I'm going from about 350cc to 500ccs or more. - Breast Implant Revision - Coral Gables, FL

Has anyone had bad experiences with Dr. Robert...

Has anyone had bad experiences with Dr. Robert Hunsaker? I've seen a few but they were from so many years ago! I have an upcoming surgery with him and I'm a little in the nervous side! Since I've had a bad experience before I don't have time to go threw it again! Also, I'm going from about 350cc to 500ccs or more. Is that too big?

It's getting closer to my date!!!!

Well it's getting closer to my surgery date and I'm so excited! I found a pic of some work my doctor did that I'm going for!
I don't think that is to big. I went from 350 to 450cc. My stats are 5'7 155. Good luck :)
Thanks Hun I got 600cc.
You look great!!!

Got my surgery today!!!

Well one thing I can say Dr. Hunsaker is awesome!! I love my boobs ready!!! They aren't too big or small! Close together and I'm barely swollen! Slight discomfort but nothing I can't handle!.... I was over an hr late to my appointment and he usually charges a $300 late fee. He was beyond understandable and didn't even charge me. Everyone was so nice!!! I'm so happy with everything and I can't wait to show them off! The last time I couldn't even walk. Right now, I'm walking around, eating, talking on the phone, munching on snaks and maybe even considering going out for a walk on the beach! I'll keep you guys posted!

Sorry I forgot to post pictures

So here's the pictures. Nothing much to look at I can't take my bandages off for a few days! Sorry.

Second day post op

So I'm on my second day! So far so good. Just left my follow up appointment and I'm very satisfied!
Looking amazing already!
Thanks Hun!
They look fabulous!! Did you end up with 500cc?

Day 3!

I'm more and more pleased with my girls! The right boob is still a little small than my right but hey nothing on your body is EXACTLY the same plus dr. Hunsaker informed me that my pocket inside wouldn't allow more CCs so he had to fill both of them with 600ccs
Looking at your before and after pics, I am curious as to why you had a revision. Is it just the size change or for some other reason? But you look great before and after.
Size and they were way too spread apart. I do pole tricks so my top and arms started to spread out and look buff!
Oh ok. That's the issue I have with mines now: spreaded too far apart. I hope that as the finish dropping and settling that the gap will close some. I have pics posted. Tell me what you think when you get a chance.

Day 5 !!!

Here a pic of my surgical bra bought directly from the office! It's like heaven on earth! My first BA wore a regular sports bra. NEVER again! It's nothing the same, from support to comfort. It feels like it has some type of invisible underwire that prevents your boobs from sagging. And it was only $20!
The picture of the bra did not load?

Love them but one is slightly bigger than the other! Ughhhh

So I'm a little upset that I'm starting to see results now that my implants are dropping. One is bigger than the other!!!
It's still early...one may drop faster than the other and may make it look uneven! i know how you must feel cuz all of us would be freaking out. Call the office mon morning and see what they say...I bet they will even out

Surgical bra

Sorry I didn't notice the picture didn't load! Here is the picture of the bra!

Surgical bra

Sorry I didn't notice the picture didn't load! Here's the picture of the bra!

Day 6

So last night I returned to work! It felt like I was a new person lol. They were kinda heavy!
Girl you look great!!! Your girls don't look heavy though :)

Day 9

They look a little better. I've been doing aggressive massages to the right one to help it drop
I am getting my implants done September 18th! I wish it could be sooner!!!! Your results look amazing and I can't wait to see my after look when Dr. Hunsaker is done with me!!!
Are you still happy with your results? Look good in the bra pic.
They look great how are they now? I got 375 overfilled to 425 and 450 and I can tell one is more full thN the other although it's only 25cc difference but I want to go bigger. Mine are far apart I think. Did the larger size help bring them closer?
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