Does Juvederm Move from the Place It Was Injected?

Juvederm for nosial folds... i had it done...

juvederm for nosial folds... i had it done yesterday... pain was bearable... the result was quite o.k. although i feel the material quite stiff and bumpy under my skin... the procedure was about 1/2 hour...

i had juvaderm done yesterday in my nosial folds and i think from the one side the gel has moved to the upper and down side of the wrinkle leaving a small gap... in between... right where the wrinkle is (on the smile line) i also feel the gel like a stiff thing under my skin..... will this go away? its weekend so i can't contact my doctor now...


Let me tell you, it is best to look at their work rather than tell them what you want. they are gonna do what THEY want and not what u ask for. same thing happened to me when I asked the dr to "just even out under my eyes and make it smooth. Do not overinject." Well, he overinjected and gave me under eye bags and also a silly ridge that came to a point near my nose for each eye. I looked like a freak and wore sunglasses even when I didn't need to. He also quoted me $550 but charged me $750 when i walked out the door for his wonderful "technique." I was so angry and ashamed. about 6 mos later i finally had a competent dermatologist use Vitrase sparingly to take down the bags somewhat. In the future, ask to see their before and after photos. Never trust an American dr. So m any of them don't listen to a word u say, are pompous and have no problem deforming you and going to the bank to cash ur check and then go to sleep at night dreaming of what they're gonna spend that money on. It is a sad state of affairs in the USA. About 98,000 people die evey year in USA from medical errors. That's just the people who die. Thus the errors are WAY higher than that. Don't trust them just because they have MD after the name. I think it is sheer greed that sends many incompetents to medical school.
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I asked the doctor to enhance my natural lips and not to make me look stupid. I explained my opinion of the over inflated duck lips that so many women have. This is the look I did not want. The doctor gave me exactly what I did not want! I look ridiculous! I hate it and do not reccomend this unless you really trust your doctor.
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He is very calm and looks sure of what he is doing

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