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Closed Rhinoplasty (Hump & Bulbous Tip) 9th May, Europe - Czech Republic

Hi everyone that's considering rhinoplasty,...

Hi everyone that's considering rhinoplasty, hope my review will help =)
First I didn't want to write anything but since reading other people's stories helped me to get a clue what the surgery is about, I therefore decided, one day after operation, to write down my thoughts on it.

I decided to get surgery already 7 years ago but my parents (a week before surgery!) discouraged me from it. Now, older and wiser, of course =) I decided to go for it even though I know their opinion about it.

Consultation: I was lucky to get appointment within 2 days (25th April) and schedule the surgery for the 9th, so it all went pretty fast and I was busy with other things so didn't have time to get nervous about it. In free time I just researched pretty noses and played around in Photoshop with my nose to show my doctor as a reference to know what I would like.

Pre-op: I didn't receive any particular instructions regarding the do's & dont's before the surgery but I read a lot of about Arnica Montana, so I took those 3x a day for a week before surgery, also vitamin C and bromelain (pineapple extract) and avoided any other pills + alcohol + staying out late.

Surgery: I came to the clinic at 7.30am, filled in anesthesia form and settled in my room (in Czech republic you usually stay overnight). I was told I am going last (3rd) and around 1pm. Then I just relaxed, wasn't hungry or weak. At noon a nurse came and gave me a shot in my bum after which I don't remember anything and woke up at 3pm back in my room. Massive, enormous cast on my face. I hope to put some pics later so you guys can see, now I'm just too horrified by my look =) So jealous of those casts in USA, here it goes across my whole face. And has to stay on for 2 wks! But on a brighter side - no pain, no swelling whatsoever, just hungry. My roommate was surprised I had no pain at all (she was on painkillers) and was bruised up already. Slept half sitting which is the complete opposite of my idea of a sleeping position but wasn't too bad after all. Didn't wake up once through out the night.

Day 1: I woke up around 6am, got my breakfast and after a quick check up from doctor left home at 9am. What I expected, the bruises started showing up, my left eye massively bruised up and started to turn dark purple. During the day it even worsened especially after I had some spicy vegetable thing lunch, thanks mum =) So my advice is definitely avoid salty/spicy food. No dryness in mouth, no pain. Just a massive pinkish/purple left eye, which looks kind of cool with my green eyes actually.
I was told to take of the packing in the evening so I just did that. Was happy to do it by myself actually. No pain, slight discomfort but I took time with it and I suggest trying to slightly breath out with nose while taking the packing out, it goes out better I think. Then I cleaned nostrils with hydrogen peroxide and put some eye cream on my eyes to reduce the bruising. I also have arnica cream and putting occasionally ice packs on my forehead/eyes but I sort of gave up, my face is massively covered by the cast so I can't really see the swelling happening around my nose anyways.
I'm expecting more bruising tomorrow, will keep you guys posted. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Day 2: woke up with more swelling and bruising....

Day 2: woke up with more swelling and bruising. the color is still the same, so it looks like it will stay on for a while. Keep eating arnica montana and putting the cream to reduce swelling around my eyes but i doubt it helps. No pain, maybe just slightly more tired but can function normally, eat normal food etc. Sleeping is also perfect, not waking up at all during the night, so can't complain really =D
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Thank you for sharing your story here with us! That cast does sound awful! Two weeks. Yikes! I truly hope the end result is worth it for you. Please let us know what you think and how you're feeling as you continue to recover.

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