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For years I have been insecure about my nose, and...

For years I have been insecure about my nose, and wanted to have a rhinoplasty to fix it. I did my research for several years and ended up finding a surgeon whom I thought would be a good fit for what I wanted done. I thought everything would go great especially with him being a rhinoplasty specialist, and The thought of a revision never crossed my mind until now. My nose was by no means awful but slightly too large for my face. It was wide and had a slight bump on the bridge as well as a slightly bulbous tip.

I'm now 9 months post op and I'm devastated about my results thus far. I now have a bridge that's too wide, an asymmetrical tip,a nostril that is difficult to breathe out of and, a scooped out profile.I feel that this decision has ruined my life. I now struggle with anxiety and depression. If I would have known this before hand, I would have never ever done this. Please don't take what god gave you for granted! Because a bad result is very devasting.


I'm getting my revision done by him. he did my first one and now i want a second one just to tweak it. I'm so sorry you are unhappy with your results :-( you should consult with him i think he fixes his booboos free of charge minus surgery center fee?
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Actually, I need to update this review. For the most, part I actually like my result now. I'm going to have him revise it just a little. What are you having him fix on yours?
Thank you so much for that. Through this experience, I have lost a lot of self confidence. I have consulted with several surgeons but I am torn as to who to go with. Dr. Cochran did my primary and he's a rhinoplasty specialist. I just don't want to be disappointed again. So I not sure what to do:(. I love his bedside manner and he is an awesome person. I just hope he has the surgical skill to fix this. Any of your suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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