Removal of Silicone and Scar Tissue From Lips - Dallas, TX

Many years ago I augmented my lips with silicone....

Many years ago I augmented my lips with silicone. Over time this resulted in much scar tissue development, leaving me with very disfigured lips.

Surgery for this issue petrified me. I didn't want to end up looking worse. I thought there was no way out and I would have to live like this. I was wrong.

Although it has taken multiple surgeries and has been a long process, my doctor has corrected this horrible problem for me. I am three weeks past what I believe is my final surgery. My doctor gave me back the lips I started with so long ago!!!! My cost is an estimate of the surgeries.


Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon

It has taken years to find a doctor and office that made me feel secure enough to move forward with this surgical procedure. This was a monumental decision for me. It is a minimum 5-hour roundtrip driving distance for me.

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Donna, I had silicone removed from my lips too. I am 2 and a half months now and I am worried because it doesn't look well...did you have bumps while recovering?
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Donna - hi glad to hear you are recovering. I had a similar experience and Dr. Bassichis completely repaired me too!! I am so grateful to him and his amazing staff. I finally feel and look wonderful. Best to you!
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How much time do the lips need to be natural after the operation? A month? Three months? A year? Thank you
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I would say every case is different and it depends on what you're beginning with, the amount of silicone and scar tissue to remove. Everyone's healing time is different and a lot can depend on how you care for yourself during your healing phase. I think a year in my case but everyone is different and I would defer to the doctor in this case.
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Why so many surgeries? Who is the doctor?
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I had quite a lot of scar tissue and silicone to deal with. The first surgeries were performed using local anesthesia. With the lips being such a sensitive area and my comfort level only tolerating a limited amount of surgical time, my situation required additional surgery. Consequently, my doctor, Dr. Benjamin Bassichis, M.D., performed multiple sugeries; however, I would do it all over again because it was worth it 100 percent and he did an amazing job.
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could you please let me know who your doctor is? I really need a good one,because my lips are looking very bad.
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Dr. Benjamin Bassichis, M.D., in Dallas Texas. He is fantastic.
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I had surgical removal of the silicone and scar tissue.
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I had a small amount of silicone in my lips in Dec 09 and my only complaint is there was barely any noticable difference. None really. Now I'm worried about my scheduled apt tomorrow with another doctor who has had a lot of experience and success with the silicon which is suppose to be permanent and also to the commisure corners of the mouth!
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What surgeries did you have to correct this problem? Was one a lip reduction? I am looking to have something done to correct my lip as well. About 8 years ago I was injected with a silicone mixture and now it looks awful. It is very droopy and unnatural.
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Yes, I have been through a lot; however, the 'worst' was actually thinking I had no choice but to live with the naive choice of having silicone put in my lips and the disfigurement it eventually followed.

It was when I found my doctor and made the brave step forward to remove the silicone that I began to experience freedom and hope. No worthwhile venture is always smooth and easy; and undoing damage never comes without a cost, but when the road is right all that really matters is starting the trip and staying the course, knowing its only a matter of time before you reach that final destination.
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Wow, it sounds like you've been through a lot already. Hopefully the worst is behind you now. I will keep my fingers crossed for you. :)

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Thank you, Sharon. I'm feeling great. Still recovering. It will be a long recovery this final time. The surgery was with general anesthesia which allowed the doctor the time and freedom to remove all the remaining silicone and scar tissue. The previous were with local. I've had my first round of steroid injections to combat scar tissue resulting from this surgery and will do that every month for at least six months. I'm ecstatic with the results even though the journey isn't yet complete.
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Welcome to RealSelf, Donna! Thank you so much for sharing your story. How are you feeling now?

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