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Well it's understandable why it's on your mind. You have been through a lot. I hope you get some answers.
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Hummmm. I have rippling too and my implants are under the muscle. One of the things to realize is they are never totally under the muscle. I'm getting a revision done soon using the SERIscaffold to make an internal bra kind of thing and should keep the chance of rippling around 2-5%. I'm going with the newer thicker shelled silicone that is cohesive but not as cohesive as gummy bear. Maybe look in to a similar option?
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That's interesting!!! So having them under the muscle is not keeping them from rippling? Mm I just can't go through this again!! My mistake I guess for not investigating some more!!!! Good luck please let me know how you do!!!!
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Allergan Natrelle Biocell Style 115 Textured Round Midrange Profile Silicone Gel Breast Implant 401cc that's what I have!!! -
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Not for me unfortunately. If they move wrong I can see the ports in the back it's crazy. Drives me nuts but my husband doesn't care lol. Silly man.
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