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Hello everyone! I have a very prominent hump...

Hello everyone!

I have a very prominent hump and it has bothered me since forever! I actually learned to live with it, but after seeing so many reviews I feel that if something bothers me that I can change, hey why not? And if I don't get it now, I know that I'm going to be wanting rhino and don't want to wait until I'm older.

So I scheduled my first consultation for rhino next monday =) I know this is my first consult, but after researching and reading so many reviews about this doctor, I feel like he could be the one. However, I feel that just going for the first surgeon that I see doesn't feel right? What do you all think? How many consults did it take until you found the one?


Hi there,

It seems like three is the magic number, but if you're really comfortable with your first plastic surgeon and he or she is board certified and specializes in rhinoplasty, who's to say that that doctor isn't the one?

Please come back and let us know what you think. I hope it goes well!


So I have already chosen a doctor to do my rhino....

So I have already chosen a doctor to do my rhino. I just don't have the exact surgery date yet, but it will happen in about 3 months. I am really looking foward to having a better looking nose, but I can't help to think of the worse! Like what if I don't come out of it or even the possibility of death. I know, I know.... I shouldn't be thinking so negative. And this is something that I have been wanting to do for a while now. Did anyone have any second thoughts before their surgery?
I have a question. who did you go see? Did you end up getting the procedure done? I'm from Boulder, Colorado and I'm looking for a good rhinoplasty surgeon. So far I've had consultations with Dr. Albin, Dr. Kuisle, Dr. Slenkovich, Dr. Menachof, etc.

So I finally scheduled my surgery! =) FEBRUARY 3rd...

So I finally scheduled my surgery! =) FEBRUARY 3rd is the big day, I am so excited and anxious! Everyone please keep me in their prayers that everything goes well on the big day.... I appreciate it all.
I saw Dr. Slenkovich and Dr. Imola. Both awesome doctors however I decided to go with Dr. Imola.

Sooo does anyone have any tips for pre-op surgery?...

Sooo does anyone have any tips for pre-op surgery? when am i suppose to start taking my arnica pills???? My surgery isn't going to be til' february 9th now. I will be posting before and after pics as soon as I have my surgery done =)



So I have surgery tomorrow morning! Boy ohhh boy,...

So I have surgery tomorrow morning! Boy ohhh boy, I am pretty excited and nervous, this is my first surgery! Hoping it all goes well..... wish me luck and keep me in your prayers please =)

So thank the lord everything turned out great with...

So thank the lord everything turned out great with my surgery! =) I was super scared and nervous the whole morning of my surgery, but it really wasn't bad at all. I did throw up some blood from the tube being down my throat. But other than that I was feeling quite well.

Day 1 post op: As far as pain what I mostly had was a headache. I was taking my percocets which were helping a lot. Also it is very uncomfortable having to sleep with my head elevated, but I actually got some sleep. I did not have a problem eating anyting, but I still did stick to the liquids. Jello and yogurts and plenty of water have been very soothing through this process.

Day 2 post op: Today was good as far as pain, I have not needed to take any percocets yet. But I will be taking one tonight just incase. My bruising hasn't been too bad either, just yellow around my eyes. I have been taking my arnica pills which could be helping the bruising. I still have no problem eating. My lips are very numb though which kind of make chewing things a little difficult. This experience so far hasn't been too too painful, but it is very uncomfortable! I would say it's like having a cold. And I can breathe out of my nose, but I still try to breathe out of my mouth, cause I don't know if it's okay to breathe out of my nose so soon? My tip looks a lot better, however I noticed my nostrils are uneven. I have been reading around and it looks like it could be due to the swelling? And I am not even a week post op so I'm thinking it could be the swelling. Did anyone have uneven nostrils which later on got even after the swelling?
Curious to see if your nostrils still look uneven after your one week post-op and you get the cast off. Hopefully you will post an update for us all. Best of luck!
My nostrils looked uneven under the cast because of how it was placed. how's everything going now?
How are you doing now? Is your cast off? I had surgery Feb 10th and I am doing great. Just curious as to how you are progressingl I hope you are good!

So it's been about a week and 3 days since my...

So it's been about a week and 3 days since my surgery, and everything has gone well... recovery was a breeze I am now pretty much back to my old self, minus the horrible skin peeling on my face, but it's getting better... It's been a couple of days since I got my cast off and I'm pretty happy with my nose. It just took me a while to get use to it, I actually look normal for once with a straight profile and it feels great. My nose isn't perfect, but it's way better than my old nose and I'm happy about it. My nostrils are a bit uneven, but it's cause my face. And I'm hoping they'll even out a bit once all the swelling subsides. But it's nothing I'm too worried about. My ps did a great job and I would highly recommend him. I will post pictures in a bit... and I'll update as much as I can =)

List Pros & Cons, Advice you can offer others

List Pros & Cons, Advice you can offer others
Congrats! looking forward to seeing the results!
You will see improvement each day. Glad you are well.
I progressed very well! I did get the cast off already and it took me a couple of days to get use to my new nose lol it actually came out very good! the only thing is the doctor said something about the left of my face being bigger than the right or something like that? so my nostrils did come out a bit uneven... my left is longer than my right, however this does not really bother me at all, my nose was horrible before so I'm really happy with how it turned out even with the nostrils being a slight uneven. And they could get a little better after all the swelling too. My nostrils did look a lot better after the cast came off as well, once my ps cleaned out everything it made a huge difference.

So I'm already 6 weeks and a couple of days...

So I'm already 6 weeks and a couple of days post-op and I still am loving my nose!! It looks a little swollen still, but other than that it looks good to me. I can breathe pretty well. When I touch the bridge of my nose there is a tiny bump that I can feel, it isn't noticeable, but I was told by my ps that once the swelling all goes down it may show so if that's the case I might go back so he can rasp it out. He told me not to rub it cause it could irrate it. You can't tell it is there unless I touch it so I'm hoping it stays like that. I still am very happy I went through with the surgery and encourage anyone who is interested in rhino to go for it! Well I will keep you guys posted within the next couple of weeks on how everything is going.

Well I'm about 16 weeks now....... everything has...

Well I'm about 16 weeks now....... everything has been well. Still very satisfied with my nose so far. The only thing is the one bump I specified before is still there and at about 14 weeks I noticed another very small one underneath that bump, but they have not popped out completely u can't tell their there. So I'm hoping they stay like that cause I don't want it to change I'm so happy with my nose I would be very dissappointed if they happend to appear. I know I have not loaded up pics yet, but once I upload pics to my computer I will. Til' then I will try to keep up with updates!

So I'm about 1 year and 2 months post op rhino. At...

So I'm about 1 year and 2 months post op rhino. At about 8 months I started noticing some changes. Turns out a depression that I had on one side of my nose has collapsed a little more in. And it looks like I have an inverted v deformity =( Im so dissappointed. I was so happy with my nose at the beginning. My surgeon has agreed to do a revision free of charge and did state that it may have been due to my healing process saying that some people do heal differently and that the graft may have shifted because of the healing process. I am looking into going back with my ps, because I was very very happy with the work he did. I do understand things happen. Well I will update once i schedule my revision. until then hope everyone takes care and is enjoying their new noses
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