19 Years Old. Possible Revision for Bottoming Out. 375cc Ultra High Profile Overs to Be Replaced Under Muscle? - Birmingham, UK

Hi girls. I'm 19 years old. Had my BA 6 months ago...

Hi girls. I'm 19 years old. Had my BA 6 months ago whilst I was 18. I was recommended 375cc over the muscle ultra high profile round implants. I went from an A -32FF(I think that's 32H US size?). Anyway everything was great u.p until about 4 months post op. I noticed they started dropping further.. Though maybe this is ok but now at6 ,on the there very low on my chest wall and I have no upper pole fullness whatsoever. They also fall into my armpits slightly whilst laying down. My nipples have risen and also stretched towards my crease making them a long weird shape. I'm into see my surgeon tomorrow at 5.45PM. I'm so nervous. I really want him to do revision on me. Hoping for under muscle implants and maybe bigger to fill the skin. If I need a lift I'll have a lift although I won't take it lightly as I had very pert breasts before.

seen my surgeon

So I seen my surgeon. I walked in and basically said I think I need a revision. He said whys that? I said I think they sit too low on my chest and even in a bra I can't get good upper pole fullness he said let me see. So he seen and took pics said they looked very natural. I said yeah natural for someone that's breast fed kids. I have a droop which I didn't have before. So I put back my top out and burst out crying. He said what don't you like? Too small? I said my it's not that but I asked specifically for upper pole fullness and round cleavage. I see girls with unders with more upper pole! He said well maybe I see you in August and we will go under and a bigger implant to give you volume. I said how much will that cost? He said probably nothing. Them handed me a tissue and was like they're better than before though? As I had 32A no boobs and cried just taking my top off first time I seen him and I said I'm unsure anymore. So he said ring in July and book for August to see me and we will go from there and see what we can do. I hope I get my revision!!

Some pictures.

Pre op. Straight after op. 3 months and then now.

Scar update!!

I had the crease incision and used nothing on my scars. Left them alone. Here's them after op as 6 and a half months post. Z

When I liked my pics

Pics I like

Little update

Wondering if I'm gonna need an areola reduction? If I go under and slightly bigger implants are they going to get even bigger?! I used to have really small nipples. Hmmm anyone else had an areola reduction?

Does Anyone Have Large Implants?

Hi I've already had a BA , I had 375cc XHP over the muscle 8 months ago and I'm looking to go bigger with revision. I went from a UK SIZE 32A - 32FF. I want to have fuller upper pole and more of a cleavage without a bra. Does anyone here have large implants with pictures? I'd love to hear your stories!! All I know is that I'm going under the muscle and a larger implant. Not sure what cc until August when I see him again! I'm hoping for at least 600cc possibly larger if he will let me. I've posted pictures of me currently and posted pictures of the look of the type of breasts I want. Any advice would be amazing. I've asked questions on here from doctors and don't seen to get a lot out of them so would rather hear from all you girls with larger implants. Or girls that have had a small implant and upgraded the implant to larger even if not really large! Anything at all will be appreciated. I'm also 19 years old. Had my BA at 18. I know what people think that I shouldn't have a BA that young but I did because I was so self conscious of having no boobs all through my teenage years. Like I said anything at all on this review will help me. Thankyou x

Dr Michael Payne

I have to admit I went with mr Payne after 3 consultations with different surgeons. I felt at ease with him. He was very informative and straight to the point. He'd happily re explain so,etching you didn't understand too. I chose him also because I know he's done celebrities breasts and they look fantastic. He's a lordly surgeon and I've only ever heard great stories about him. I've never heard of him online doing revision though. So does that mean he's a real good surgeon and doesn't get many revisions? Or does he not do revisions point blank? I imagine the first scenario being true.

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Your Stella's will increase with larger Implants..I want a areola reduction mine are streatched out with 600cc's I got...I'm not sure if I can still get a reduction or if its too late
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I meant areolas
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Hey Hun I'm going to ask about a reduction. I don't want them getting any larger and they've stretched quite a bit going A-FF obviously. He said I should stay same cup size or possibly go up one size to a G! But just more upper like fullness. I'm going to mention it when I see him in August x
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I'm gana ask when ito for my 6 month check...I hate how big mine are
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I'm okay with mine ATM. But they have gotten large. And if he says they'll get even larger id defo want a reduction lol x
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Surely if you have a bigger implant they will be heavier and sag even more? It's the positioning of the implant in the pocket that's at fault, not the size. If you go too big you can end up looking like you have a mono boob, which can make you look heavy, when you're clearly slim. They are big already, I wouldn't risk looking like you have Phil and Grant Mitchell in your bra :) good luck.
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He claims they're not saggy. And haven't bottomed out. But I so have no upper pole fullness so he seems to think that going under to pad them more on top and a larger implant will fill them out More on top. No I wouldn't get mono boob. I wouldn't go huge huge. And I'm not that slim. I'm a size UK 10 but very curvy hips bum and thighs Hun. I have 375cc and they've got a lot larger but the implant is no where near my cleavage if that makes sense. He wouldn't give me implants wider than my bwd anyway. That's what causes symmastia. (Mono boob)
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Also he will be creating a whole new pocket from going over to under xx
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Oh dear hope all goes well, I have just had 400cc uhp only 3 days post op, not in much pain but quite uncomfortable, keep us updated x
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I didn't have pain either until 5 and a half months post op lol. Good luck with recovery x
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I am glad you started your review so we can support you through this. Would you be willing to share any photos with us? How did you appointment with our surgeon go?
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Hey thanks for your reply. He said he won't do a my revisions to one year post op but because I was so upset he said he'd see me one month before. In August :-) I will post pics x
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