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I'm 32, 5'2", 113 pounds. I was about 120 pounds...

I'm 32, 5'2", 113 pounds. I was about 120 pounds when I first got my implants. I had my breast implants put in April 23rd, 2008. I have saline HP 350's filled to 330 CC's implanted via armpit. I got up to 200ish when I was pregnant, breast feed, and lost weight. The original doctor was Doctor Strock in Fort Worth, TX. I'd go back but I recall he said he would revise them with an incision under my breast. I don't want that and I'd rather not travel so far. He did an awesome job though! So now I have rippling in my implants when I tilt to the side, flex, etc. I plan to get them replaced with 400 cc HP cohesive silicone. I go in July 25th for my consult with Dr Agullo. I talked to him briefly about it during a follow up visit for my TT. I believe he said he could go back in via the armpit. We will talk it over again. I'm going to get my scar from my TT revised and a bit of lipo on my hips at the same time.

Saw the doc

Here is what we decided... We are going to do an internal lift with mesh (SERI, I believe) . Revising my saline 350's (currently filled to 330) with a tad bit larger implant in silicone (normal silicone not gummy, but still more cohesive), 375 - 400. $6,786.50 with no experal. I believe I will be adding the experal on it's $500 more. My incision will be under the breast. The mesh should take pressure off my incision as well as reduce any rippling. Looks like my TT revision will be put off a bit.

Found some pics of my first boob job before they dropped

Found some pics of my first boob job before they dropped

Pseudo ptosis

Ah forgot. The mesh will also correct my pseudo ptosis. My left breast is 9 cm and my right is 10 cm, 5 would be normal. So my nipple is in the right area I just have a slight boob pit now.

Pre-op date!

I have my pre-op date! August 27th! Very excited

Pre-op rescheduled

I have to go in next week to get my stitches from my tummy tuck revision out. Going to do my pre-op then on the 21st. :) can't wait.

Pre op done

Got my pre-op pics taken, blood drawn, and EKG done. My husband is filling my meds tomorrow for me.

Started vitamins

Started my Vitamedica vitamins today. They were great my last surgery, so I'm taking them again for this one

Presurgery forms

Got hospital re-registration done this afternoon. They re confirmed everything from the previous time I had been in. Went over presurgery prep and when to be in. So I will have to arrive two hours before my surgery time. Got a bottle of Dyna-Hex 2. Signed forms and consent forms. Basically that I wanted surgery, if I need a blood transfusion to give it to me, where to be etc.


My period started Sunday. I think it was from me freaking out. Since I couldn't take aspirin etc I bought red bull. I drank five yesterday before I realized it. I never drink caffeine any more. My stomach was upset today, as anyone would imagine. Called in the doctors office and asked if immodium was ok. They said it was so I took two and then two benedryl. Feeling good now. Pushing fluids to keep me extra hydrated. Getting a massage tonight. I'm so excited!!!!

It's Done!

My BA revision went well. I think it took just about two hours. I couldn't pee again (happened last surgery) I have not unwrapped them yet to look. The band I have on is super itchy. Ended up getting 475 Naturell hp silicone under the muscle. As l lay down I'm fine but when I stand up all the blood rushing to my breast is horrible. So groggy. Maybe tonight I will take a shower and see them. Attaching. A pic in my bra. Can't wait to see them. So groggy. Want to sleep.

Got to see them

Here are my Frankenboobs. They will get a ton better. I love them so far. 475 seems perfect. I can't wait till the swelling subsides. Got a shower and now I feel great.

New booby day

Changed my gauze, lotioned, and peeked in at them. Made my husband feel them lol. He was afraid to but I got him too. He agrees they feel better then before and loves the size. You can feel the mesh some what but I don't mind I'm in love. :) much less pain today all though I slept most of the day. Living on kashi roasted almond crunch bars not really hungry for anything else. Tried a few other things but eah didn't want to eat anything. Staying hydrated. When I get up I drink a bottle of water and walk around. One thing I don't like is this band thing. I know it's for my own good but it's a pain. Been putting cheap pads between it and I.

