Going to Get Bigger Tatas for my Big30 Bday - Coral Gables, FL

4"11" 116lbs nay I gained 15 lbs within 6 months...

4"11" 116lbs nay I gained 15 lbs within 6 months.
Married with no kids
I will have my Surgery 9/15 at CGCC Miami with Dr.Jacob Freiman
I had my BA 2 years ago but my left side has CC so Ill have the revision done soon this time I want bigger from 350 cc to 700 silicone yay hopefully the PS will do his miracle to give me the result I want.

Who will have their babies done next month and where?
I will update before and after op.
Will also share photos here later.
I am getting my BA/BL next week. :) Super excited!!
Goodluck sweet.
Thank you.

Getting closer 2 weeks Miami

Well flights,hotel and car is booked we are flying down to Miami Sep.3rd
Will send the full payment today also been talking to Yadira.
Sent my lab result which is good,

Hopefully Dr,Freiman will give me the size I want.I tried different sizers already so I know 600 cc HP is a perfect size but I really wanna go big as i can probably up to 700cc I chose silicone cuz thats what I have now and I like the look and feel of it.
I haven't taken any before photos yet but I will try this week
I have my wish boobs printed out already.

Btw,I will also have lipo yay such a wonderful gift on my upcoming birthday
30sexybiggggboooooobbbbbissshhhhhh tiny waist I wish I wish......
i want my 24 inches waist back when I was only 98 lbs now I am 120lbs ugggggg
depo shot did that to me I was always craving and hungry all the time.

I got my Bio-corneum and some comfy sports bra then my faja but I think i will return it because I ordered xs and its hard to put it on.what do you guys think?who ordered compression garment base on their weight and height?
Do I need scar away silicone sheet?
Is Arnica gel/cream will really help with the swelling and bruising?
What about Arnica tab/pill?

Can you guys please help me on what to bring to Miami?
Since ill have BA and Lipo.

Anyone going at CGCC Sept 3-5th?

Wish pics,full volume on top

I have more printed out wish pics
So far those are what. I have on my ipad
I will try to post more later
Those are image I found online I forgot her name.
She is so pretty

This is my ultimate wish pic

This is my favorite wish pic
Can't wait to see your new pics of your new girls!
Thank you Violet1234, How you doing today hun? I am reading different reviews and checking what more I need before flying to MIA. I will post new pics when I can.Im sure my husband would be happy to take them as he is very excited to see the new girls.
You go girl!!! That's gonna look super hot!!

BBL hmmm should i do it too i will have BA and Lipo

Hi ladies so i am thinking if i should do bbl at the same time you know put that bad ass fat into good use....
Since I will have giant...opps twin I want to look good and proportionate

Hubby is willing to splurge on my birthday yay.
He said if it's gonna make me happy and we can still afford it the Go do It..
I have 2 weeks before the procedure.
Great wish pics. You're gonna get busted!
Hehe TwiceBusted,I would really love to be super busted also the husband will be very happy. Thanks.

5 Days Pre Op

Will be packing my stuff by Monday
I am excited for my sx in Miami hopefully everything will go smoothly.
I only want to wake up alive and with a good result.
Goodluck to all of you ladies who had sx and those who are going to.
Good luck girl! I'll be watching to see how it all goes...I hoping to get 650cc next year sometime too...so can't wait to see how yours turn out!! Hugs Shelly xoxo
Hi shellysmall, thanks bb.I will update here with photos anytime I can i will upload more before pics when I get to the hotel. I wont go smaller than 600cc I already tried sizers from 600-900 and I like the look of them both but 600cc is kind of smaller to what I want.Hoping I can go 650-700cc.Husband's request to go as big as possible but ofcourse my health is the main concern so let see how it goes.
Oh girl, you are going to look so sexy! Best of luck and fast recovery!

