19 Year Old Salines for New Mentor CPG - Destin, FL

I had 360cc each Saline under muscle implants for...

I had 360cc each Saline under muscle implants for the last 19 years. I actually still really liked them but knew eventually I would have to make a change and decided not to wait around for one to fail and then be in a hurry to fix them. I am now 40, 5'7", and weigh 132 lb. My bra size was 32ddd.

So I have my revision done yesterday. I needed internal stitching on the lateral sides to make the pockets smaller for the newer shape of the implants, and scar revision to the old scars. They new ones were placed in at the crease.

My new implants are Mentor smooth round high profile, cohesive gel, left 650, right 750.

Pain isn't horrible and I am barely 24 hours post op. The lateral stitching is what probably hurts the most. I do have swelling so I am trying to remind myself they get better with time. Although overall I am happy and think they will look awesome.

I admit I am a little worried about being to big, I said just 'a little' bigger would be fine. I will add photos later. Going back to sleep now.


Ok it's day 5 and I am only taking Tylenol. I went back to work Thursday, 3 days post op, I don't recommend it unless you have a low stress no lifting of any kind day like I had. Thankfully I trust my doctor and nurse and they are beginning to drop. They still seem a little to high compared to me nipple position but it's not even been a week since surgery. I really did still like my 19 year old implants and so did my husband. I got many many compliments on how natural and good they looked bug at 19 years I was fixated on waiting for them to fail. I didn't want to just wait for one to fail and then be in a hurry to fix them. I finally decided since I knew I would have do change eventually why not know when I was still young and fit enough to enjoy them.

I still can't say enough about choosing your PS based on comfort, experience, and not cost. The doctor, his nurse Lisa, and the surgery center are are A+. I have an extensive medical background and therefore have very high expectations. Destin Plastic Surgery do far is worth the cost and travel time. I will update again soon. I go for my post op first Tuesday.

Sorry for the typos

As much as I love technology I am embarrassed by my typos in my last post, I submitted it from my iPhone. Anyways my biggest concern now is waiting for them to drop a little further. So far Dr Ennis must know what he is doing because the size is a different shape even though the CCs are larger but it seems my 32ddd bras will still fit.

Ouch massaging hurts

Ok I admit I might be trying a little to hard at massaging these babies trying to make them drop it has still only been 9 days but the left one is way more sore than the right. I can push and massage the right with very little soreness but the left is a big ouch!!! Still no bras while I wait for them to settle.

It seems the silicone needs massaging to get in place. I never had to do anything 19 years ago with the saline implants.
Pensacola Plastic Surgeon

Love this place, the doctor, his staff, and the onsite surgery center. Choose based on quality and reputation!! I personally feel if cost is part of your decision you probably shouldn't do it.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Congrats! I'm trying to decide on saline vs silicone. May I ask why u chose silicone?
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Your boobs look awesome. I've had mine for 19 years also and I'm having horrible pain. Mine has fallen really bad. Mine are falling to the side and I can't lay on my sides because of the pain. Want them fixed so bad. Your Dr. did a great job.
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I just got mine done at same place on 7/25. I, too, had massive pain in my left breast. Went 550cc in left and 500cc in right. Same implants you have. I already had three surgeries with them 3 months ago; lift, lipo and labiaplasty. I agree with you about the facility and Dr. Ennis. and especially Lisa. I love her and I also love Ashley. They make me feel so comfortable. I've been freaking out about the shooting electric pain in my left breast. Being 18 days post op I can now say that the pain is diminishing as far as the nerves. I'm still sore, more so on the right now because the left dropped quicker. My right still looks way higher. I can see that it's starting to drop tho. I am cranking on these girls constantly. I'd like to see updated photos from you since you should be dropping pretty well by now. I don't have any pics posted yet, but I will do that. I thought your boobs looked nice before. Your right looked bigger which is my issue. I feel like even after my breast lift and my implants that my right still appears bigger, even though Dr. Ennis said he was adjusting for that in the CCs and that they will never be twins but only sisters. :)
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Your breast look beautiful!
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Looking fabulous! Love the upper pole fullness! I'm sure your enjoying it too!
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The size looks perfect . You look great .
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You look incredible, not at all too big!
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Thank you for sharing your story on RealSelf! Wow, 19 year old implants is amazing. Did you have any rippling or any other problems at all with your saline implants? Try not to worry about the size right now. Hope the rest of your recovery goes well. Congratulations and keep us posted!

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            happy healing: looking forward to seeing your pics! 
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