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I have always hated my nose. It is a mixture of my...

I have always hated my nose. It is a mixture of my grandpa's and my dad's, whom I both love dearly, but hate the nose they so kindly passed on to me! The tip is just too big for my small face and body. After feeling self conscience about it for years, I finally decided to do something about it! I had my first consultation last month and immediately booked the surgery the same day. I felt great about the surgeon and the results he predicted. I am a teacher so I set up my surgery for the week after I get out for the summer.

Only 26 more days! I am starting to get really...

Only 26 more days! I am starting to get really excited and anxious at the same time. I have wanted this surgery my entire life and I just can't believe it is actually about to happen. I have shared the news with my family and friends, haven't told my in-laws just yet. My hsuband has been so incrredibly supportive of my decision, even though he does not think the surgery is necessary. I have a feeling my in-laws are going to be fairly judgemental about it so I haven't decided how to appraoch it with them.
I have read practically ever review on this website and the only thing I am truly nervous about is the recovery time in regards to swelling. Thankfully since I am a teacher I do not have to be concerned about going to work, but we are taking our trip of a lifetime to Italy a little over a month after my surgery and I want my nose to look right-not swollen. I will stick to the frozen bag of peas, but am interested in finding out more about Arnica gel??? It supposedly helps with swelling and pain.

Night before the surgery and my stomach is totally...

Night before the surgery and my stomach is totally in knots. I am feeling pretty nervous and anxious at the moment-praying I made the right choice! The time of my surgery was changed so I will be his first patient of the day-I am hoping that is a good thing :) Thank you so much for all the kind words of support and advice! I will post pictures as soon as I can of hopefully a new nose that I love!

Done and done! Surgery seems to have gone well, I...

Done and done! Surgery seems to have gone well, I don't remember anything after the anesthesiologist told me he was starting the first drug, except waking up in recovery. I was extremely nervous in the morning and I think my surgeon picked up on that. He came and spoke to me before they took me back in depth about what I wanted again and explained the recovery process to my husband and I. Then his head nose who was the nicest lady came over and gave some word of encouragment and made me feel more comfortable. Spoke with the anesthesiologist about a bad experience I had with anesthesia when my wisdom teeth were taken out and he reassured me that he feel confident in his abilities and with my good health, didnt think it would be a problem, and thankfully he was right. Surgery took two and a half hours and I was done. The remainder of the day was kind of a blur with all the drugs and pain killers in my system. Slept very well for majority of the day. Towards the evening I started to feel extremely sick to my stomach, ran to the bathroom and threw up twice. My amazing husband immediately ran to the pharmacy and picked up nausea medicine and haven't had much of an issue since. Attempted to sleep on our reclining couch, but it just wasnt comfortable.

Day one after surgery. Woke up slightly discouraged. I had the slightest hints of bruises under my eyes yesterday and this morning they are dark brown, extremely noticable especially in the corners of my eyes. The swelling on the bridge of my nose combined with the tight splint is causing a great deal of pressure to my eye area. I have been applying Arnica gel often and hope it tames the bruising asap. I have been trying to apply ice often to my eyes and bridge, am I suppose to be doing anything to my nose itself? I feel like I cant feel anything because of the cast so icing may be pointless. I have been putting the arnica gel on my stiches, hopefully that is helping. A sore throat has really been the most uncomfortable part so far. Everytime I wake up I feel like I have lost my voice and my throat is extrememly scratchy. I have been drinking the Naked smoothies and it has been great at making my throat feel better as well as lining my stomach since I havent eaten anything since the day before surgery. Any other suggestions are always appreciated :)

It has been 4 days since my surgery and I am...

It has been 4 days since my surgery and I am shocked how quickly my brusing swelling has decreased. As of now, the only brusing left is in the corners of my eyes and it is red instead of brown/purple. I can not believe how well the arnica gel works! I have been taking my medication every 6 hours as prescribed even when the pain was not too bad, just to prevent me from being uncomfortable. Woke up on day 3 with a terrible migraine, so I took extra strength tylenol instead of my pain killer and slept most of the day away. I have been using wet q-tips to clean out my nostrils of the dry blood and keep my stiches clean. I havent had any dripping or bleeding since day two, but the cast is starting to get extremely annoying and un comfortable. Ate some soup yesterday and today and haven't felt nauseus yet so thankful for that.

My follow up appointment is on Monday, one week from my surgery to have my cast and stiches removed. A little nervous of what I am going to see, but also excited. I only had work ton on the tip of my nose, and right now when I look at even though it is covered in bandages, it seems to look smaller. I will post pictures on Monday.

Cast is off and stiches are out! After not getting...

