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Dr. Zuliani is an amazing doctor, and is a...

Dr. Zuliani is an amazing doctor, and is a perfectionist with his work!! I had a rhinoplasty with him about two months ago and I am very very satisfied with the results because I can actually breath alot better now :-). I had a rhinoplasty done ten years ago and was not satisfied with the results. My nostrils were too narrow and I wasn't able to breathe well and on Flonase constantly. But thanks to Dr. Zuliani now I am feeling much better, not only heath wise, but appearance wise as well. My surgery lasted about five hours due to everything being collapsed from my previous surgery, but all that is fixed now and he did a great job cosmetic wise also! I would definetly recommend him for any medical and cosmetic surgery because he really is an amazing artist.
Thanks for sharing your experience on RealSelf. What were your first few days of recovery like?
I am glad your surgery was a success. Would be nice to see photos. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.
Congratulations! I would love to see Dr. Zuliani but I live in Chicago. If I feel brave, I'll make the hike up there! Glad to hear he's this great!
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