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I Consider my Life to Have Two Parts: The One Before Accutane, and the One AFTER! :) - Eden, NC

When I was about 17, I was fed up. I had tried...

When I was about 17, I was fed up. I had tried everything for my acne. My zits were beginning to get their own zits! I had tried everything over the counter and some of it seemed to make my skin get worse! Sea Breeze, Oxy Pads, Clearasil, ProActive...None of it worked. So, I went to the dermatologist and he let me try a couple of topical creams (Retin-A and some other one I forgot the name). They helped a little, but nothing to ride home about....

I had greasy teenage boy skin. When I went back to the dermatologist again, and he saw the lack of progress he suggested Accutane. At this point, I was willing to give up my first born for clear skin. (When you're 17, you don't have much else to think about)....

My doctor took some blood, and warned me about the side effects of Accutane. I got a prescription shortly thereafter. He told me to take two per day (I forgot what the exact doseage was). Within 2 days, my skin was 75% better! My skin was very dry, but a lot less acne! My skin started to get scaly, and my lips were chapping like nothing I'd ever seen. I was going through a tube of chapstick every couple days!

When I went back to the doctor a couple of weeks later, he lowered the doseage to one pill every other day. Within 2 months, my acne was completely gone! I continued the treatment for another 3-4 months, and when I got done, my acne never came back!

Occassionally, I'll get a pimple here and there, but not the golf ball size ones I got in High School! People compliment me on my skin all the time and they are suprised to hear that I ever even had an acne problem.

I would highly reccomend Accutane to anyone that has tried a lot of other stufff with no success. I think it works best with my type of acne. (Lots of random oily zits). I had some friends who had the other type of acne (a bunch of really small pimples), and it didn't work as well for them.


1. Works fast! The only thing I could find that actually WORKS!

2. After I stopped using it, the Acne stayed away!


1. Pricey if not covered by insurance.

2. Side Effects: For Me: Dry Skin, Moodiness, and a Nosebleed! :)

Dr. Daniels, EDEN, NC

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ive had acne 20yrs on and off some months are worse than others oily skin no matter what i eat. i dont drink ,beer etc, no fatty foods or sugar. only healthy stuff and gallons of water plus exercise daily but still no good. anyway i did roacutane 2011 cleared up then BAM it came back with a vengance i got it on my neck whereas ive never had it before so beware it does come back as someone else stated theres 2types of acne the stuff teenagers get but that comes and goes but if your born with oily skin it stayes with you no matter what
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I say do option 2 cause you've tried so many other stuff to ur face, it's lpolry doing bad than good, give ur skin a rest and save up and start on accutane. Im on my 3rd month, my derm started me off with one pill a day ( 40mg) which was like $300, and then my derm bumped my dosage up to where i was taking 80mg twice a week and 40mg on the other days. that was like 4 hundred something, im on my 3rd month now, where im taking 80mg one day and 40 the next, that was like five hundred something..

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Weird I only pay a ten dollar copay. I can't imagin spending hundreds of dollars...although I have probably spend thousands of dollars on face washes and creams to improve my skin.
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People are all different when it comes to this drug, because under our skin are many random pore's and spots either ready to come out or hibernating. An initial breakout is kinda good when on accutane because your skin gets so dry the spot falls off without time to bother you, like, the next day sometimes and then you have no spots to worry about after 4weeks. BUT. hair loss is very common and does not rly grow back, especially for men it can be very annoying plus your acne generally comes back after a year if you have inherited acne. So, think what is worse, putting yourself through all this for temporary effects, or just learn to live with it and find a safe routine because there is currently NO CURE for acne, if accutane was the cure then this would be a miracle, its not though. Really be careful, a'lot of people who claim accutane 'cured them' often just grew out of their teenage acne. Adult acne is a whole nother world.
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I just started taking accutane (generic) about a month ago. I have also tried EVERYTHING. I haven't had chronically bad acne, but ever since I turned 20 my skin has progressively gotten worse. I have a friend that took it a few years ago and said it worked wonders for her. I am very optimistic, but the only thing that is concerning me now is the fact that she (my friend) said she saw results within the first week of taking it. It has been almost a month for me, and my skin has not improved. My lips are dry and I am breaking out all around my mouth! Is this normal? How long was it before you started seeing results?
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Great skin and review! I admire anyone who fights and wins the battle of acne Thank you
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Wow you really do have great skin! Thanks for the review, I think I may just start accutane.
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mine isn't bad either but my doctor prescribed it.. did you have any scars or anything? your skin looks great!
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Very nice review. I don't have bad acne, but sometimes I get a few zits here and there. Doesn't seem like Accutane is for me, but I'll see what else is out there! Thanks!
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