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Had surgery twice on right side. Both times remove...

Had surgery twice on right side. Both times remove. Left looks awesome. Got infection staph twice. Removed twice. Not sure if I am going give it a third time. Doc does procedure in or suite in office. A lot of turnover of staff. The pain and disappoint I don't think I can handle again. And my health
So sorry. I developed a staph infection 9 months after surgery on my skin near the nipple, not near the incision site. And then I developed cap con on that side a few months later. I went back to my original doc and he only wanted to fix that side and stay over the muscle so I found a new surgeon for new implants under the muscle and he put in Strattice which helps prevent cap con and other problems. I'm 3 months post revision and all is well. Staph lives on our skin, so if we have a wound it can creep in. Your doc needs to really irrigate the pocket before putting in implants and there's a Hibiclins you can shower with before surgery and while it heals to help get rid of bacteria. I'm not sure I would go back to your same doc.
Thanks for Ur story. . Good advice. Planning on surgery in feb. Last attempt. New doctor.
I had a staph infection in my right, it sucks :(
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I got infection twice both times at 3 weeks. Left side good. Paid twice . Don't think I can afford another revision. Doc said I over did it first time . Second time to good of a pt.

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