Cast is off and stiches are out! After not getting a minute of sleep last night worrying about what my nose was going to look like, I am now completly at ease. I worried over nothing! The doctor said my nose is still a little swollen and I would continue to see it decrease in size over the next few weeks. I wouldnt even care if it got any smaller-the tip of my nose is much less wide and looks so nice! You can tell in the pictures it is swollen, but in comparision to what it was, it look so different. I have absolutely no brusing left what so ever and aside from some red marks on my columella from where the stiches were, no one would have ever guessed I just had surgery 7 days ago. I already feel so much mroe confident in myself, I almost cried when I got home from the doctors office because for once in my whole life I feel, well, normal.

I will keep updating pictures over the next few weeks!

So it has been 12 days since my surgery and I know...

So it has been 12 days since my surgery and I know I should remain patient, but I'm starting to worry that he didn't remove enough of my tip. It is definitely more narrow but the tip still looks too wide! The doctor did say it was swollen, but it has not decreased in size at all since the cast was removed. How soon should I see results?

Six and a half weeks since my surgery. The tip of...

Six and a half weeks since my surgery. The tip of my nose is smaller, but still not as small as I want it to be. I continue to put on the arnica gel every night to help with the swelling. I made an appointment to see my doctor next week because I have noticed the heat during the day is increasing the swelling. I am confident in my doctor, just nervous it won't end up looking how I imagined it. I still have a little line on the columella, but it's starting to fade. I will post a picture from the Italian vacation I just returned home from- you can see how the extremely high temperature increased the swelling.

Two and a half months since my surgery. Things...

Two and a half months since my surgery. Things have continued to go well. I have been using the Arnica gel still at night? How long did the rest of you still use it for? There is still swelling because I continue to see my tip getting smaller and smaller. It just drives me nuts how swollen it is first thing in the morning, looks good by mid day, and then by the evening is swollen again. Anyone else have these issues?

It has now been a little over 3 months since the...

