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Had tummy tuck with lipo 1 year ago. spent 13,000...

had tummy tuck with lipo 1 year ago. spent 13,000 in NYC park avenue doc. results were good but I think it can be improved.

preop weight 115 height 5'2 (worked out and lost 20 lbs prior to surgery)
Loose skin, umbilical hernia, wrinkled stomach above and below navel
stomach off center larger in one area than other
lost breast tissue due to weight loss from full b to a
hips and butt all but disappeared from 40 inches to 35
left with upper body fat around armpit/breast area and arms making me look manly and somewhat of a fatty upper back.

results: PROS: significant improvement in stomach area loose skin removed new belly button created (although somewhat flat and top scar visible) top ab muscles visible. Stomach is straight belly button in the middle in nice position stomach flatter. scar is even from hip to hip and low
CONS: scar healing blotchy above and below incision
old belly button visible in lower abdomen (he didn't remove wanted to conserve skin)
waist is wide (I have a large rib cage but he did very conservative lipo) I was able to grab sides and pinch more than an inch
loose lower ab skin (doc said he can't remove more skin or I cant stand) I can pull the loose skin when I'm standing one year later.
fat above incision (doc said it was swelling during post op visits) 1 year later you can see the fat lumps so I don't think its swelling any more

So since PS said he couldnt improve it any further I decided to gain weight to get some curves back. Weight came to breasts and legs primarily. still have bra shrimp fat, back fat and armpit fat. Arms still chunky but breasts and legs balance that out now. Look more feminine. weight now at 141.

I came across Dra. Yily in real self reviews when looking to see tummy tucks.. I was amazed and the beautiful results achieved. I never thought it was possible to look that good with surgery.

GOALS: create a waist line with lipo to back and waist.
remove weird lower abdomen fat with lipo
scar revision removing wrinkled skin from mid lower abdomen(hoping scar can be much shorter like a mini tummy tuck or modified tummy tuck.
belly button? I have no idea what can be done
arm and bra fat/armpit fat lipo
Brazilian butt lift-Was not part of the plan BUT why not? it looks gorgeous.
some fat transfer to hips since my waist is wide would like it to visually look smaller.

Sent email with photos and am awaiting results. Would like to go in Sept 2013

Have May 2nd date reserved but have not received...

Have May 2nd date reserved but have not received quote via email. Since I speak spanish I have called twice and have spoken to Dr. Yily's staff they assured me I would receive a response by Friday (today) and that my date was reserved. They were very nice and helpful on the phone and just said that there are a lot of emails and they are trying to answer them in the order they were received so to please await their response. I explained that I wanted to make sure to reserve my flight tickets and arrangements so they understood and said by today. so I called on Monday and then again on Thursday. Hopefully I will receive a response today. *fingers crossed..

I really want to know if I should gain weight, lose weight or remain this same. I'm really concerned if I have enough fat. . I've already lost 4 pounds not on purpose and I'm worried about the fat i need for the bbl!

TEAM YILY!! Going May 2nd 3600 for all items I...

TEAM YILY!! Going May 2nd 3600 for all items I need done... it was very important to me that my scar is revised as it looks really weird when I wear form fitting dresses like a 2 inch waist long bump right above scar.. My stomach is super flat I just have a wide waist... YAY!!! so excited...

Well ladies its done.. I have to say Dra Yily is...

