Dermaplaning is FABULOUS

My name is Dana Hamm. I'm a model and actress, and...

My name is Dana Hamm. I'm a model and actress, and I absolutely love dermaplaning!! I have dealt with monthly breakouts and oily skin most of my adult life. Dermaplaning does wonders for my skin. I like to get it before photo shoots or important events or auditions.

My facialist dermaplanes my entire face, neck, and upper chest area and then follows with a mild beta peel. She works extra diligently on the areas where I've had a pimple or facial areas that show more stress like between the eyebrows or around the mouth. It seems that fine lines and enlarged pores can be minimized through this treatment.

Afterwards I'm left with silky smooth baby's skin. It's like glass. It is a little red for the first few days, but it's not a severe looks more like a light sunburn. People will just think you've been in the tanning bed or at the beach.

Applying my make-up is such a pleasure after dermaplaning. It goes on so easy and smoothly. And it looks wonderful. I would venture to say that dermaplaning takes a few years off my face. I always get compliments on my skin afterwards. The results seem to last several weeks.

The only downside to dermaplaning is that it can cause a few ingrown hair bumps around the upper lip. Dermaplaning is similar to a deep shave, so I suppose it could be like razor burn. However, it's not bad. Typically, I get a 1-2 small pimples near the corners of my mouth...and then that's it.

I totally feel it's worth it. And it may not happen to other people. I have sensitive skin.

Karen Farrell-Cruz at Ohio Plastic Surgeons

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Can any one recommend someone who does dermaplaning in the Seattle area ? I absolutely love this procedure ! I had this treatment which was named "French face lift" instead of derma planing in Cannon Beach this summer. Friends and co workers raved about how great my skin looked.
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I am a medical esthetician and I do the dermaplaning and dermarolling on my office.. The dr doesn't do these treatments.
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Basically, this review is regarding someone having their face shaved. Why is this under 'dermabrasion'? As a result, the dermabrasion Worth It rating and average price paid are skewed.
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Thank you for pointing this out to us lucidity. It has now been moved. We really appreciate when community members help us catch things like this - great job!!

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This seems more like microdermabrasion, not the deeper Dermabrasion procedure.
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Hi Amy, 

Have you had either procedure? 



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I 'm very much interested in more info about dermaplanning. I worked in a plastic surgery office, I'm an Aesthetician taking care of pre/po patients and also a perminent make-up instructor.I will love to start doing the service.
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I am a licensed Medical Esthetician with fifteen years of skin care experience. Primarly in medical skin care practices. I have been doing dermaplaning for all of my career and have found it to be one of the best procedures for changing the appearance of the skin, in real time. For anyone that is seeking to improve their skin and does not necessarily wish to spend a fortune in doing so, I would highly recommend this procedure! The result is healthy, smooth, fresh and radiant looking skin. I offer this service and other esthetic services here in Cincinnati, Ohio at Faces by Robin.
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i love dermaplaning and have it done once a month--it has completely renewed my skin. only question i have "is it legal" due to using a blade? i was told not by state of california.
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THis sounds like it is best done by a physician. I don't think that I would trust just anyone to mess with my face.
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