It has now been a little over 3 months since the surgery and I am completely bummed. I feel like I spent a huge chunk of our savings to have this surgery-to end up with a slightly smaller version of my nose- which is still big. I had a follow up appointment at the end of July to express this concern and they said months two and three would bring about the most change-nothing has changed since that appointment. My tip of my nose still looks too big. I had a friend come visit recently who upon seeing my nose asked if I chickened out of the surgery since my nose looked the same! When the cast came off I was so excited, even with the swelling that occurred immediately following, I just assumed it would go back to the size it was when the cast came off. Not the case at all. I am so upset and disappointed. We will never be able to afford another surgery like this. Not even sure where to go from here. I am so jealous of all the success stories on here-that's what I wanted.
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Gosh I wish I read this prior to my facial surgery at the same place. I think he's more of a tummy BA guy. Was in pain for almost 10 months and just told me to wait and it looks good. Finally went somewhere else and told me my implant was crooked. Treated so much differently after I complained on the pain I had. All of a sudden the waits went for 45 min +. Nice guy just not a facial ps.
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oh wait I thought those were your pics at the top right hand side.sorry I don't see your pics..but I do know how you feel. :(
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if it makes you feel a ny better, I think it looks ALOT better... sorry you are unhappy |:( (trust me, I know how you feel)
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I am so so sorry!! I have been thinking about you and wondering how you are doing. I just had surgery a month ago with Dr. Michael Sullivan and I think he did a really good job. He only does facial plastic surgery. I know you might not be able to have a revision, but if you ever are, I highly recommend him. Of course, I know my results can change over the next year, so I will let you know if I change my mind, but I don't see that happening. I hope you are doing well otherwise.
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This surgery was a complete waste of my money! I trusted that my doctor would give me the nose I have always wanted. Over a year later and $6500, I have the same exact nose I have hated for 29 years and a surgeon who doesn't stand behind his work apparently.
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I'm so sorry :( I am in the same boat with a different doctor in the Columbus area. When I saw him at the 1 year mark he did nothing but tell me that it would be a huge ordeal to do more work and actually looked me in the face and said he thought it looked great and that unless I could absolutely not live with it then it should be left alone. Who wants to be left with a result that they see in the mirror and say "I guess I can live with it if I have to."?! Ridiculous. Wish you weren't going through the same thing as me...it sucks, I know :(
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May I ask who your doctor was because after my follow up I went to see two other surgeons to get their opinion.
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Curious who your doctor is too? If you don't want to post it, you can message me. I see from your comments that you seemed somewhat happy with your results at one point. What happened over time?
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I hope that as time passes, and after your baby is born, you find that your nose is no longer swollen and that it is exactly what you were looking for. Please let us know... even though you're going to be very busy with your little one! Good luck to you!
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I'm so sorry. Did you do simulations with software ie- photoshop your photos so you could show him exactly what after you wanted. A lot of doctors are very natural so I had to take a numerous before and after simulations if what I wanted my nose to look like. I am SO glad I did. It is exactly what I hoped for!!! It's not mild, but I wanted big change. You have very thick nasal skin like mine so assume yours would need to be defatted, as well as cartiledge work and heavy duty taping/ steroid shots to get a good final result. Looks like it was just minor tip work and no defatting if skin to help it shrink wrap around your tip. In so sorry. : ( It diesnt look bad, but yeah, it's not much of a change. I really hope everybody will do before and after simulations of their nose so doctors and patients are on the same page. My doctor even took my before/after shots and posted them in the OR for direct inspiration. THAT was cool.
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It could be your pregnancy. I was watching a reality show about Tia and Tamara and they are twins. One of them was pregnant and her nose got much larger and didn't look like her sisters anymore. After she had the child her nose was small again. It was so weird to see that but then I looked up on the internet and women's faces can swell during pregnancy..including their noses. Best of luck. Avoid salt and drink water and hopefully after you pop the little one out you can get some relief :)
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Congratulations!! A lot of weird things happen to your body in the beginning of pregnancy, so maybe this extra swelling has to do with that! I know my Crohn's disease got worse (more inflammation) in the beginning of both of my pregnancies , and then so much better in the 2nd trimester. I had to have steroid injections (for migraines) when I was pregnant, and they told me it was completely safe after the first trimester, so this might still be an option for you! You could ask your ob to see. Hoping you see big improvements soon, and you can just worry about getting ready for baby :)
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Don't be too bummed, financial loss aside, you are still a pretty girl.
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I haven't been back to see my doctor since August. I am 12 weeks pregnant so I the injection shots are not an option. I'm going to do my best to stay positive and hope that with time it will get smaller. Thank you for your support and encouragement!
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Congrats on your pregnancy! :) isn't it that maybe the reason why it swelled back up? Maybe your hormones reacting to the pregnancy? Probably I am wrong but isn't it true that women swell up a little when they are pregnant? Also I can tell you that my nose feels bigger during the heat, when I am in the sun, ESPECIALLY when I eat spicy and salty food, right after I take a shower and in the morning when I get up from bed.
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Thats what i think too. i just dont understand how it could swell back to its original size if cartilage was removed. Since I am pregnant I do not believe the injections are an option. Thank you for your support!
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Have you spoken with your surgeon about this? I'm interested to hear what causes it-possibly weather or food intake?
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I'm really sorry to hear about your outcome. Like others mentioned, maybe a steroid shot would help. I totally understand feeling like all that money was spent and you didn't get the desired outcome. I know it is frustrating and even depressing to think about what you had to go through (emotionally, physically, and financially) to get something that you are not happy with. However, I hope you begin to feel better and look at it a positive light and I'm sure your husband is very supportive, which helps out a lot. Cheer up... everything will get better sooner.
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Hello, I am sorry about what happened to you and that you are not happy. I am in the same boat. I don't think I made a smart choice, or at least I chose the wrong doctor. I feel my doc was too conservative since the change is so small. I think your doctor was conservative too. Like you, I had people that did not even noticed I had something done (i mean, PEOPLE THAT KNEW ABOUT IT, THAT I HAD INFORMED). My nose is still big, a small bump is still there and not enough bone was shaved in my opinion. I think my doc is so old school that probably opted for a safe, plain approach. I can't afford to get a revision either, and I know that if I will do the surgery with him he will charge me only the anesthesia fee and room fee but why would I go back to the person that messed it up the first time anyway? I see that your nose has improved from its original shape but like my case, I think we both needed more work done. Ask your doc about kenalog injections: i had them done too. don't expect miracles but the nose will shrink a little bit more. I am now 6 months post op and I am seeing my doc on the 17th, let's see what he has to say. Good luck!
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I also want to add that my nose looks different in real life. In pictures you capture just a moment and might seem smaller but the truth is that 3/4 for example you can clearly see the bump and it is very big.
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I am so sorry for what you are going through. But as others have said, do go back to your surgeon. There is also a very good plastic surgery department at Ohio State where you could at least possibly get another opinion if it doesn't improve.
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So sorry you are going through this! From having read hundreds of reviews on every site imaginable, I know that tip swelling takes the longest to go down, with many doctors saying it could take an entire year, so don't lose hope!! Have you asked your doctor about the kenalog injections...seems a lot of people get them? Really hoping you see positive changes soon!
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Hey girl, I'm sorry you're not happy with your nose. It looks like it just swelled back up.. did you talk to him about the injections to help it go down? Just a suggestion.
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I am going through similar frustrations ... think my nose at 3.5 months is wider and bigger than at 2 months ... I like the shape of the tip and nostrils but they are still swollen, and my middle vault is wider than before op ... the swelling seems to wax, wane, wax again and so on ... still hoping that everything will eventually settle down to a nice result ... has anybody else on this forum been through a similar experience ... and did your nose eventually become smaller and slimmer ?
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I am sorry that you are going through this. I think it looks smaller than your original nose but it's odd how it was smaller just a few weeks afterwards. I bet it's because of scar tissue. I noticed my nose is a bit thicker than it was at 3 weeks post op. I am a month and a half out.
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