well ladies its done.. I have to say Dra Yily is the best. However, surgery itself is no joke. and you will feel scared. hospital cipla is very rustic and equipment is very old. a lot of arguing in spanish amongst the staff. If you don't speak the language you will not feel at ease. I speak spanish but I was still afraid. If you don't have a good buddy prepare for drama. I had a good surgery buddy but some girls did not. Recovery house staff are truly caring and amazing but some girls that stayed there were annoying calling them constantly and interrupting other patients that spoke spanish while they were sleeping/relaxing/eating etc to translate for them in spanish for pure nonsense. "my tv doesn't work i want tea blah blah blah" you could hear them screaming out names every 5 min "ANNA!" it was like they could do nothing for themselves uuuuuggggh.. anyway the drivers are nuts and I said a prayer every time i was in a car. one thing i have to say.. so many girls are so UNREALISTIC about what plastic surgery can do... if you look like a line backer you will not end up looking like kim kardashian... If you have no ass at all do not expect a serena williams booty. I am extremely satisfied with my results and Dra Yily was amazing. Strict to the point and professional. she gave me a small waist and a nice booty. I will not post pics as I noticed with other girls that have their pics are stolen and fake accounts are made. Dra Yily is very good at what she does but be prepared to wait for everything to be subjected to interactions with crazy ass patients in CIPLA and recovery house, get ready for pain as this surgery is NO walk in the park. Oh yeah and if you dont plan on following doctors orders like taking your medications your heparin shots recovering well taking care of your incisions taking it easy waiting to travel back home etc etc etc please note that you increase your chances of complications.

tummy tuck scar improved without revision

oh yeah and I originally went for tummy tuck scar revision but when Dra Yily saw it she said she would lipo above the scar and scar appearance will flatten and if she needed to remove skin she would but she did not think it would be necessary. She was correct and i have a lot LESS loose skin and my scar looks better! however, you have to do the massages I started swelling again right around the scar and massage lady told me that i needed to compress and have that area massaged since I tend to swell there.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon


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hello I have the same issue had TT a year ago but I end up like sponge bob square pants. did Yily give you the hour glass shape you was looking for? Please help me iam trying to book with her in January 2014
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How come I didn't see you?? Or did I?? Lol anyway glad all went well!
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Hey!!! Maybe you did.. lol! I was one the first floor all couped up most of the time
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Hey girl how was your surgery? Hope to see more reviews about your recovery. Notbpressuring but do wonder if you will put pics or not? I understand privacy so just asking :) happy healing & take good care!
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Thanks.... I'm. Still stiff and uncomfortable. I may put pics undecided right now. I know they he'll people but I dunno yet...
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Im also scheduled for May 2nd, Hope to see u there, Good Luck & best wishes :)
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Hey you still going may 2nd? It says Sept above?
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Hey are you staying at JM spa? When you arriving?
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How do I get yily de Los santos email address and phone,
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hi doover! good luck on your revision! can you tell me who was your doctor that did your first tummy tuck?
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Dr. Kohler. He was very good but very conservative. Wish I had a before pic my belly was a mess
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i had a tummy tuck too with one of the park avenue doctors. my tummys results are similar to yours but i had too many stretch marks
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I did also but apparently they are very conservative with tummy tucks and dont do much liposuction. I wish I could find a pic of my stomach before it was horrible!! so I think for what I had he did a fantastic job.. however.... i think it can definetly be improved.
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you do look great! i look good too when im standing up but skin gets wrinkly when i sit. but whole point of getting tummy tuck is to lose the skin while sitting and bending too. my doctor keeps telling me that if he removed more skin then i would end up having wound complications. i wish he could have removed more.
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Hi doover! I am scheduled for a TT & BBL with Yily on March 6th. I will be posting my results with photos. Let me know if you have trouble contacting her, many have. Wish me luck!
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good luck!!! Thank you so much for responding!!! I havent heard back from her in over a week. so I'm hoping she answers me soon! Good luck again sweety!!
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Hi ladies, I'm scheduled to have TT and BBL with Dr. Yily on May 13. Please post your pics and how your overall experience with your surgeries. I'm scared to death but am so looking forward to a flat tummy and a bigger booty.
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Hi @ellebeuty13 I'm scheduled for May2nd for tummy tuck revision hopefully just scar revision and liposuction and BBL! I'm scared too but I trust she will take good care of me.. :)
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NiceDreams: How did the tummy tuck go? I had breast reduction in Oct. 2012 and I'm going April 9th for a tunny tuck. Not sure what BBL is? I'm interested on everything about your tummy tuck since it was scheduled for a week ago.
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