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I got my 1st set of iplants in 1999 and I have...

I got my 1st set of iplants in 1999 and I have needed to have a revision since i had a car wreck in august 2011. The seatbelt caused the capsule around my left breast to rupture. I had 425cc saline filled to 475cc and changed to 800cc hp silicone. The revision wasnt as bad as the original surgery but i am having some pain.

this is a another before pic

I didnt want to post this pic because it looks awful. It is a bad angle but tjen i thought it would really help to see the difference.

5 days post op

5 days out

top view

6 days post op

my stats

I just realizrd i never posted my stats. I am 5' 3"" and i weigh around 118.

1st outing

New boobies at movies!!!!!

10 day post op

Loving them!!!!!


Today is the first day I've done hair and makeup and the whole dang thing. Had to go to senior daughters summer cheer luncheon. Feel better but by the end of the day I felt like I had run a marathon.

13 days post op

Feeling pretty good. But with that comes the " i feel goid so i can be superwoman" then you wake up the next day and remember you had surgery and are in pain!!!!!

sexy genie bra

follow up

18 days post op. Most of the swelling is gone now and as you previous ba girls know its sometimes sad. I still like the size just wish they had stayed a bit fuller.

3 weeks post op


Even tho im a 2nd time BA girl. You just dont ever get used to the swelling going away.


Went to dr this morning. I got small hole on incision line on the outside of my right breast Friday. They told me antibiotic cream and guaze 2x daily. That's fine. Then on Saturday night my left breast started swelling and hurting. By Sunday mid afternoon i was in serious pain and running a 102.5 temp. Called dr and he called in levaquin and pain pills. Went and saw him this morning. He looked at the right breast at the hole. Betadined it, stuck the qtip in hole and sqeezed out any goo. Then finally numbed me and put 2 stitches in it. Its good and no sign of infection. Then He sqeezed the hell out of my boob that was already hurting so bad.Prescribed bactrim and if no improvement by morning he has to explant it.


Forgot to say he added bactrim today too.

think we saved the boobie!!!!!!

I had to go to the dr every day this past week. By tuesday i was responding a little to the antibiotics and i wanted to at least give the levaquin 3 days to work or not. I went to dr Wednesday still red but less still swollen but less but very painful. My temp.was hanging in at about 101. Went Thursday redness and swelling have lessened fever around 100. Went friday all signs of redness are gone, alot of the swelling is gone and fever is 99!!!! He prescribed 1 more week of levaquin and hopefull all will be good. He did tell me yesterday that on Monday he really didn't think we were going to be able to save the implant. He told me that if i hadnt called him on sunday and started my antibiotics on sunday night it would have been so bad by monday morning that it would have had to come out for sure. Guess its good to be paranoid every once in a while.
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Oh thank God you made it thru! Good for you for getting right on those antibiotics, so glad everything worked out :) It must have been a horrible week for you thinking they may have to take it out! Take care of yerself...XXXXXX
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Thanx so much. Still mot feeling great but waaaay better than.before.
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Oh my gosh!!!! They look stunning!!! I'm so jealous they look like the perfect size! You must be in love already. Are they under? They look like they're dropping so fast!
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Thanx for the compliment. They r under and have dropped but i may have to have left one explanted tomorrow depending on how i respond to the antibiotics.
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Keep us posted...good luck!
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Oh no! Boy that sounds painful! I hope the antibiotic does what it's supposed to.....in the meantime I'm sending out a boobie prayer for you...XOXO
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Thanx.I need all the prayers i can get.
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What an awesome new set. They look great!
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You look fabulous!! Congrats :-)
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I think you look amazing with those new boobs...chin up and be proud that you look so hot muma!!!!! Hugs Shelly xoxo
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I keep looking at my before pics and i still look a million times better.
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That's a better attitude! Give yerself a lil credit yer HOT ;) I'm so with you on the real bra thing! I mean I love wearing a workout top or sports bra IF I'm goin to the gym! But hate the fact that I'll have to live in them for awhile and not be able to even workout! Revis did say I should get the ok to wear a push-up bra after my my next app on Sept 9th. Just wanna have more options cuz hard to wear a sexy low cut top with them sport bras. I do have some of the genie bras too but I feel like these are so big and heavy they need more support so yes I know how it is lol!
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Awe sorry to hear yer feeling sad but it's not like you could have gone bigger anyways, right? I'm hoping I don't feel that way down the road too. I'd really hate to think about saline after having silicone both times now. I just can't wait to try things on but don't wanna make mine start hurting or swelling in the process. Yers still look great so be try to be happy! Be sure and tell me the same if needed ;) XXXXX
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Thanx! I will probly feel better when i put a REAL bra on.... i am wearing 2 genie bras all the time right now cuz im afraid about sagging. Im only 5'3" and about 118 so its not luke they are small but you know how it is.
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You look fantastic! Hugs Shelly xoxo
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I love the shape of yers, they're sloped just perfectly!
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Thank you so much. Ive been reading your posts. Give them a week or so and look at your before pics. It puts things in perspective. Yours will be great!!!!
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You look wonderful!
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Wow! They are very very nice ! U look great !! They look hot!
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Thank you very much;) You will be an 800 girl in less 18 hours!!!!!
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I love them! Sexy ;)
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Some insurance companies will cover all or at least part of surgury when you are involved in a wreck etc. If you have insurance it is definitely worth checking with them.
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Nice! Too funny cuz I was also thinking what would be a safe first outing for the girls...movies it is!! Mines next Wednesday so mb the weekend for a movie if all goes well :) how'd you do? They are looking really big and awesome in that shirt by the way ;) GO 800s!
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Gotta love those 800cc Hp!
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