Can't sleep just yet

Decided to take a shower and more booby pics. I dry brushed too and it really helped all the itchiness. Used coconut oil all over my body except the incisions and that helped more then the lotion did. Measured myself and I know it's not the final result but right now I'm a 30F / 32 DDD / 32 F. I would put 34 in but I always have to alter the bands on my surger. I'm always happy with my surgeons work. Dr Agullo is the best. :)

Get with the program righty

I've been sleeping a lot still. My right boob hurts more then my left not sure why. I will ask the doctor tomorrow. Maybe it's just muscle spasms. I'm right handed too so that doesn't help I'm sure. Left isn't too bad though. Picked up a couple of bras yesterday. This Marena one isn't too comfy. I put gauze over my incisions then pads over that to keep the elastic from cutting in to my incision. My paper work says I can wear the new ones at one week but I will double check to make certain when I see him. I see and feel the SERI less and less.

First PO

Lots more healing to do. Saw Dr Agullo at my PO. He explained how far he had to pull my chest muscle down to put it back in the place it should be. It had slipped pretty far up. Makes total sense. More cold packs and pain pills. Still totally worth all the pain.

Better incision pics

Had my husband take some better incision pics. Started using my non stick gauze since the other stuff was sticking so much. Helps a ton.


My breasts are still tender and I still am having pain. It's slowly getting better. I have feeling in my left nipple but not my right. Still have a scab on the left incision, it's more tender then my right. The incisions are flattening out more. Sleeping a bit less but only because I'm trying to stay awake. I don't want to but I'm going to have to start taking care of my toddler again.

Resized again

So it is my husbands birthday. Toughed it out and went shopping. Got resized again. I am now a 32G! :D bought like six new bras.
El Paso Plastic Surgeon

Still has a great staff and nothing's changed. Great bedside manner. He really cares about his patients and is great at what he does. Always impressed with everyone in his office.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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They are looking really nice!!!
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Thanks :)
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Wow their coming along nicely, nice shape already :) I'm sure that toddler misses his Mommy, I know my grandson missed me when I didn't see him for almost 3 weeks and it killed me too. Good luck getting back into the swing of everything honey. So happy they are looking so awesome! XXXX
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:) thanks. Yes she does. She brings her doctor kit up to my bed and gives me exams a few times a day. I let her lay down and watch a bit of TV in my spot I have made. She loves it. :)
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Looking good, incisions look great!
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:) thanks.
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They look amazing already!!! You are going to be happier and happier every day that passes. Congrats hun!!!!
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:) thanks. I'm happy he was able to do all he did. I love them again. I think the size he chose is perfect
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They look great!!
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Thanks :)
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Glad you made it thru, hope yer gonna love yer results! Can't wait to see ;)
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I'm pretty sure I will. It's hard not to look at them when I'm awake lol. I'm all Boobies!
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We got about the same size implants now!! So glad its over for you!!! Can't wait to see your results. Rest up.
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They are much better then I thought they would be. I can't wait to go bra shopping.
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So close!!! Best wishes!!
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Can't wait to see!!! ❤️
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exciting! can't wait to see the finished result...
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Hi, Pretty soon ! Wow! You must be excited ! I am so interested in knowing more about what your PS said the Seri- mesh will do for you and how it goes after surgery, My PS I'd doing the same for me but we havnt talked extensively yet about it , My pre Op is months away . It would be so helpful if you could share any info on what your PS said the Seri would help do for you, also, is he going thru the armpit again ? Did you say your getting silicone ? What size ? Thanks and best too you ! Hugs !
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The seri I can tell already is helping me not feel the implant at all. I feel the seri but that shouldn't last long since it desolves. Feels like mesh under my skin since it's thin but not bad. I'd take this over rippling any day and who doesn't love an internal bra? :)
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Now yer getting closer! Can't wait to see them !
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:) I'm starting to stay awake more and more. When I do I look change gauze and make sure my incisions are clean and doing well. Hard keeping the bra on.
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Wow I love all yer pics, you will look so awesome with new boobs! You have such a nice body and the boobs just need refreshed, just remember what all the girls on here say "I wish I woulda went bigger"! If yer looking at 430s you might wanna look at 500s too ;) good luck honey! Can't wit to see them!
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:) yeah boob envy. I wonder now what would they be like bigger. I'm really happy with this size now. It's amazing seeing the difference
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Also the pics of the implants u posted are of different brands and look like diff profiles.
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