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Dr. Cochran was worth every ounce of research and...

Dr. Cochran was worth every ounce of research and effort! My family of 6, flew out to Dallas from Florida for 8 days. I am now 11 days post op, and I never imagined after all the anxiety I have been through in 25 years of waiting, that my once severely fractured septum, fractured bones, and twisted nose with tip drooping could be fixed after such trauma and damage. Even with postoperative normal swelling, my nose is so unbelievably straight, with perfect symmetry, perfectly aligned nostrils and tip! For the first time since the age of 13, (now I just turned a lovely 40), I can breathe beautifully! I can also go out in public, and never feel self conscious about my profile or facial appearance ever again!

I had 5 consults in Florida, in my home state first. No offense to any surgeon here, but I required revision rhinoplasty to fix the mess of another surgeon from 12 years ago, who only attempted to fix my septum for breathing issues and I ended up with lateral wall collapse, with 100 percent airway collapse on one side, 75 percent on the other. I needed the cream of the crop, so I would never have to go in again for another surgery or revision. Dr, Cochran, with his sweet, soft, bedside manner, and stellar surgical skills performed a miracle! I was quoted from other surgeons an operation time frame of 4-5 hours, with ear graft cartilage and outside 2mm osteotomies bilaterally........was not thrilled with being put under general anesthesia that long. The longer you are under, the more likely the potential for complications.

Dr. Cochran performed a miracle of my mess in 2 hr. and 9 min. Approximately!!! Why? Because his entire practice is 100percent rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty. That is all he does. He doesn't dabble in unnecessary cosmetics. So, if you want your nose fixed to perfection, he is the Guru of noses, in my opinion. Other physicians wanted to offer fillers for imperfections after rhinoplasty.........not saying its wrong, its just the way they practice. But I didn't want to mess around with that. I wanted to have it done right the first Time, and be done, and move forward with my life. I would highly suggest asking your plastic surgeon, whom ever you choose, if taking Celebrex along with minimal doses of pain medicine is right for you. Celebrex helped me tremendously for postoperative pain and tissue swelling....boy Did I need that! I was able to take smaller doses of pain pills, suffering LESS constipation, stomach upset and dizziness.

Of course any surgery hurts, and mine was painful, that was to be expected with all the damage I had. On postoperative day 4, I only took two pain pills in 24 hours, and added extra strength Tylenol 650mg, bid (twice a day). the Celebrex worked amazingly, and if you have a true sulfa allergy it may not be an option for you. I am allergic to sulfa antibiotics, but not Celebrex. It takes a true artist with aesthetic perfection and stellar surgical skills to do what Dr. Cochran does. As a Nurse Practitioner who is very anxious about being surgically operated on, because of my professional and personal work experience, I would look no further once you have found this brilliant surgeon. He is the one and only David Copperfield of rhinoplasty!

Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon

If I didn't live so far away it would be easier to communicate regularly, but his office staff are exemplary...so they do a wonderful job of keeping the lines of communication open......

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hello! Will you mind sharing your pics with me? I am considering this doctor
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I too am.a nurse. left in 1989 after bad nose job with saddle deformity and no ability to breathe. can Cochran handle the cartilage graft etc for someone who cant afford any more major facial disappointment?
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I hope your nose is healing well and that you still like it! You must feel really blessed :)
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Something else I would definitely ask his office before surgery is the following 1) if I am an out of town patient, which I was, I live in Florida and flew to Dallas, then could I please have a prescription for the following medications A) an antinausea prescription medication if you get really sick from general anesthesia. my primary had this covered already, and I took generic Zofran, (Ondansetron), because I am allergic to phenergan and Compazine. I needed it immediately when I go to the hotel.........it is in ODT form (orally disintegrating Tablet) melts in your mouth, and in 15 minutes, you are well again. B.) I would ask before and after surgery if you could have a medrol dose pack. (10 days worth of tapered steroid pills to reduce swelling and inflammation) I knew and did have intense swelling, once the outside cast, and internal splints came out....it began to balloon 24 hours later. My primary prescribed it, because again, I live out of state, and my revision was well known before hand to end up with lots more swelling than a primary. Lastly, asking about taping and preparing for it 2 weeks out of surgery is very very beneficial. I am doing it now, and it's working super well.
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Fabulous to read such a great experience thus far. I hope it continues to stay beautiful and make you happy! Do you have pics you can at least privately share? I understand if not, but just looking for a glimmer of hope :)
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Ps~ what are outside osteotomies? Is that outfracture?
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Thank you guys soooo very much! I can send private pics, absolutely. Send me your email addy when you can and I will show some photos:) An osteotomy is when a small instrument, called an osteotomy, gently re breaks the upper nasal bones, nearest your eyes, and a small amount of force is placed on the nose outside, if done laterally (outside the skin, leaving a 2mm incision that will heal quickly). My skin is thinner, and I bleed more easily, so I opted to go to Cochran, because he does them internally or medically, without the skin ever being touched on the outside of your face. different surgeons have different practice methods. so, Dr. Cochran gently rue breaks the bones to reset, reposition and align the nasal bone with the cartilage to give it a straight, symmetrical appearance, as the blood vessels and skin envelope reattach and reform into one beautiful artistic newly shaped nose. The periosteum or the cortex, is the outer most layer of the bone that lies closest to the skin. So, if you pinch the top of your bony nose before surgery, you can feel the periosteum under the skin. More often than not, the dorsal bones are rebooked, gently, in order to avoid an open vault appearance. Think of a teepee, without the top animal skin lying on the top. If you remove it, the teepee has an opening at the top, that looks wide open and misshapen...
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The tool is called an osteotome...sorry, I can't type :)
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Dorsal bones are rebroken.....
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Ok I will pm you my email! Yes I was familiar with osteotomies (mine were done too narrowly :/) I had never heard of the "outside" part though, so thank you for clarifying! My surgeon messed my teepee up! Can't wait to see your pics!
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What a happy ending. Congrats and thanks for sharing your experience.
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I'm glad you had such a positive experience. Thanks immensely for sharing on RealSelf!

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