7 weeks PO and not sure if this is normal?? Any advice?

I had gastric by pass 7 years ago and just now...

I had gastric by pass 7 years ago and just now prepping for a mommy makeover. However, when I had my bloodwork done my hemoglobin was a 8.9and very low iron.

Since then my PCP put me on double iron had my bloodwork done yesterday and only up to. 9.1. My dr says it needs to be 10.o at min before he will do. Has anyone else had this problem and how long did it take to get the levels up? Also, does the tummy tuck have any effect on your pouch ?

Taking my iron 2x a day hoping my hemo will be up...

Taking my iron 2x a day hoping my hemo will be up to par when I have it checked in 2weeks. Is there anywhere on here I can find a list of items recommended to have after surgery to help with recovery?

I made the call today to my ps to check surgery...

I made the call today to my ps to check surgery schedule dates and they only had 2 openings so I'm penciled in on feb 13, pending my hemoglobin results that I'm having drawn in the am. It feels very surreal to me. However, I'm finally thinking its almost time to start getting prepared, so I have questions???
1. Is a lift recliner a necessity and how do you sleep if you don't have a recliner?
2. What is arnica?
3. Will I be able to walk up a flight of stairs when I get home?
4. What about a toilet seat riser?
5. Will I have an appetite the first week or should I plan on having protein shakes on hand?

Thanks ladies for all your help

Having blood work in the am, praying the...

Having blood work in the am, praying the hemoglobin is where it should be. Found zip up compression bras at penny's on clearance for 10.00 and spank like garments on. Learance as well

Had my labs done Monday and my hemoglobin is down...

Had my labs done Monday and my hemoglobin is down to 9. I don't understand why it's not going up, I m taking my iron 2x a day faithfully (which I rarely took before) eating iron rich foods for last 2 months and it goes down??? They referred me to a hematology clinic for iron infusions. My family thinks this is a sign to not have it done. My PS says he could do my BA now and the TT later but I'd rather do it all at one time....... Has anyone experienced this and what was your outcome??

After receiving weekly iron infusions my...

After receiving weekly iron infusions my hemoglobin is finally up, however my ps I chose decided to still wait another month or so, so I decided to look elsewhere. I found a ps thanks to reviews on RS and research and feel very comfortable with his mannerism. So my date is now March 19!!!

Now to prepare, can anyone send me or direct me to a realistic list of supplies to have at home?

Do I really need to rent a recliner?
My PS says no shower until 2nd drain is pulled which may be 6 days at least, is there anyway around waiting that long?
Being sent home with a cath to keep in for 2 days, not sure about that either... Anyone else ps do this?
Is it normal to second guess your decision on implant size? Going with 400cc/420cc. I'm afraid it's to big.

Any help ladies would be appreciated.

My stats 5'5, 160 lbs.
TT and augmentation under the muscle

Everything was paid in full today, so this time...

Everything was paid in full today, so this time next week I will be on the flat side if all goes well, now the anxious jitters are starting... It seemed like it would never happen so I don't think I prepared myself in advance, now it's crunch time I will be spending the weekend cleaning, grocery shopping, getting my comfy clothes and supplies ready and anything else that I can think of... Hopefully it will pass some time away.mim posting pics for the first time.... Confirmation of why I'm doing this.... I pray for optimal results and safe recovery... Anyone with last minute tips, please share

Heading to the surgery center now. Full of nerves...

Heading to the surgery center now. Full of nerves and anxiety.... Second guessing everything from actual surgery to implant size etc,. Not looking fwd to the pain after..... Wish me luck !!

Got home from surgery center around7pm, not to bad...

Got home from surgery center around7pm, not to bad of night' my mom stayed with me and i slept thru my 4am med dose. Trying to get up and walk minimum however dizzy lightheaded and ready to throw up each time. Tried coughing... Ouch... Dr sent me home with a cath for 48 hours. Surgery went good although I was groggy after and all night.

Woke up sore and tired but slept all night in my...

