Revision Results - Symmastia? El Paso, TX

I had a revision about 10 months ago because my...

I had a revision about 10 months ago because my implants were too low and much too wide for my frame. After the revision, I still feel like they're slightly too low. However, my real concern is that they're still too close together and I think it might be permanent tenting or symmastia :/ I do not want to get another revision! Is my only option now just to remove them ?


just saw your review/question/upcoming appointment with your surgeon, just to tell you, you're not alone with symmastia, this sucks, but this can be fixed, just it won't go away magically. you can take a look at my review, i've gone through a few surgeries already, and still hoping to get a good outcome! hang in there!
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Hey Brittany, it's nice to hear from you but I'm hoping you don't need another revision. What does your current doctor say about the closeness of your breasts? I think you look good but it might be hard to see any tenting in via a picture. Keep us posted!
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Thank you :) I've made an appointment to see my doctor in a couple weeks. I definitely don't want another revision! So hopefully they don't need to be removed.

Final revision results - not fixed :/

Bottomed out again after revision as well as tenting due to the implants being too close together :/


awe sucks that you're not happy about the revision :( for what it's worth the heavy lower pole just seems to be how your body handles implants, the creases are even and they look good. as for the tenting, i know how it feels. my symmastia was corrected, but i still have a bit of tenting because of my skin and tissues having been stretched already, but i think the pockets are still fine. i've decided to wear the thong bra pretty much permanently though, to avoid further migration, until i decide my implants are narrow and solid enough to hold on their own. are you seeing your surgeon again about your repairs? :(
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I met with my surgeon but he thinks they look good, so I don't want to go through another revision with him. I'm not sure if I'll even go through another one at all though. I might just wait a couple years and see if things get worse or better then make a decision. Leaning towards just having them removed completely.
awe poor sweetie :( personally there's a level of flaw I'm ready to live with now after having gone through all this, but I do hope things don't fall to hell like before. I hope yours get better and/or you get to be able to live with them. i would never want mine out, without them I'm flat and I would also now be disfigured...
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