Red Eye Flight tonight

Will go to SFO airport we are leaving midnight arriving in MIA around 8 in the morning then pre-op consultation by 12:00pm
yeah baby found a direct flight round-trip glad my hubby didn't book the flight right away I told him i will keep looking and compare prices too.
We found a great deal for less than $1700 we got direct flight,Jr.King suite + car for 6 days..

All packed WILL JUST GET SOME STUFF when we get there.

Anyone who is also going to have their SX at CG with Dr.Freiman or Dr.Ortega Sept.3-5?
Good luck! I'm not until the 19th. Hope all goes as planned :)
Hey girl...good luck! I think with your height even if you get the 600cc they are gonna look amazing on you!!! Im 5'8 so I'm way taller than you. At least if you know that you're going to have at least 600cc for sure then you're gonna have some damn big boobies lol xoxo can't wait to see your results hugs shelly xoxo

Flight delayed and rebooked

We got at the airport an hour early then afterw e boarded the pilot announced that there was something wrong with the plane so it has to be fixed and it will take time.so by 2:00 -am we deplaned then after 1.5 hrs we boarded to another plane after we all got, settled the pilot announced that the plane will not leave cuz its illegal etc to leave afte 3 for security reason,My husband was fast enough to call AA and rebooked our flight we were the last passenger that got lucky.the lady sitting closed to us were unlucky cuz the 7:00 am flight was fully booked.

Starving and too sleepy no food restaurants are closed they will open at 4:30 wow that is freaky.

Well my consultation will be later in the day then instead of morning.
Praying that we will arrive sound and safe.
Wow!! I pray all went well. Pls update us and congrats on the new boobies to come! :-)
Thanks a bunch Keisha. Yes we finally made it to bobbie land .... I feel weird here at the airport most of the people speaks spanish I can only understand a little.ill update later.tnx again
Oh my gosh! I pray you all board and touch down safely! Not sure if you believe in a higher power but things work the way they do for a reason. I know this is the one of the biggest days of your life aside from birthday, kids birth, and your marriage date. Bless you little lady. Smile and fly. You're almost over the "hump" lol!!

Consultation done

So we got to the clinic by 5:00 pm and met the sfatt.
Yadira is so sweet and wonderful she even search a good restaurant closed to the hotel where we are staying(speaking of hotel we are just checking in right now while im typing and its 7:00 pm finally I can relax.

Met Dr.Freiman before he leave he just finished BA he said he had 9 for today and a TT wow thats a lot.
I showed him pics of what I want and guess what ladieshe said 800 cc is what he's gonna put in me.
Silicone full profile smooth and under the muscle through breast crease since hubby doesnt want me to have my nipples sensitivity lost.
Ow btw I have asymastia (if thats how to spell it.
I will also have lipo he will do abdomen,flanks and bra roll.he wont do aggressive lipo bc I will do. BA also but Its fine since I have plan to go back for BBL next year.
My Sx is 11:30 am tomorrow.
Crossing my fingers.
800cc wow!!! Can't wait to see what that's like! Congrats again!! Yayyyy!
Me too my husband is moree xcited when he heard that number hehe. Thank you sweetie.

Heading to. CGCC

Heading to the surgery center
Although my sx is at 11:30 i need to do some grocery shopping.
Ughhh i am hungry but cant eat anything.

Let see how it looks like when i wake up from sx.
Ill ask hubby to take lots of photos.if I can peak with the new twins.
Good luck!! Thinking of you. Hugs Shelly xoxo
Thank you again Shellysmall,
Prayers headed your way sweetheart! Remember they're "Sister's Not Twins." I'm so glad u made it, thank u for sharing :) I look forward to seeing how u Rock those 800's u go girl :) I wish u the best healing & recovery. U will be in my thoughts & prayers! Please let us know how you are when u can love... Xoxox

Awake and getting ready for my post op

So ive been sleeping and taking pain killers every 4 hrs it still hurts when i move or im up i cant sit down cuz the faja is pinching my tummy and it hurts and uncomfortable.

