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Hi I am considering Nova Southeastern University...

Hi I am considering Nova Southeastern University Dental School for braces. They have a very straightforward process for getting them. First of all, there is a free screening where they decide whether you qualify for braces in their school. If they do decide you qualify, you have to return for a second appointment to take x-rays and records. This appointment costs $225 and takes about 1.5 hours. The orthodontic treatment, which starts after the records appointment, costs a flat fee of $3850 regardless of the case. The only thing is that their schedule is extremely packed; they could not even offer me a screening appointment for another two months. Also, I have been to Nova for other dental work and while the work is excellent, it can end up taking a whole afternoon. So if your regular orthodontist charges $4500 while Nova is $4050 total, if may be better to just stick with the regular guy because of the time and travel savings. Otherwise Nova is a good choice.


Would love to hear if you decided to go through with treatment, and if so what your experience has been so far.

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Just curious where you are in the process; have you qualified for their program yet?

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When I was getting dental services, I was advised that I was a good candidate for orthodontics at their clinic because I only have a little bit of crowding. So I think I will qualify. However, I have not gotten an official screening yet because they are so busy that they can't even waitlist people anymore. They said the earliest you can even call to ask for a screening is mid-April.
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