Woke up sore and tired but slept all night in my recliner. Took Tylenol and broke down and took 1/2 valium. Had a fruit smoothie and slept for a bit, did take a walk down my street (meaning to the next door neighbors drive Nd back but hey it's progress. Sent my bf to the store and to look at a house we have had an appt to see for over a month. Mom came and helped me clean up. I will be so glad to get these drains out. My cg was getting gross so it's washing as I relax. 2 of the zip up sport bras don't fit seem very very tight. Any suggestions on different ones would be Ppreciated. Hope all that had MM this week are healing well, can't wait to see 3,6,9,12 months results :)

Have had excessive bleeding at my left drain tube...

Have had excessive bleeding at my left drain tube incision. Dr said on Thursday more than he'd like but would re evaluate It on Monday. Tonight has got worse gauze pads are soaked every few hours I already have trouble with low hemoglobin don't need any other complications. Any thoughts or suggestions??

Is it normal for the swelling to be worse day by...

Is it normal for the swelling to be worse day by day? I thought it typically occurred by the end of the day and not waking up with it as well? Is there any suggestions to reduce it? Could I just not be resting enough? I know I have been probably way to active as far as running around with my girls etc.,.... Any suggestions I would appreciate.... Happy Easter to all

I have had a knot on the right side of my stomach...

I have had a knot on the right side of my stomach near my belly button the last 2 days that is hard and getting a little sore there is also a bruise there, has anyone else had this happen, i was at the ps office wed and asked him about it but he says it happens sometimes, however wasn't as bad that day as is now. Went back to work tuesday and by yesterday afternoon I was miserable!! Needles to say its a slow start getting in this am. Any advice would be helpful ladies. Thanks

I m 23 days post op and it seems this week as been...

I m 23 days post op and it seems this week as been the worst for my emotions. I know some ladies say that it hits them right after, but this is the first for me, I look at my tummy and think it was flatter just after surgery and I know I have somehow gained weight in my thighs and hips even though I've lost about 6 lbs since surgery. I'm just wondering how many others experienced this around 3 weeks, how long does it last? I'm an emotional roller coaster this week.......

Although I realize this is work in progress every...

Although I realize this is work in progress every time I take pics of my belly and compare week to week it seems like it gets bigger and I take the pics in the am when swelling is minimal..... So frustrating. And I still have the dent under my right breast my dr told me at 2 weeks PO it would settle and I see no difference. The depression has somewhat subsided..anyone else have problems with a dent like that?

I am seven weeks post op and have noticed in the...

I am seven weeks post op and have noticed in the last two days that I am starting to be able to feel my implants move as I bend over or bend down is this normal? Also when I touch the top part of My left breast I can feel something in their moving around, Is that normal? It has been somewhat bigger than my right sent surgery however as of late it seems to even more pronounced

I have noticed the last few days that my new girls...

I have noticed the last few days that my new girls move like they are hanging fruit when I bend over and when I flex my arms, is this normal? Also my left has always been larger than the right since PO, dr says it is healing, but it seems the left has gotten bigger in the past few days and the right smaller. My left one also feels like it is "sticking out" on my side as in being very full and I have had burning sensations in both all day.... Maybe I'm just being crazy or is this something I should worry about....... TT swelling has not let up either.

Anyone else have this ?