My husband is very supportive waited for me to fall asleep at the middle of the night before he went to bed and when he heard me crying cuz i was in pain lastnight he got up and gave me med,he was feeding me ,even with the peeing he was helping me.im glad he is here with me very supportive.
My mom in-law even called lastnight to know how i was doing.

I took a pic of my twins and it looks like sponge bob square pants but the right is doing great,the left is more painful because dr.Freiman had to make a new pocket which is under the muscle.My former ps said i had it under the muscle but only the right side.ahh i was so disappointed when i heard what the doctor told my husband.

To those lovely ladies thats going to have sx in C g with Dr.Freiman he is really nice and will ask u questions of what u want then he will explain to you what is good for your body that wont jeopardize your health.he spent time with me and my husband too he didnt rush us.
I I hope you're doing well? I'm think of u & prayers are heading your way! Xoxoxoxo
Thank you excitedflower, Im not doing good having so much pain until just been resting and sleeping but trying to walk around when i can. Also Dr.Freiman sent me to ER cuz i was having sore lowere xtremities just to make sure i dont have blood clot....i was worried about the bills sighhh. But we are back at the hotel now. Hopefully im good and will no any complications when we get home.
Waiting to see those new pics of the girls!

Swelling badly please help

Hi lovely realself ladies
I am at home now we arrived lastnight7:00
I was fine just slept the whole 6 hrs flight then i wasnt feeling much pain
Lastnight i also put on my faja again my husband helped me cuz i was so helpless i cant bend over my tummy hurts if i do.

When i woke up i went to pee and to my surprise my private area is swollen like crazy and its so scarry looking.
What did u take or use for inflammation?
I have ibuprofen here my husband gave me two this morning but its still swelling
Cant help myself but cry.
Im alone at home and hubby has no idea how to help me.

Thanks ladies
Hope you are doing ok?
Hi shellysmall, Thank u bb I am feeling a lot better less pain today and my private area isn't swelling bad..i am relieved unlike yesterday it was swelling like crazy.
Thank goodness. ..I was very worried about you xoxo

Day one of surgery

Here are some photos the day of my surgery and the 2nd day it look horrible.

2nd-3rd day post op

Looking good! How are you feeling today?
Thank you I am feeling better and better everyday less pain and im getting used to my tight faja..moving around doing stuff in the house.
Wow! Are you liking the size? Yep! I remember wearing that binder too after nh tummy tuck; it was so tight hard to breathe at times; but once the healing is over the results will be amazing! Your girls look good; happy healing!

Left is still riding so high 10 days post op

Its 10 days post op today and also my bday time to remove the stitches so i will go to my husband's family. Dr.

Couldnt sleep lastnight my back was hurting and. I feel so uncomfortable with faja and band stabilizer on my chest....
How long did you ladies wait till your babies went drop and pluff?

CG cosmetic

Sent me a text with the birthday greetings and well wishes
How nice...thanks CG.
How is your recovery going now?
Happy belated birthday hun! Hope you're feeling good! You look amazing! Wishing you happy healing
Miami Beach Plastic Surgeon

Done my sx BA and lipo Dr.Freiman lipoed my flanks,bra rolls,abdomen too Since we had trouble with our flights being cancelled and delayed we arrived in MIA around 5:00 pm thursday so the pre-op was 5:30 He waited for me that day even though he was supposed to leave at 5:00 pm. The 2 ladies who helped me with the paperworks was nice then I saw and talked to Yadira ,she is such a sweetheart who really cares with her client and not just after money. I had my consultation Dr.Freiman explained and answered my concerns then we decided what implant is good for me and why. He spent time with me and my husband and made us feel comfortable. Hubby said I feel good about him so he trust his judgement etc. He is a talented young surgeon. So far the coordinator is so sweet and always responding to any of my questions as soon as she can. Yadira is such a sweet young lady. So far my experience with my ps and my coordinator and the other staff was wonderful.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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