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I'm a mom of four kids, all of whom I...

I'm a mom of four kids, all of whom I breastfed for over a year each.  With each subsequent child I lost more and more breast tissue so after my last one, I had lost most of it.  As a treat to myself for giving up my body to my children for nine years  (pregnancies and breastfeeding) I decided to get my breasts back, and then some.  I feel like Dr. S really really listened to what I wanted and he delivered.  They turned out exactly like I envisioned.

Likewise with my nose, I was really concerned about what the outcome might turn out like.  I mean, it's your nose, it's in the middle of your face, if it turned out bad, I would forever have to live with the outcome.  So I researched all the doctors in the Denver Metro area.  I met with a few of them.  There seemed to be a few highly qualified ones in the area.  So I decided to research those a little more.  After doing my research, Dr. S was the only one that didn't have a malpractice lawsuit against him, which to me meant that many if not all his patients were satisfied with his services.  I got a good feel from him and his staff so I scheduled my surgery.  The surgery went really well. The results are exactly what I wanted for both my nose and my breasts.

I had the septoplasty because of a nose break earlier in my life made it difficult to breath right. The rhino part was purely cosmetic, as was the breast augmentation. The pro's are beautiful results that last the rest of my life. The cons were the horrible facial pain and vomiting of blood the first few days.

The recovery was much harder than the recovery of childbirth, but the results are beautiful and I have zero side effects or pain or discomfort at all now.


Thank you so much for your thoughts! It really helped with some questions I had. If you have any pictures of your nose before/after I would appreciate to see them. It sounds as if we had the same problems.
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Hi Denver Dani!
I am also getting a rhinoplasty and breast augmentation. My surgery in on July 7th and I am getting nervous. My nose is pretty involved, I am having a turbinate reduction and septoplasty as well as a dorsal hump removal. I have breathing issues and so this needs to be done, by breasts are comsmetic from breast feeding as well. Which was worse recovery wise, the nose or the your breasts? I am having mine under the muscle and am going from a saggy b cup to between a 400cc-480cc saline implant. Any advice or personal experience information would be helpful! Thanks! I am so happy you love your results!
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Hi there!
I remember feeling really nervous also the week before the actual surgery. Dr. Nick and his staff did an awesome job giving me the time to ask any questions I needed to make me feel comfortable about the procedures. Still scary though, I know! I had a pretty complicated nose surgery also. It was a rhino/septoplasty and I had a bump also. I will tell you the recovery from that was pretty tough, ok, really tough. The breasts was a walk in the park. The breast tenderness only lasted 5-7 days I think, and that was all I really felt was just tenderness, and I got gels behind the muscle too. The nose was quite another story. I vomited every time I sat up for the first 24 hours, even with the anti-nausea meds. I'm not a big pill taker so I tried pushing my need for drugs further and further to see if I could cope without them. That was stupid. Believe me, you need them. I think I only took them for about 5 days then felt good enough to stop taking them so often. It will be incredibly important for you to have someone take care of you at least the first 3-4 days if not the whole first week after surgery. But again, so worth it with the results and confidence I feel now. The best thing is that my nose now looks just like my brothers (who never broke his) and I never brought in a picture of him to show Dr. S. He just created this nose that he felt was very natural and proportioned with my face. I'm still astonished with the results. It's absolutely perfect! And I can breathe out of my nose right now too!

As for my breasts I was a very sad and deflated 32C pre-surgery. I got 452cc's, thinking that would make me a full DD. Ha! I'm an H now. One piece of advice I will give you though. They tell you not to go buy bras for at least the first 6 weeks. I went and spent a ton of money at about week 9 after my surgery on new size E bras (that was my size then), but they kept moving and adjusting into their new little pockets and have settled at a 32H at one year post surgery. So be careful about spending too much money early on on new bras.

Good luck with everything! You're in good hands.
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Dr. did a Rhino/Septoplasty and a breast augmentation for me one year ago. I would absolutely recommend Dr. S to all my friends and family looking to have some cosmetic surgery done.

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