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32 yrs, Thin Lips due to missing 2 incisors- Dublin, OH

My motivation to get Juvederm for my lips is...

My motivation to get Juvederm for my lips is because I receive a lot of unsolicited comments from friends, strangers, & coworkers asking me if I'm feeling okay. It's because my neutral expression (or concentrating) I look upset or bitchy. I'm also doing it for myself too. I now look refreshed and loving the results!

Juvederm Ultra was used which has lidocaine in it. I faint whenever I have a shot or procedure done. For example I had LASIK twice, each time I broke out into a clammy sweat. Having the numbing creme & lidocaine in Juvederm Ultra helped a lot. Juvederm is temporary so if I don't like the results, it will go away over time.


I'm very happy to have this done and love the results. It's only 1 day so I'll post more "after" photos next week. I no longer look like I'm struggling to smile.

The procedure itself was very simple but this is because Dr. Clinton's staff made it that way! :)
Entering the office, I had to check in. There wasn't a long wait which I was then escorted into a comfy side room. Dr. Clinton is very responsive to your needs. I was then asked to lay down and numbing creme was placed on my lips, ice & then the injections began. I was very nervous but Dr. Clinton & her staff made me feel comfortable and the injections did not hurt at all! I was worried that a dental block would have to be used (this was from me reading older reviews) but the numbing creme & Juvederm Ultra was all I needed. I'm sure the skill of the staff helped :) I did feel a little faint but Dr. Clinton & Eve always checked on me and made me very comfortable.

If you are thinking about doing this, do it!

Day 2

My lips are swollen and a little bruised. However I have no pain but it's still a little hard to drink without spilling pop all over myself.

1 more before pic

Here is one more before photo taken on my iPhone. Feel free to comment if you have any questions about the procedure.
Wow your results look great so far- very natural.  I'm glad you are happy, looking forward to more pictures!

Day 3 more bruising

There are more bruising above my upper lip on the left side. It's hard to tell in the pictures because of the flash. Not a lot of pain, lips still feel a little stiff. Recovery time is between 7-14 days so I have awhile. So far I'm happy with them! I noticed a slight bump but I think it will go away after awhile. I have a follow up appointment in a month and will bring up that issue. I'm a full-time student so I'm lucky where I don't have to have coworkers asking questions about the bruises. I talked to some of the staff members about this. They tell clients to just say, "I'm doing a new skin routine". I think that's a great idea. I may tell some of my close friends what I really did. Another excuse I may use is "dental work".
Thanks for the comment JIll81! I'm loving this site, reading other's experiences put a lot of confidence in me to go through with it.
Glad the site has been helpful!  It is definitely a great place to learn all sorts of things and make some friends who "get it".

Day 23

The swelling & bruises went away after 7 days. Next week I have a follow-up appointment but will not get injections because I'm now pregnant. If I did chose to get an injection that this time, I know less of 1 syringe will be used so it's economical for me to wait 6-9 months.

I can still feel bumps on the injection sites inside my mouth. It doesn't bother me but I'm surprised because it's been almost a month. I'm still happy with the results and no one has noticed (well except my husband on day 2 lol!) Everyone else thinks I look well rested when they notice there is something different about me. I decided to tell one friend who had some procedures done but told no one else. My husband was likes the results now but was concerned I would appear vapid. However after the swelling went down, he realized how happy I was with the results and left it at that.
Dr. Carol Clinton

Dr. Carol Clinton, Dr. Lynne A. Eaton, & their staff are wonderful! Everyone made me very comfortable and I did not feel rushed.

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