Anyone else have this ?
Columbus Plastic Surgeon

Real self and research on the web! Will update more after first post op

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Wow, your 6 week photos look fantastic!!!!
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Well thanks, you need to post some new pics. I thought you looked awesome after your 90 plan. Can you describe "clean eating"?
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How is the dent? Did it resolve itself? I think your size and shape look great otherwise! And your belly looks awesome!!! Happy healing (((hugs)))
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Thanks, it's still there the pic is deceiving. Thanks, I feel like my upper belly is very flabby, and it has just been starting to look that way lately. I can "grab"the skn which is disappointing
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I am 9 weeks as of tomorrow..I have had the depression a couple of times..weight gain in thighs and legs ...yes..had lipo of flanks on hips and thighs...so just waiting ...watching my diet ...contemplating exercise...energy is still low so by the time I get my daily things done I am pooped..good luck...so far you have great results.
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I should proof read better... I did not have lipo of hips or thighs.. Hope you are doing better
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I'm 8 weeks po and had the same depression issues, like really bad!!! I didn't expect it at all!! Mine started getting much better around 6 weeks. I still have some bad days, but many more good now. It's mostly good now. Hang in there, it will get better! And roller coaster is the best description for the emotions.
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You look beautiful!!! Fabulous results!!! Yes absolutely 100% normal at week 3 to have that emotional thing happen!!! Rest assured it goes away but it scared me so bad that I called my DR begging for an SSRI, he said (and this was my Neuro not PS) it's just a part of having a major surgery done! Said not to be alarmed and that if I wasn't better in a couple more days to call him back, he just kept assuring me it was normal & if he put me on an SSRI it would take 4 wks to become fully effective and at that point we'd never know if it was a true depression or just normal post op depression. I had it happen a couple more times but nowhere nearly as bad as that 3rd week!!!! Ok now as far as swelling goes, it happens to me off and on, somedays it's so awful I feel like I'm going to bust wide open!!! Other days its more just annoying and when I rest around with my CG and binder on for a day or two (always I wear overnight even though I don't have too) and put my feet up ahhhhhhh so much better!!! I find that tons of water helps but my best friend says she finds it makes hers worse, so I guess we all just have to wait it it out! BUT LIKE YOU a ton of my swelling goes straight into my thighs & hips!!! I believe that might be lipo related swelling ! Try and take some time for yourself, FEET ELEVATED, CG & binder on and plenty of water... It's completely normal, and I'm really sorry the post op depression hit you! I was literally weeping but had no idea why I was feeling sad! I loved my results not for one second have I ever wished I didn't do it nor have I ever regretted how I look since having it dome. Hang in there, and use this wonderful place to lean on others!!! My best friend was my rock, she went thru this 4wks before I did and we have both had our bouts with feeling down, it DOES get better! PM anytime if you need anything as I know how bad that felt!!! Big hugs to you, xoxo
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I am in the same boat! Hang in there!
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You look beautiful!!! Just let go of the emotions and try to do fun things to take your mind off of the negativity you are feeling!!! Keep healing and watch your results improve! You look great!
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You are looking great! I was told that the binder or cg pushes the swelling down away from your tummy so it goes to your butt and thighs. And above the bb, the dr told me at my last po appt that its normal for it to be think at this stage. I was 8 1/2 weeks at the appt. Dont worry. You're doing great!!
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I had the same issue above my belly button, and my ps wasn't concerned at all! I found that it went down with massage and now, at 25 or so days PO, it's a non-issue!
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I would call and mention it again. Just want to be sure it's not a hematoma or something. Might just be swelling though and will resolve itself. Ask if you can massage it or use warm compress. I'd call before I did any of that though. Glad everything else seems to be going well.
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My swelling is worse in the morning if I'm active the day before. If I laze around in the recliner all day and evening it's usually less the next morning. Good luck and happy healing.
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I got arnica cream yesterday. I got it a wallyworld. I am swelling bad on my sides. it seemed to help.
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Thanks, I just asked my bf to go get me some and he just gave me the look like I was crazy...... Men
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You look great! Amazing what these ps can do!
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Thanks, you as well.... I go back to work tuesday I can't imagine having to go back with a drain still. My biggest worryis finding clothes to wear that will fit properly over the compression garment and aren't to tight from the swelling.
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My drain sites bled like crazy!!! Said it was probably a clot that had burst. Really not much to worry about! And you look great!
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Thanks, this process is baby steps... Starting the horrible swelling now, hopefully 2nd drain is pulled tomm.
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I don't think it's nothing to worry. I had drain less done and my pads would get soaked like no other. If it don't hurt then I wouldn't worry.
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Glad to hear you are doing better today. I need to wash my CG too. If it makes you feel any better_ I have 3 drains :-/ uhggg
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Let me know how you are doing today, praying for turning a corner!!! Xoxoxo
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Thanks, I'm trying. My bf did get me to walk down the street just a few mins ago. I wish these drains were gone and I could have a different compression garment it is cutting Ito my incision. Any ideas or suggestions.??
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I am going shopping for a new one myself and I still have drains in as well, they are no fun!
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